Herbal treatment alcoholism

Any illness is under a lot of stress, and as for the man himself, and for his relatives. The family never indifferent, and strive to help. But if the disease alcoholism, the situation escalates to the chapel. Because often the patient does not consider it necessary to deal with it and continues to be the pernicious habit. And very often in such situations people resort to folk remedies. They believe, useful herbs and extracts of them will make a miracle, but is it? Herbal treatment alcoholism – myth or reality?
alcoholism treatment herbs

Saving herbs

We all know, that alcoholism is a terrible disease, which develops long and hidden. Many people do not even suspect, their relative was in a terrible relationship. And the thing in a latent phase, when a person uses regularly, for example, after a hard day or for the weekend. Initially, this seems an occasion to relax and unwind, but the reality looks much more serious. Not worth the wait, to the last, when the addiction will overcome all other spectra of life.

Timely treatment is more effective. The best solution is to appeal to the appropriate medical facility. However, not all alcohol-dependent want to go to the psychiatrist. Then you can resort to the use of medicinal herbs. In the early stage of alcoholism they can create a miracle.

Alcoholism treatment herbs at home – it is often the case. Doctors are skeptical about this therapy.

The action of herbs

Herbs can carry some positive properties:

  • strengthen, able to recover the bodies, to strengthen the nerves;
  • cleansing, the withdrawal of harmful toxins from the body;
  • disgust to alcohol. For this, you need certain herbs to add to the alcohol, this combination will cause vomiting. Alcoholic, not knowing what it is, can tie with alcohol.

However, we must act without fanaticism, before using herbs, you should consult with your doctor. Otherwise, the effect will be reversed and affiliates will refuse in a hospital bed.

alcoholism treatment herbs at home

Alcoholism treatment herbs at home – it is often the case. Doctors are skeptical about this therapy.

That did not happen, you need to understand the herbs and realize which ones help with alcoholism:

  1. Wild ginger. The name of the plant received for his appearance, its leaves resemble the hooves of the horse. However, in medicine, the use of only its root. You can buy it in the pharmacy, and to disrupt yourself. Due to the content of asarone, able aversion to alcohol. This substance is poisonous component, which once in the body, causes vomiting and weakness. The course of treatment is 5 days, all these days, the patient in food add the infusion of the root. The main thing is not to exceed the maximum dose of no more than two tablespoons a day.
  2. Puppeteer. Amazing grass, sprouting almost on the whole territory of Russia. In the treatment of alcohol use infusion of the tops of the plants. Root better not to use, it is a large part of the diseases. Daily use two drops of, able to develop aversion to alcohol. This is due to the emergence of severe vomiting. Add the prepared infusion should be in food or water, but alcohol is strictly prohibited. Tincture has no taste or smell. Adding puppeteer, important not to exceed the permissible limits. The maximum daily dose is 6 drops, otherwise the person will experience severe poisoning, can even be fatal.
  3. Centaury. To use it without the consent of the patient will not work. The reason for this bitter taste, not being able to hide the medicine. The action is based on the development of aversion to alcohol and to cleanse the body of toxins. The grass is not poisonous, but still works very effectively. It is able to develop in a person dislike any hot drink. It is often used together with wormwood, thyme. The treatment lasts about 10 days. In this period it is necessary to use one third Cup of infusion of centaury daily.
  4. Lovage. Known, as a remedy for obesity. For the treatment of alcoholism it is necessary to make a decoction of the root of lovage, Bay leaf and vodka. You should drink one glass of this solution daily.
  5. Thyme. A very popular grass. Its extracts are used in many areas, and alcoholism is no exception. Medicinal plant you can buy at the pharmacy or collect yourself. Because of its pronounced smell, hide the thyme will not work, you must convince the patient that it's effective. To prepare you will need 3 tablespoons herb, a glass of water. To insist hour, then strain. The prepared infusion stored in the refrigerator. The course of treatment for a very long two months. All this time, it is necessary to use the medicine one tablespoon 4 times a day.

In practice, it is very popular to use several herbs. In General, tandem, the effect will be more obvious. Fees are not only able to engender aversion to alcohol, but also to improve sleep, to cleanse the body, to rest the nervous system.

alcoholism treatment herbs reviews

In the fight against alcoholism, it is also necessary to provide care for the internal organs. The greatest impact of alcohol is directed to the liver, to normalize her work, you must seek the assistance of the following the infusion of herbs: knotweed, bearberry, corn silk, St. John's wort. They need to pour boiling water, to insist 30 minutes. Use a glass before meals, treatment duration is one month.

Then it is recommended to take a break for three weeks. At this period the person needs to take a decoction of oats. Then again back to the medicinal herbs. Repeat this sequence will have three times, the only way to achieve normalization of functioning of internal organs. Different results are obtained in the treatment of alcoholism with herbs. Reviews prove, what this method actually can help get rid of the addiction.

herbs to treat alcoholism

In practice, it is very popular to use several herbs. In General, tandem, the effect will be more obvious.

Basic rules

As with any medicines, herbs have a number of rules:

  • you need to be especially careful with the dosages. Many medicinal plants are poisonous, their overdose can cause death;
  • for better efficiency of treatment of alcoholism it is recommended to use not only herbs, but also affect the patient mentally;
  • replace the herbal decoction, on tinctures. They usually contain in its composition the alcohol, but this is only stronger provoke the patient to alcoholism;
  • carefully watch the reaction. Any grass can cause the appearance of side effects, one of which is the emergence of allergies. If you experience any unexpected symptoms, you must stop the use of decoctions.

Treatment herbal alcoholism is a serious and important matter. Coming to it with full responsibility, for a start it is recommended to evaluate the health of the patient. Possible, some grass will lead to the development of more serious diseases, to prevent this. It is strictly forbidden to use herb causes vomiting, people with diseases of the stomach, hypertension, diabetes.


The desire to help the patient return to normal life, a serious step. But before you decide to take it is best to convince an addict to agree to treatment. Forced therapy will never bring such a result, as a voluntary. The desire of the alcoholic to give up the pernicious habit, the first step to success. And what he method to do this, choose – herbs or pills, the second case. The main quest, belief in yourself and the support of loved ones!

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