Teenage alcoholism is the plague of modern society

Every year around the world is growing problem of alcoholism with regards to adolescents. Without realizing it, they voluntarily get on the hook of addiction, out of which is quite difficult. So why is the plague 21 century is drunkenness among the younger generation, and most importantly how to deal with it? Teen alcoholism has become increasingly common and the need to fight!

Teenage alcoholism

The problem of teenage alcoholism

If you believe the statistics today 75% respondents under the age of 15 years tried alcohol, and 17 years, this figure rises to 100%. A particular danger brings the fact of the rapid development of addiction, he 3 times faster, than adults. If Teens will always indulge in alcohol, already after six months, they have develop into a persistent dependence. It doesn't matter, what drinks was a priority: beer, wine, champagne or alcoholic cocktails – the outcome is equally disastrous.

Young body in a completely different way to perceive coming from beverages toxic substances. And if an adult can cause severe intoxication, for the young organism cause poisoning or even death.

The problem of teenage alcoholism

Causes of alcoholism among teenagers

The emergence of a resistant alcohol addiction real disease, moreover, it is necessary to understand, it does not occur in a vacuum. Through research it has been clarified the main aspects, affecting the close contact of young people with alcohol:

  1. Family problems. The most common factor. It is worth noting, in wealthy families, where children always feel supported, care, love is rarely there are problems with regards to this issue. Most often children's alcoholism occurs in families of drinkers. So, where parents are completely indifferent, what do their offspring. Or we can talk about single-parent families, when a mother or father want to establish your own destiny, ignoring Chad. The most common problem in teenagers due to misunderstanding or negligence of parents. Gradually, the child turns away, making his authority street company.
  2. Environment company. Rarely first encounter with alcohol in young people to pass with their parents. Often the first experience will take place among friends, friends. It begins with the usual interest, boys, girls want to try something unusual, new. Gradually, the alcohol starts to tighten them up, after all, it is the children feel more safely, surely. Unfortunately, few people think about the consequences. Usually drinking is not limited to fun dancing, songs or new acquaintances. Are replaced by aggression, sexual interest, that leads to violence or street fights, and sometimes even murders.Causes of alcoholism among teenagers
  3. Personal characteristics. There are cases, when alcohol was formed on the background of congenital psychopathy. This is manifested in weakness, light discipline words of others, for the new, rapid change in interests. Sometimes personality disorder combined with alcohol helps the poor to dull the discomfort. That's only in reality it begins to show excessive aggression, anger, desire to try more acting drugs: glue, acetone, nicotine, drugs.

The main companion of teenage drinking is the inability to sanity, to control your actions, to be responsible for them. Young people do not see in their actions anything critical, everything seems normal, valid.

The impact of alcohol on young people

While in adolescence, before a person opens lots of new possibilities, knowledge, skills. In normal development, gradually he'll get most of them, what will be important steps in the further future. However, if the child was regularly consumed any alcohol-containing products, it will be consequences. There could be a real stop the development, which will gradually lead to degradation. Young people get a huge chance to get stuck in their mental development.

As for the human body, everything here so seriously. Ethanol can lead to devastating consequences, which will affect the work of all internal organs.

The impact of alcohol on young people

The effect of alcohol on the psyche of a teenager

Should be split into several stages, depending on the age of onset of drinking alcoholic. The consequences of actions differ depending on age period:

  • in 4-5 years. This period is very important for the development of autonomy in the child. He becomes fully human, capable of certain actions. And if he began to drink alcohol, it will affect the development of his speech, movement and even hygienic skills;
  • if the child is addicted to alcohol in 6-7 years, this will lead to loss of purpose;
  • the effects of alcoholism to children 7-11 years will nervous breakdowns, emotional instability, the inability to make contact with other people;
  • 12-14 – affect thinking, intelligence, mental abilities;
  • and for people who adolescents 16-17 – will be inadequate self esteem, categorical.

It is therefore important in the prevention of alcoholism in adolescents.

Violation of the outer and inner world of teenagers drinking

Adolescence – important for everyone, it is in this moment there is a formation of the personality. And if young people are repeatedly resorted to alcohol, expect irreversible effects.

So, drinking boys and girls characterized two types of personality changes:

  1. Apatoabulicheskih – manifested decreased intelect, the person becomes withdrawn, taciturn.
  2. Effectively-unstable – occurs with rapid changes of mood.

It is understood, suffering as a psychological condition, and the emotional. Alcohol leaves its mark on the appearance: pale skin, weight loss, loss of brightness of the hair, eyes.Beer alcoholism among adolescents

Beer alcoholism among adolescents

Many kids do not have enough pocket funds, what to buy vodka or brandy. That is why the assistance came to them beer, which has become very popular due to their availability. Constantly using it, it is impossible to think, that the body is protected. Addiction never sleeps, and after a while she will let you know.

The consequences of the frequent use of alcohol-containing beverages leads to social maladjustment. Young people dropping out of school, hobby, spoil relationships with parents, friends. Quite often you can even get in trouble with the law.

Half of teen drinkers decide, go to stronger drugs. Begin to experiment, try glue, drugs.

It is worth noting, if the time to notice the warning signs, seek assistance to the appropriate agencies, parents have a chance to return the child to a normal existence. According to statistics only 42% adolescents suffering from alcoholism are not able to get rid of it. Most of the young people has the opportunity to start life with a clean slate. The most important thing, so all this time there were loving people, otherwise you will relapse.

Teenage alcoholism: treatment

Alcohol addiction is a dangerous disease, therefore, to get rid of it at the snap of a finger it is impossible. Must pass drug, and psychotherapeutic treatment.

Determined to heal their child, need to go to experienced professionals. The first thing you need to spend detoxication therapy. It will help rid your body of harmful substances. Parallel to her need to saturate the affected person with vitamins. After a long binge, they disappeared.

Eliminate external breaches is not enough. You need to dive deeper, to understand, why the kid decided to befriend addiction. It is best to try to improve relations at home, correct to separate him from bad company. Teenage alcoholism can be the reason, that the child will leave school and contact with bad company.

It is best to hold a conversation with a psychologist, it will help a lost child resolve problems, to understand yourself, to reconsider their worldview.

Prevention of teenage alcoholism

Never ignore your child. You must give him the desired attention, care. Mom and dad have to deal with possible conflicts, so as not to show a bad example. He should understand, what family is for him the most important thing. Then in his mind will not have bad thoughts.

If the child is not a hobby, should develop an interest in something (sport, drawing, dancing). Of course, this will require additional cost, but it will help to avoid unpleasant consequences. Busy children, will never fall into bad company. The best prevention of any harmful habit, the child will be good, friendly home atmosphere.

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