Alcohol and depression

Alcohol time bomb, which can explode instantly, bringing with it many consequences. The onset of depression is occurring every second person, abusing alcohol. After a series of studies, it has been proven, many people abuse alcohol become affected by this phenomenon. Alcohol and depression – a dangerous combination.

This happens because, gradually the man die positive emotions. The only joy of life is to drink more hot. Gradually all sense of atrophy, go by the wayside, leaving only an unpleasant aftertaste, which gradually increases like a snowball. If you do not start to fight, not to find the strength to stop addiction, the negative attacks, leading to unfounded breakdowns, change in mood, thoughts of suicide.

Alcohol and depression

It is worth noting, alcohol dependence can develop in any person, but most alcoholics are exposed to it over 40 years. The reason is the development of a mid-life crisis, which begins under the influence of alcohol worsen. The consequences could be serious.

Depression after alcohol: features of the development

The development of alcohol depression is due to the fact, when the man returns after a long binge, he has a warped perception of reality. Destroyed illusions, which were formed during this period. The invented reality, was easy, nice, that left, her alcoholic forced, rebuilt again. However, the perception of the world is particularly acute, what causes depression.

From, how much of this used unfortunate, depends a lot. Proresults, he begins to feel endless hopelessness. Its absolutely nothing pleases, and develop imaginary diseases: there is a weakness, begin to shake hands, lost appetite, develop pain in the chest. Of course, there are cases, when people quit drinking, really has a heart failure, internal pathology, which further develops a sense of depression.

depression after alcohol

Not all on the verge, show it to others. Many people, testing flawed, attempt to understand what is happening, quit drinking, will be back to normal. Here are all these efforts often lead to relapse. Then the drinker begins to worry about their disease and is constantly in the dash from collapsing. In his mind, constantly lives in fear, horror, anxiety, anxiety, and to get rid of them you need to drink more alcohol, small doses are no longer able to help.

When should think?

In fact, alcohol depression is not as harmless, as it may seem. A lot depends on phase, which is unfortunate. The most serious is the period, when the patient after a long period of alcoholic decides to tie. Threat he, what happens in latent form. Surrounding sure, that their loved has finally come to his senses, decided to come back home, but in fact it is time to sound the alarm. If time does not provide poor assistance he can to live to commit suicide.

The reason for this apathy, hidden from others. Dependent lose all the reasons for joy, loses the whole meaning of existence. All perceived meaningless movements, who do not have goals. One feels the monotony, the monotony, all in grey color. If at this point, it will not be provided with specialized assistance, the minimum outcome will be a return to alcoholic intoxication.

depression after alcohol what to do

This decision will be the only chance to get at least some clearance. But soon again there will come a sobering up, leading to a new panic attack. The endless repetition, can guide unfortunate a scary thought. Depression after alcohol is most likely to occur after binge or a person, who is prone to addiction.

The need for treatment

Loved ones, the family wish to return a loved one in a familiar rhythm of life, where there is no place alcohol. Therefore, at the moment of sobering up you must contact the specialized agencies. Get rid yourself from addiction is almost impossible. So do not waste time, the risk of health, self-medicate.

Even while undergoing treatment under the supervision of experienced professionals, long, painful process. It is not enough to bring the body of harmful components, to run it again all the internal organs and to give up alcohol. The main thing is to help the unfortunate to acquire lost the meaning of his existence.

treatment of depression

This requires a course conversations with a psychologist, which helps to reach the root of all evils and find out the real cause, led to the emergence of addiction. Allowed as a personal review of the problem, and group. It is very important, so at the time of rehabilitation were near loved ones.

If you have time to provide timely treatment, success will not make you wait too long. Especially for non-advanced cases, when the dependence only beginning to develop. If you believe in success, comply with all recommendations, a month later, the patient is guaranteed the emergence of positive dynamics.

Any person should alert depression after alcohol. What to do in this case will talk only narrow specialists.

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