Headache after alcohol

Every person once in my life felt, when the next day after drinking and had a headache. The causes of this discomfort quite a lot, and they are best not to ignore. But if the painful symptoms are constant companions after alcoholic intoxication, it is recommended to completely abandon their use.

Headache after alcohol

Headache after alcohol: reasons

The cause of this sensation can be divided into the following types: external and internal. The first relate to the actions of the alcohol. It can be drinking large quantities of intoxicating, it is not the quality or mixing with other beverages with a high degree. Most people in a fit of euphoria can without hesitation to violate all these factors, and guarantees the formation of painful sensations in the morning. And to get rid of it pretty easy, it will have to apply a set of specific actions.

Internal, features include splitting and elimination of alcohol from the body. Do not forget about the intricacies of your body of different people, sometimes they become a clear sign of pain head:

  • an imbalance of the liver, as a consequence, alcohol is not able to quickly excreted from the body;
  • vasospasm due to lack of fluid;
  • high blood pressure;
  • strong hormonal failure.

Always unpleasant, when headache after alcohol. What to do with these feelings known to few.

headache after alcohol what to do

Treatment of pain in the head

Intolerable pain in the head the morning after the party rather unpleasant feeling, but if it is accompanied by vomiting, there is a strong desire as soon as possible to get rid of it. To carry out this desire, it is recommended to resort to the use of certain medications. They are able to relieve the patient from the hangover. For the purpose of exposure divided into types:

  • contributing to the rapid elimination of residues of alcoholic beverages;
  • relieving vasospasm;
  • stabilizing krovenosnoe pressure;
  • pain;
  • rehydration.

Why headache after alcohol, answer therapist. But sometimes you have to pursue a more detailed diagnosis.

Pills can help with headaches

Pills can help with headaches

Unfortunately, there are no pills, that can instantly get rid of headaches after alcohol. To do this we recommend that you first understand, why did these unpleasant feelings.

It is important to pay attention to the factors, only then can we try to overcome the pain. It is wrong to use painkillers, after all, it can only temporarily block painful feelings, but not to eliminate the source of their occurrence. Thus, with repeated use, the situation is again bringing a number of severe consequences.

Bad headache after alcohol

All drugs, used to eliminate the headaches can be divided into certain groups:

  1. Absorbents. The most famous is activated carbon. Dosage is easy to calculate, knowing the parameters of your weight – 1 tablet 10 kg. This drug is especially popular thanks to its accessibility and low cost, and also quality action. Pills able speed up the process of removing alcohol.
  2. Antispasmodics. Often the pain caused due to spasm of blood vessels in the brain. This is due to the action of ethanol and the lack of fluid in the body. In such a situation it is best recommended to use Baralgin.
  3. Anesthetics.
  4. Medications to stabilize blood pressure. Very often after alcohol dizzy, the reason for this becomes pressure surges. In this case it is necessary to use the Tablets. In particularly painful cases, a good assistant will – Papazol, here only it should be used after consultation with a doctor.
  5. Support medication. They include aspirin, paracetamol. However, these pills are only able to eliminate the headache. It is understood, after they can't drink alcohol otherwise you may experience problems with the liver.

After the removal of alcohol the person has severe dehydration. This puts serious stress on the body. To restore it is better to apply Panangin or Glycine.

Bad headache after alcohol: folk remedies

Some people try to avoid unnecessary use of drugs, and resort to traditional medicine.

To accelerate the elimination of alcohol and eliminate the soreness will help the citric acid solution. To do this in a glass of water add a large number of substances. Created response will help to neutralize the alcohol.

How to drink alcohol properly

Many people know, eating cucumber pickle is a real elixir after a heavy hangover. In fact, in this part the main role is given to vinegar, it helps to relieve the human condition. Consumption of fermented milk products in the morning after an active feast, it also makes saving. The reason for this particular bacteria, helps break down ethanol.

Some people recommend, apply proven recipe, capable of almost instantly eliminate all the discomfort. For its preparation you need to take sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, grated carrots and a glass of brine.

How to drink alcohol properly?

It is understood a constant headache after drinking alcohol alarm bell. It can mean serious health problems. If even after small doses of alcohol constantly pushes the back of the head, need to part forever with hot drinks. If this is not done, the outcome could be tragic. After all, we can talk about the human heart or vascular system.

Constant noise in the head after a meal may indicate problems with high blood pressure. If the background of the deviations to stop regularly, drinking problems with the occurrence of hypertensive crisis, to avoid.

Everyone knows its a certain dose, which is considered valid, and it ensures good health in the morning. Therefore, it is best to listen to yourself, do not drink a lot, but the main thing is not to mix drinks. It is best to use proven drinks. Plays an important role and appetizer, it is important to consider, so all the products combined with drinking alcohol.

What is best to drink?

Find high quality alcohol, from which no morning headache is quite difficult. Indeed, in this case it needs to be prepared taking into account all the nuances.

Best taking care of your health to drink a small amount of high-quality brandy or whiskey or tequila. Wine with no alcohol in small doses won't be banned.

Your own health must come first. Therefore, when the constant appearance of pain in the head is best in full be from all types of intoxicating products. It is important to understand, all this is not a joke, and serious signals, and should not be disregarded.

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