Husband drinks every day, what to do

The husband began to abuse alcohol? Worried and worried about the health of a close person, wonder, what to do and how to help? Entreaties and requests only exacerbate the situation? The man can't see, as the habit of drinking at the holidays can develop into alcoholism. What to do, if the husband drinks every day? This question will provide answers professionals and psychologists, working in rehabilitation centers.

Husband drinks every day

A sign of dependence can be considered consumption of alcohol every day. According to psychologists, there are several major symptoms, to help identify the beginning of a strong dependency.

Husband drink every day – it is a sign of alcoholism?

The first signs of the strongest dependence from the favorite alcoholic beverages:

  1. Instead of the usual dose, beloved begins to drink in excess, to reach a state of joyful excitement.
  2. Appears obsessive thinking (idea, where or from whom you can get a drink).
  3. Denial of alcohol problems.
  4. Found caches for storing alcohol.
  5. There is irritability because of the lack of alcohol.
  6. In the first place is the drinks, forget about the family, friends, work.
  7. There were problems with health as nausea, sweating, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety.

When native people abuse alcohol always hurts. Most people are lost, trying to persuade you to stop using harmful drinks.

husband drinks every day tips

Husband drink every day: tips

Alcoholism in Russia – a special problem. In 70% cases family, where a husband is abusing alcohol, apart. How to cope with an alcoholic? Useful tips given by experts, working in rehabilitation centers:

  1. It is impossible to hide alcohol or pour it on the eyes of the dependent person. These actions will provoke a quarrel.
  2. Threats provoke rudeness or he simply does not perceive, and you are in his eyes will lose credibility.
  3. Conversations in a lordly manner, like a little angry child dependent. This is an adult, which is completely responsible.
  4. It is not necessary to encourage and promote alcoholism. So it is not necessary to clean up after it, people need to see, what makes his addiction.

Alcoholism, as with any other disease, require treatment. First, what needs to be done, is to talk about the problem. You need to keep yourself emotionally, don't show your anger or sadness, and to cry or shout, because these actions only worsen the situation. To talk about the problem must be right, pointing to the fact, it hurts not only him, and also native, close. Still need to explain to the person, this problem can only help the psychiatrist.

How to help a spouse to refuse alcohol dependence?

If the husband drinks beer every day, it is also alarming. Most often, this habit tend the people of intellectual professions and workers, lacking money for maintenance of children, wife.

How to help a spouse to refuse alcohol dependence?

What to do if the husband drinks every day – this question is asked by many wives. The main thing, don't be upset, but to act patiently. Psychologists also give advice, to help pull her husband out of the Cup, he lifts every day:

  1. To their way of life, any rewards for the drinker.
  2. Alcoholism is not a reason to get away from household responsibilities, so the husband as well as you have to do the housework, take out the garbage or help around the child care.
  3. Friends and other relatives should participate in the rescue of an alcoholic. Only joint efforts it is possible to return the person.
  4. Excessive control will exacerbate the situation, wife needs to be interested in the deeds, spent away from home, but no surveillance.
  5. If violence occurs, it makes no sense to tolerate. The husband should not justify the beatings those, he was under the influence of alcohol. From a violent spouse it is better to go to relatives.
  6. If you beat the house, then you need to seek help in support groups anonymous. These institutions saved many women, suffering from the tyrant in alcoholic intoxication.

Alcoholic husband is not a sentence. Sometimes it is difficult to understand, why a normal man began to abuse alcohol. If the self is not able to cope with the problem, they should go to special centers. It is impossible to be silent, when there is violence. Statistics 75% crimes happen on home soil in alcoholic intoxication, most often, the victims wife.

Do not pull on itself the whole burden of responsibility, don't justify, drinker spouse, but, not to alienate from. Try to help him, it is not excluded, with the help of the bad habits he's trying to cope with depression. The only person who is able to bring the alcoholic into the right rhythm of life, but not all have the patience for this fight.

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