Pepto and alcohol: it is possible or not

Modern medicine is not complete without the use of shpy. The main active substance is drotaverine, providing a vasodilator and antispasmodic action. This medicine freely used in hospitals, and. You can buy it at any pharmacy without a prescription.

Pepto and alcohol

Nospanum prescribed to people for treatment:

  • kidney stones;
  • diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract;
  • dismenorei;
  • as analgesic.

Pepto and alcohol – a very dangerous combination, which is best to avoid.

General information

But-shpu can be easily attributed to one of the most popular drugs, the reason for this is its availability and efficiency. So today, described tablets can be easily find in the handbag of every person. And it is absolutely not justified, after using this medication you can get rid of:

  • stomach cramps;
  • headaches;
  • diseases of the biliary system;
  • dysmenorrhea.

Often it is even prescribed to pregnant women, where there is a threat of miscarriage. It turns out, drotaverine is capable of capturing the tone of the uterus. To meet the drug can tablets and ampoules for intramuscular injection.

but acupuncture after alcohol

It is understood, such fame does not make them safe. Pepto – drug, which has its contraindications, these include:

  • of renal disease, liver;
  • acute heart failure;
  • hypersensitivity to;
  • people, suffering from lactose intolerance;
  • of Allergy to components of the drug;
  • bronchitis asthma.

If you experience acute pain in the abdomen can not just to drink Nospanum. It can remove painful syndrome, but it won't cure man. But the cause of the pain can be appendicitis or acute pancreatitis, for the treatment of, which you want to go to the hospital. Loss of sensitivity to pain may temporarily create the illusion of relief, when in fact the risk of death will increase. Tablets can only remove the spasm, but not to cure. So if pain has not stopped for two days, it is foolish to ingest a pain reliever, you would most likely call an ambulance.

The combination with alcohol

The combination with alcohol

Alcohol and pills have a similar effect on the body. That's only if you apply them at the same time it does not mean, that painful feeling gone in a flash. Possible, painful condition really disappear, but with him there will be other side effects:

  • a sharp drop in pressure;
  • headache;
  • weakness;
  • frequent urination;
  • tachycardia;
  • shortness of breath.

These symptoms can develop, if the patient has abused alcohol. From one glass of wine nothing bad should happen. Thus, Nospanum is allowed to be used in conjunction with alcohol, but only in small quantities it. If we are talking about long-term drinking risk better not worth it. The more, there are always exceptions, if the data for one cocktails were appropriate, else they can seriously undermine health.

No-Spa with alcohol

No-Spa with alcohol: possible consequences

But-shpa – medicines, instead of regular vitamins for a good mood. And although the contraindications are not spelled out the prohibition of its use with alcohol, this should not be a call to action. Stupid to check for yourself statistics or to refute scientific evidence. Each organism has its own characteristics. Daring, the pills alcohol, you need to be prepared for possible consequences:

  • strong relaxation of the muscles;
  • the occurrence of Allergy, rash, severe itching;
  • increase heart rate;
  • sudden loss of pressure.

In particularly serious cases the chance to be in intensive care after such a Union is very high. This is especially worth knowing, people, with chronic diseases of the stomach, bowel. Therefore it is better to do without zapivaniya drugs liter of vodka.

but shpa with alcohol poisoning

Rules of combination

In order to avoid unexpected effects after taking the pill or injection the injection to withstand a certain pause. It is best to wait a few hours, during this period, the medicine has time to act, and drinking alcohol can not provide a strong violation.

If people know about the upcoming feast, it is best to take your medicine, than after. Because otherwise the ethanol will already be in the blood and medicine can provide completely wrong effect. So, the patient is a festive table will be in a hospital bed.

For those, who is to monitor their health important information will be the time of excretion of drugs. No-Spa is completely removed from the body only after 72 hours. Thus, up to this point the use of alcoholic beverages can have a detrimental effect.

If you start from pharmacology, it does not prohibit the combination of the shpy with alcohol. However, it is better to avoid, gusts to verify this, and to refuse at the time of taking the remedy from any degree containing drinks.

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