How to get rid of a hangover with the help of activated carbon

Alcohol able have a detrimental affect on the body. Its adoption in large doses causing headache, nausea, vomiting. The resulting intoxication unpleasant feeling, which many seek to overcome by using the absorbent of drugs. One of these should include activated charcoal. This drug is able to excrete all toxic substances, by improving his work.

how to get rid of a hangover

The composition of the activated carbon is composed of simple components: wood, shells seeds coconut, coal and anthracite. In appearance to distinguish between white and black charcoal. Both drugs are able to rid alcohol from the body. They are available in capsules, suspensions, tablets or granules.

Activated charcoal vs hangover

Alcohol, once in the body, begins its harmful effects. This happens through the transformation of ethanol to acetaldehyde. It contributes to the accumulation of toxins, which cause discomfort.

If the time to take drugs to avoid withdrawal syndrome. The tablets come inside and like a sponge absorb the breakdown products of alcohol. To use a drug, you must calculate one tablet every 10 kg.

How to get rid of a hangover fast at home – the question of popular. Some do not realize, that activated carbon is able to remove unpleasant symptoms.

Activated charcoal vs hangover

Contraindications to

Most people believe, coal is the most harmless drug. That's just the reality is not quite so, he is the cure, so, has a number of contraindications.

It cannot be used with the following problems:

  • any bleeding;
  • peptic ulcer disease, otherwise, you increase the possibility to aggravate the situation;
  • ulcers on the mucous membranes;
  • erosion of the mucous;
  • intolerance to the components.

How to get rid of a hangover with the help of activated coal, tell any therapist. The main thing, do not forget about the peculiarities of the medication.

how to quickly get rid of a hangover

The features of the drug

Activated carbon is a non-toxic drug. Its use is completely safe for people. However, in its application, it is worth remembering about certain things:

  1. The medicine can rid the body of not only the harmful substances, but useful (vitamins, bacteria).
  2. If you use the drug for a long period of time increases the probability to get constipation;
  3. The sorbent is able to neutralize the effects of other drugs, therefore, you cannot use it with other medications. Otherwise, the effect of their use will not be simple.

How to get rid of a hangover with the help of activated carbon? It is written below.

Activated charcoal – a remedy for hangover

Most people are unable to take timely measures to deal with a hangover. In the end they all morning you have to deal with his symptoms. So a similar situation does not arise, it is recommended to know certain subtleties. Their careful observance will help to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Activated carbon hangover remedy

To the activated corner worked fully, you need:

  1. Before taking the medicine out of the colon. It is best to induce vomiting with a slight movement of the finger on the tongue.
  2. Tablets we recommend not to swallow whole, and grind in a glass of water, then just use. Daily dose should not exceed 200 ml.
  3. Later 2 hours after their actions, need again clear the stomach. Otherwise, the absorbed toxins will again be free and fall to the stomach.
  4. If the poisoning was mild, it is possible to divide the desired number of pills into several parts. Later 2-3 hours to repeat the procedure.

Everyone at least once in their lifetime experienced a hangover. How to get rid of at home from this unpleasant disease? If you have in your first aid kit coal, you can help the body.

Activated charcoal before the intake of alcohol

It is best to think in advance about your condition. To prevent a hangover nicer, rather than seek ways to combat it. It is therefore recommended to use the sorbent to the intended party. Being in the body medication, will help to avoid the development of intoxication.

Daring to drink the drug before the upcoming feast, it is worth remembering simple recommendations:

  • to use the pills need a couple of hours before the celebration;
  • at one time, you cannot drink more 7 tablets;
  • while at the table, is to eat more fatty foods. This will help to better link the ethanol and coal;
  • by consuming alcohol, you can't ignore other drinks. It is best during the meal to drink mineral water.

Activated charcoal can be a real lifesaver for the body. It will not only ease the human condition the next morning, but will help the authorities to maintain their performance. A small tablet would be great help on any occasion. Them hangover will remain in the distant past.

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