Alcohol and sport – a dangerous combination

Alcohol causes serious damage to the body, however, many people believe, what if they use it in small doses, nothing bad will happen. It so easy to reward myself with a glass of hot drink after a hard workout. But whether to do it actually or all is to abandon this destructive habit? Alcohol and sport – a dangerous combination, can lead to heart failure!

Alcohol and sport

No impact the body of alcohol after training

After a series of studies, it has been proven, that exercise and alcohol things. Their use together can lead to some serious consequences.

We all know, what muscle is responsible testosterone. In normal, a healthy body produces sufficient amount. But when the athlete begins to abuse alcohol, their volume decreases. Sports after alcohol prohibits any competent coach.

Moreover, a huge disadvantage is a long hatchability of alcohol from the body. Unpleasant effects can occur even several days after use. It can manifest in the form: strong tiredness after workouts, recoverability of the long body after them. Thus, sports training will be inefficient.

alcohol after sport

We all know, that drinking alcohol, significantly increased appetite. Person does not experience saturation, and can easily eat at one time his double portion of food. This emerged factor also affects the reduction of metabolic processes, which lead to fat deposition, and contribute to weight gain. And to get rid of it would be long and painful.

The impact on vital processes of the body

Alcohol can cause the person terrible damage, and even if they are not visible initially, do not relax. Excessive consumption of alcohol negatively affects all internal organs. Especially dangerous effect on the nervous system and heart, and the brain. Because of their normal functioning depends not only on the human condition, but his life in General. Sports after alcohol in theory prohibited. Unfortunately, in practice, forget about it, exposing the body of danger.alcohol after sport

For those, who have not yet received the answer to the question – whether to drink alcohol after a workout, you need to pay special attention to some of the subtleties:

  1. To drink one glass of alcohol drink, equivalent to missing one full body workout. It turns out, the effects of alcohol nullifies all the benefits from the sport.
  2. If a person is abused alcoholic beverage, and has reached the stage of severe intoxication, his muscle will feel week lack of training.
  3. Drinking alcohol even in small quantities, but constantly can significantly reduce the effectiveness of training.
  4. Alcohol adversely affects growth hormone.
  5. Even the weakest alcoholic beverages have an irreversible effect. They gradually Deplete the reserves of vitamins and minerals in the body. And they play an important role in the training, and their absence can seriously affect the efficiency of the work done.
  6. In especially severe cases may develop insomnia, people will not be able to recover after a grueling workout, and this will contribute to serious stress to the body.
  7. For anybody not a secret, many people start the sport, only, to get rid of excess weight. Long, strenuous workouts will never succeed, if, after they pamper themselves even weak beer. Otherwise it is likely to gain even more unwanted pounds.

Alcohol and sports are incompatible. That is why professional athletes absolutely waive any and all alcoholic beverages.

sports after alcohol

What to do, if feast can not be avoided?

Thus, it's easy to conclude, that to consume any alcohol-containing drinks after sports are prohibited. Otherwise the result of the work done will be equal to zero, and it's not exactly, what you want to achieve, spending long hours at the simulator.

However, there are situations, what to give up booze is just impossible, in such cases, should adhere to simple rules. Following them, increases the chance not to hurt their success:

  • together with alcohol, you must drink plenty of fluids. It could be the juice, tea, water is crucial to prevent starting of the dehydration process;
  • before meal and the next morning you should have a nutritious Breakfast products, which contain sufficient to restore the amount of protein: cheese, chicken breast;
  • drinking alcohol, it is recommended a good snack, best thing to do is protein foods. This will help reduce muscle breakdown;
  • after party follows two days to abandon training, this will keep the muscles in order.

However, adherence to all the rules doesn't nullify the effects of alcohol. So the best solution will be the abandonment of this harmful habit. After all a healthy body, the best reward, which can be in life.

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