ДринкOFF: efficacy and safety in the treatment of hangover

A happy holiday can turn into a heavy hangover in the morning, especially if the person had too much alcohol. Severe headache, nausea and weakness, only part of the negative consequences of partying. So really the only chance to get rid of it is to stop drinking? No, everything is much easier, there are proven tools, one of which is ДринкOFF.


ДринкOFF: General information

Manufacturer unusual hangover remedies is a Russian company – "mercana Service". Their ciudadanta feature is, they not only eliminate the unpleasant symptoms, but also can prevent the subsequent hangover. Having such advantages, this drug is a very reasonable amount, about 130 rubles, so, afford it can a.

The producers have thought not only about the properties of the, but the form of release. Releasing it in the form of capsules 5 pieces or as a gelatinous mass, which is packaged in small containers. Due to the small cost of popular ДринкOFF, the price will please all, who used to save.

The drug ДринкOFF

The drug ДринкOFF

For the production of ДринкOFF use only natural raw materials:

  • ginger extract, with tonic, antiemetic effect. He also has diuretic effects, but it promotes fast removal of toxins;
  • licorice (root), able to exert anti-inflammatory effects, helps the body to deal with emerging stress;
  • ginseng is a good immunomodulator, antioxidant, able to increase the effects of other components;
  • extract from the Holly – has a positive effect on the digestive system by improving metabolic process;
  • guarana – increases mood, relieves headaches;
  • succinic acid contributes to the enrichment of the body with energy and oxygen;
  • citric acid – it reduces the sense of nausea due to alcohol poisoning. Gives a pleasant taste.

дринкoff to buy over the counter

If we are talking about jelly prominent form, in addition to the above here are vitamins.

How does the drug

To understand, how does ДринкOFF it is necessary to consider in detail the whole mechanism. So, once in the body ethanol, is subjected to cleavage, in the end, leaving the acetic acid and water. Upon completion of the process of metabolism produces acetaldehyde – generating person suffering the next morning.

However, the drug is able to get rid of this, due to its unique herbal composition. All the ingredients help to activate the metabolism, this leads to the fact, that ethanol is more rapidly excreted. And medicine helps to keep the liver in the required condition.

Contraindications ДринкOFF

A number of the experiments proved the effectiveness of the drug. People did experience relief hangover. However, this phenomenon is not a guarantee of complete sobriety, so, even feeling great to not get behind the wheel.

To completely get rid of the hangover, enough to drink 3 to 5 capsules medication, here only it should be applied immediately after drinking alcohol, good eating medicine food. But the drug is manufactured by the jelly packets should be applied the next morning. To achieve the desired effect you will need about 2 packages.

Contraindications ДринкOFF

ДринкOFF is a natural remedy, but even so there are some limitations, in which its use is not recommended:

  • idiosyncrasy;
  • kidney disease;
  • diseases of the stomach;
  • the origin of heart problems;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

Thus, having one of these pathologies to use ДринкOFF against a hangover is not, otherwise there is a chance to cause serious harm to the body. The drug is not recommended to use often, this can lead to the formation of allergies.

Tool ДринкOFF widespread. Even many drug experts prescribe it as a medication against withdrawal symptoms of alcohol intoxication. He almost has no side effects and gets only positive reviews. ДринкOFF to buy at the pharmacy and everyone can, sometimes the drug has to order online, but there is no guarantee, that the medium is original.

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