Light after alcohol sick

Alcohol is a serious enemy of any person, its excessive consumption can cause the body serious damage. Alcohol detrimental affects many organs of the human lungs and it does not remain in the side. After a series of studies, it has been proven, that chronic alcoholism half of the deaths occur due to lung disease.

Light after alcohol sick

The reason for such a deplorable video data is their dependence with the action of strong drinks. About 5% alcohol is eliminated from the body with them, what causes damage. If the lungs after a feast sick – this is a clear reason to think and to make an appointment to see the doctor.

Why sick easy after alcohol?

Light long term effects of alcohol become too weak, they lose their ability to resist various infections. Light drinker more susceptible to the action of bacterial flora. They formed a very small number of antibodies, disturbed development of cells, and change the properties of cells.

A large part of chronic lung disease falls on the share of drinkers. This disease often progresses because of their love for cigarettes, which causes weight effects. The effect of alcohol on lungs only negative. This should be remembered by everyone, caring about your health.

Pneumonia – a disease of alcoholics?

Not long ago, a lot of alcoholics have died from the advanced stage of pneumonia. The reason for such scary statistics is the untimely treatment. Many are simply not aware of their disease and continued to drink alcohol. Today, however, with the advent of antibiotics, this problem has slightly gone by the wayside.


Treatment of pneumococcal pneumonia occurs more favorably. Just do not forget about the development of possible complications. Often disease occurs in a latent form, radiological signs may be difficult to diagnose this.

Recent data argue for a significant increase in the development of pneumonia due to gram-negative bacteria. The disease often occurs in people abusing alcohol. The disease is acute with the advent of jaundice, hypotension, and leukopenia. The transition to the chronic form. The same factors of pneumonia development can be: Bacteroides, Haemophilus influenzae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The development of complications during pneumonia in alcoholics are significantly more likely, than a healthy person. They are often waiting for a disastrous outcome, especially if we are talking about late diagnosis.

The course of the disease in alcoholics is more dangerous and is accompanied by:

  • high temperature;
  • complicated breathing;
  • there are signs of Central nervous system;
  • abdominal pain;
  • heart failure

Spirits provoke any inflammation of the lungs. Alcohol should be put aside, if there are problems with the respiratory system.

light after alcohol

Lung abscess

The disease is particularly common among representatives of a strong part of humanity. So, from 100 patients 60-75% falls on men. With regard to alcoholics, their number reaches up to 70%. Thus, most of the victims abused alcohol, what triggered the disease.

Common factor, causing the progression, is considered insufficient oral hygiene. With timely diagnosis and treatment, in 40% guaranteed full recovery. But we must not forget about the chronic course of the disease. Periodically abscess again makes itself felt, accompanied by a strong cough, purulent sputum and hemoptysis. To cure the infection can only surgically.

The treatment process takes place in several stages:

  1. A bronchoscopy is carried out, to eliminate the tumor and to conduct bacteriological examination.
  2. Assigned to penicillin, he is able to stabilize a worsening infection.
  3. Bronchoscopy is necessary to conduct after every 3-5 days.
  4. Mandatory provision of drainage of abscess.
  5. Depending on the course of treatment is considered the advisability of the operation.

Even mild alcohol poisoning can result in failure for the person with this diagnosis.


Tuberculosis and other diseases

The development of TB occurs in people drinking quite often. However, they are not always easily treatable., permanently discontinue therapy, which further exacerbates the situation. If you do not continue treatment, the infection can spread throughout the body.

Pulmonary amoebiasis. Arises from the activities of intestinal amoebiasis. They gradually fall into the liver, kill her and rush into the lungs, where cause their harmful actions. Proven, the dysfunction of the respiratory apparatus may occur without visible changes in the lungs. So, cirrhosis of the liver can lead to hypoxemia.

Alcohol has on the body, not only toxic effects, but it dehydrates. This causes violations of the protective functions of the mucous membranes, she was not able to withstand the effects of harmful bacteria. Drinking a person is sick much more often, that leading a healthy lifestyle. Their body has a decreased immune system, and the right way to acquire dangerous diseases.

the effect of alcohol on the lungs

The first symptoms of pulmonary diseases:

  • the emergence of severe coughing;
  • constantly feeling of weakness;
  • the weight loss;
  • severe sweating;
  • slight fever (in the range of 37.2 With), which does not fall for a long time;
  • the appearance of blood in sputum – this is an immediate reason to go to the hospital.

When after alcohol hurts easy, it is necessary not to ignore symptoms, and seek to recover.

Prevention of lung diseases

Alcohol can affect the phagocytosis and the immune system. From the drinker, increases significantly the probability to get lung disease. Therefore, the best method of prevention will be a complete failure from alcohol.

This is especially true, when the disease manifested itself. It is foolish to continue ruining my life, it is important to say "no" to his pernicious habit and return to a healthy life!

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