Alcohol in diabetes


Diabetes is a serious disease. For many to hear the verdict on this disease is tantamount to eternal punishment. The rejection of the favorite dishes – sweet, fried, alcoholic, similar to prison. But is it all sad really, can life with the illness to be happy? Alcohol diabetes take a. But they underestimate the consequences of this combination.

alcohol in diabetes

Diabetes drink

People with diabetes must completely look after your nutritious diet. To protect your health, they will have to forget about a lot of Goodies, and the use of alcohol cannot be considered.

It is worth noting, some alcoholic drinks contain a dangerous sugar, so, harm to the patient, they can't. So really alcohol is not under the red line, and it can be consumed in any quantity? Of course, no, large portions of alcohol can lead to the development of a number of complications. It is foolish to believe those, who says, that diabetes can alcohol.

Effects of alcohol on a diabetic

To understand the disputed point, you must carefully examine the process of assimilation of ethanol by the body. Getting inside, standard with all the blood that enters the liver, here it breaks down. However, the abuse of strong drinks, the process of glycogen formation may be inhibited. The body to lose natural amount of glucose. For people with diabetes it can become a deadly factor, especially if the proximity was not that, who could help.

When you exercise or hunger, the body begins to waste muscle glycogen. To drink in this moment is especially dangerous. Patients with diabetes must forever renounce sweet spirits. Cocktails, wine can increase the content of glucose, and by interaction with drugs that can cause serious complications.

can I drink alcohol with diabetes

Alcohol can increase the appetite, forget it just not worth it. Drinking, a person can violate prescribed diet, which can not be tolerated. People with the disease, must continuously monitor their sugar. Recommended drinking after a glass measure, how was their result. This will help to know the exact dosage, while away in any case, you cannot exceed.

Type one diabetes and alcohol

Considered the last stage. It is not curable, the patient is forever associated with insulin, which enters into the body with injections. Such patients must adhere to a strict diet, of which excluded the use of various forbidden foods. With regard to alcohol, it is valid 500 grams of beer a week or 250 grams of wine, to exceed these figures dangerous.

Can I drink alcohol with diabetes of the first type? Of course, the doctors do not advise people with diabetes to drink alcohol, however, a strict prohibition does not exist here. There are only a number of rules, you need to follow:

  1. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is not.
  2. It is best to drink after the main meal, it will not bring down a balanced mode.
  3. When consuming alcohol it is necessary to reduce the dose of insulin twice, otherwise there is a chance to get hypoglycemic coma.
  4. Before sleep it is necessary to measure sugar level. At low indicators of the need to bring him back to normal.
  5. Before drinking it is recommended to eat carbs with a small glycemic index.

At the first stage of the disease, it is very difficult to calculate, what dose of alcohol will not harm. It's like a game of luck, lucky or not. Therefore it is more prudent to give up alcohol. Own health, must be higher than a moment of pleasure.

diabetes can alcohol

Type II diabetes and alcohol

At this stage, the body is able to produce insulin, here only it is not absorbed by cells.

To feel good, a person must:

  • stick to the required diet;
  • to limit the intake of simple carbohydrates, fat, salt;
  • to lose weight;
  • to monitor the level of glucose in the blood;
  • replace the sugar in sakharozameniteli.

But alcohol is best to exclude, he is able to aggravate the situation and lead to the development of the disease. This occurs because of the action of the Etalon on the pancreas, which is able to badly affect the production of insulin.

Unfortunately, not all diabetics adhere to these recommendations. They believe, that small amount of alcohol will not cause serious harm. But it's all delusion, a chance to get a sharp sugar drop is very large.

Type II diabetes and alcohol

Consequences of drinking with diabetes

The worst consequence of drinking alcohol for a diabetic is a sharp drop in glucose levels. This phenomenon can occur at any time.

The main symptoms of it are:

  • sweating;
  • tachycardia;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • drowsiness;
  • speech defects.

The main problem lies in the fact, all these symptoms are similar to signs of intoxication. Loved ones can not make it on time, to distinguish them, and will not prompt assistance. This negligence can lead to pathologies of heart, brain, or cause slipping into a coma.


What to do, when to give up alcohol does not work?

Many people do not imagine their life without alcoholic beverages. And forever to exclude them from your life does not work. Then the instruction will be the observance of certain rules:

  1. You need to find a drink, which causes the body harm.
  2. To give preference to drink no less sugar, it is better to drink a glass of vodka, than a glass of champagne.
  3. Can drink only a small amount of alcohol.
  4. Before you go to bed to check the blood sugar level, if you need to bring him back to normal.
  5. Before you drink, you need to eat well.
  6. To adjust the taking medication.

If the patient is not against the spirits, allowed to replace it with a dry wine, but don't get too carried away. All should be the measure, common sense of disease should always be present. One should not treat your health carelessly, even a little alcohol can cause serious harm.

For many the problem is how can I go on holiday, and stay sober, not supporting the assembled company. In this case, it is best to the assigned event is going to consult your doctor. Specialist, specifically, will analyze your medical history, will be able to make adequate conclusions. With good tests, health, the doctor can give a nod to a certain amount of alcohol, pre-giving appropriate recommendations. Of course, usually doctors are against drinking alcohol for people with diabetes, but there are exceptions. Most important thing is not to abuse and to adhere to the permitted.


Do not consider themselves disadvantaged and miserable. Diabetes is not a death sentence, even after receiving the diagnosis data can be accustomed to lifestyle. Small adjustments in diet and limitations, only a small price, for a healthy future. It is important to realize, the alcohol in it plays a role, but not the most important. Of course, relax with it like a, but what if this depends on a lot more, than the whole for a couple of hours. It is better for all to give up alcohol, than to be one day in intensive care.


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