How many lives an alcoholic?

It would seem, there is no need to prove, the question "How many lives an alcoholic?"is rhetorical. People, that day and can not live without alcohol, doomed to slow, but certain extinction, the destruction of himself. However, some modern researchers are trying to disprove an established opinion, citing their arguments in favor of longevity alcoholics.

How many lives an alcoholic

Therefore, it makes sense to deal with this topic, separating fiction from reality. Whether the person, use ethyl alcohol, can count on a longer life? Armed with a well – known principle of "Facts are stubborn things", let's try to clarify.

Can an alcoholic be a survivor?

Three years ago the world health organization, the UK capital was announced on the following data, makes you wonder:

  1. Because of alcohol die each year 2,5 million. people.
  2. The statistics is mainly due to the fact, during the year, the individual is consumed 20 litres of alcohol.
  3. The admissible annual norm is considered to be 8 liters. In case of overcoming of the society is degraded, you can talk about the destruction of the gene pool of the nation.
  4. Europeans are fond of alcoholic drinks, the age limit is an average of the range from 55 to 58 years.
  5. The Russians and Ukrainians, the figure reduced by 7 years.

The above average figures are slightly different from those, take into account that the individual factor. For example, people, addicted to alcohol at the age of 20, after two or three decades is turning into an alcoholic. But, after all, each body initially has, so to speak, a certain reserve of vital energy.

Can an alcoholic be a survivor

Scientists in two cities of Germany chose to experiment more 120 men and observed their way of life. As a result, the researchers decided, drinking people at risk to live less, than his Smoking comrade. They also confirmed the occurrence of severe consequences. Long-term use of alcohol is not the best way affects the condition of blood vessels, heart, liver and brain.

Drink more – live longer?

From mouth to mouth passed a different kind of life story, a story about people, which extended his life, maintaining excellent health, thanks to alcohol. Do, if desired, it is possible to find an explanation:

  1. Properly prepared homemade wine or cognac from natural products contribute to the expansion of blood vessels.
  2. People, drinking every day, introduces herself in a state of anesthesia. So injuries do not cause so much pain, as in the case of non-drinking friend.
  3. Due to the fact, the body of the alcoholic is literally saturated with alcohol, do not cling to it different kinds of infections.
  4. Drinker and stress don't mix. Therefore, to the heart and nervous system this category of people do not apply the concept of "wear and tear".
  5. Beer body there is no harm.

Drink more – live longer

For some period the experiment was conducted, which was almost 3000 a man of advanced age. Most people, having reached retirement age, have time to get a chronic disease. Summing up the results, I came to the following conclusions:

  • among the dead in the course of two decades more were adherents of the "dry law" revealed more;
  • in this group some people, do not allow yourself too much. There are less;
  • the middle position of the statistics are those, who have no day passed without refueling with alcohol.

Why heavy alcoholics was in the best position, compared with abstainers. In addition, you can bring a number of facts in favor of, that completely teetotal people are more susceptible to disease. Our daily life does not allow to completely abandon taking alcohol. A lot of events, where it is considered a tradition: jubilee celebrations, consecutive holidays, meeting business partners, etc. The body should be grateful, that this does not happen every day, and much less.

Women's alcohol

Will power in some people tempting prevails over the temptation to "green snake", and others – it is weaker. The latter do not stand up and arrange a holiday every day. Become a sober person causes not only serious health conditions, but personal beliefs. These people way of life is short.

Women's alcohol shortens life faster

If you use the statistics, you will notice the following pattern. From 65 to 85 percent of ladies try alcohol for the first time in the period of the stay under the custody of their parents. Women work in the office or workplace is often fraught with nerves and emotions. Relaxing and soothing treatments, involving the use of alcohol, lead to known dependencies.

There is reason to argue: women, feeding a weakness for alcohol, survive less, compared to the drinking members of the opposite sex. If not for addiction a woman could live another five or six years (this refers to the average). After, as the man and the woman will take the same dose of alcohol, the female body is much more concentrated ethanol.

The rate of reaction of the body to taken daily intoxicating drinks is higher, than men. Not hard to guess, this is related to some existing differences in organisms of both sexes. On, ethanol to completely leave a woman's body takes more time because of the presence of a larger number of fat.

If the same to give the woman and her companion, a friend will reach the condition faster. Less time is also spent on it, to her psyche finally degraded. That's why women drinkers be at a disadvantage, defenseless, than men. On average, a woman's body cope with 12 daily grams of ethanol, which is equivalent to 125 milliliters of wine. Men in this respect more hardy – they have this figure in 2 times higher.

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