Alcoholic gastritis

In any of the International classifications of diseases can be detected item, dedicated to alcoholic gastropathy. This name is more scientific. In the home called severe burns of the mucous alcohol – "alcoholic gastritis".

The peculiarity of this species of gastritis is in the nature of. Instead of the inflammation in this case, the gastric mucosa is destroyed by chemical burn, caused by the consumption of beverages containing ethyl alcohol. With respect to symptoms and diagnosis, they are no different from those, in the case of the other common types of gastritis. The same applies to healing techniques.

alcoholic gastritis

Alcoholic gastritis: what is?

As mentioned above, the disease is typically for those, who is not committed to a sober lifestyle. These people stomach lining, constantly staying in contact with alcohol, dire defeat, or the disease becomes chronic form.

Unfortunately the digestive system required to meet not only food, but harmful substances for the body. Only 20 percent of the total content of the glass or of the stack is picked up by the blood, and everything else from the stomach goes directly into the intestine.

The delicate mucous membrane of the stomach is in an unenviable position. Ethanol cruelly and mercilessly burn, because of this, it is covered with tiny ulcers, starts to bleed, and blood vessels inevitably come in poor condition. Of course, after the cessation of normal circulation of blood is the mucosa becomes unusable, becoming a victim of his own gastric juice and aggressive alcohol.

alcohol gastritis treatment

Drinker exposes himself to the risk of becoming hostage to the chronic or acute alcoholic gastritis.

Forms alcoholic gastropathy

Drinker exposes himself to the risk of becoming hostage to the chronic or acute alcoholic gastritis, ie. one of its forms. With the aggravation of acute alcoholic gastropathy has to face all, who has an addiction to alcohol. Dry statistics suggests, that 15 to 95 percent of people suffering from alcohol dependence sooner or later inevitably turn into chronically ill.

Alcoholic gastritis is exacerbated after, as the man drank in excess of. Many people confuse this disease with alcohol poisoning, the more, not later than after two days, the condition seems to be improving. Not surprising, what this incident try not to pay much attention. The amount of alcohol drunk at one time is not constant – some alcoholics more, and others less. However, the attack of acute alcoholic gastritis is accelerated in the presence of certain circumstances:

  1. The use of very strong alcoholic beverages, ie. more than twenty degrees. Once in the stomach, this liquid in no hurry to be absorbed, as it happens with drinks, with a relaxing effect. So, tissue destroyed pretty intense.
  2. The presence or absence of snacks. The risk of intoxication increases, if only to drink only vodka, and the food at the same time to ignore.

If drinking alcohol was part of daily habit, the identification of chronic gastritis will be surprised, he sneaks up on us. The development of the pathology has a form of a sine wave, ie. replaced prolonged remission (weakening slightly noticeable unpleasant symptoms) come aggravation. First, cease to exist, some cells of the mucosa, then comes the turn of other. The stomach can not cope with their tasks. High probability, further gastric mucosa will become very slim, atrophy of the gland, producing gastric juice, appear ulcers.

alcoholic gastritis symptoms

If drinking alcohol was part of daily habit, the identification of chronic gastritis will be surprised, he sneaks up on us.

The causes of the disease

Alcohol damage provoked by nothing else except, as a regular flow in the body excessive quantities of alcohol. For each individual it is possible to calculate such a dose, which leads to acute disease. Severe poisoning may occur, when during the day drink not less 60 milliliters of ethyl alcohol in its pure form.

To reduce the likelihood of pathology, referred to in this article, if:

  • less nervous, avoid strong stress;
  • don't overwork yourself physically;
  • periodically give your body a rest;
  • to avoid the harmful work, contact with chemical substances, etc.;
  • no Smoking;
  • in moderation eat, don't overeat.

Contribute to the development of pre-existing abnormalities in stomach function and disease, inherited older generations. Painful and unpleasant developing alcoholic gastritis. Its symptoms are pronounced, they should alert any.

alcoholic gastritis symptoms and treatment

Version about alcoholic gastritis is checked in a simple way: a small amount of alcohol

The symptoms of the disease

To suspect the occurrence of alcoholic gastropathy either of the two forms will help revealed disorders of the digestive system:

  1. Worried and whining for the upper belly, there, where is the stomach. The pain manifests itself ambiguously: in some cases, stupid, in other acute, in the third – aching.
  2. Sick often in the morning.
  3. Portable hard vomiting. The presence of blood in the vomit indicates, what mucosa is replete with sores.
  4. Unpleasant burning sensation behind the breastbone, burp.
  5. It is impossible to meet the demand for drinking water, mouth dry.
  6. After drinking even a small amount of food there is heaviness in the stomach.
  7. Hard emptied the bowel.

Version about alcoholic gastritis is checked in a simple way: a small amount of alcohol. At least some of the symptoms from the above list must evaporate or lose its former intensity.

Gastritis, regardless of, what form it belongs, can develop in the stomach, acidity promoted or relegated. There are signs, through which you can determine belong to low acidity:

  • people after a light snack feels, already overeaten;
  • in the stomach feel the weight, from the stomach towards the oral cavity emitted gases (burp);
  • gases accumulate in the intestine;
  • stomach is growling.

Development of stomach hydrochloric acid in excess leads to gradual destruction of the mucous membrane of his shell.. Therefore, in addition to heartburn and sour burps have to be the pain in the stomach, growing at night, and when there is no food.

With long-term poisoning of the body have the following phenomena:

  • damaged nerves, located outside the spinal cord and brain, the result – movements are poorly controlled, the surface of the skin is less sensitive;
  • weakened muscles, decreases their weight;
  • disrupted the normal rhythm of the heart, not enough air during breathing.

It is important to promptly detect alcoholic gastritis. The treatment of the disease is in 60% occasions stationary.

Diagnosis and treatment of alcoholic gastritis

Development of stomach hydrochloric acid in excess leads to gradual destruction of the mucous membrane of his shell..

Diagnosis and treatment of alcoholic gastritis

First, during the conversation, the doctor learns about the harmful habits of the patient, lifestyle. Also at this stage I examine the issue of hereditary pathologies. During visual inspection of the fingers prostukivaniya and palpable abdomen in the stomach area.

Followed by a traditional set of blood tests, urine and feces. The digestive organs of the patient check with a scope, with the help of x-rays and ultrasound, examine the gastric mucosa by sampling the fragment. In addition, testing for the bacteria Helicobacter.

Determined to recover, the patient, in addition to avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, needs to stick to a diet, prescribed by a doctor. In each case prescribe drugs, protects mucosa, stimulating or reducing the production of gastric juice, relieves pain, compensate for fluid loss (dropper).

In addition to methods, the proposed official medicine, allowed the use of folk remedies (after consulting with the treating specialist) in the form of tinctures of plants, Vyatich fresh juice from carrots and cabbage, propolis, etc. The regime and diet prescribed for the patient based on the type of acidity of the stomach, the stage of the disease. Versions of the diet are usually classified, and to identify them with assigned numbers.

When gastropathy taking slightly warmed food possible as often as possible – to 6 times a day. Treatment will not be effective when used in black breads and muffins. Gastroenterologists and nutritionists advise against carbonated water, smoked, salty and fatty foods. Very little benefit from marinades and seasonings.


One should not underestimate the alcoholic gastropathy. Because the disease tends to develop further, step by step extending to the 12-duodenum, pancreas, gallbladder. And there to close Oncology. Following the recommendations of physicians small the size of the sores heal by themselves over a short period – within 30 days.

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