How to stop drinking wine every day?

Come home and empty the glass of wine, what could be better after a hard day. So I think the majority of people in our country. Without hesitation, what serious harm they cause to themselves. But this is not surprising, after all, every day we are told about the benefits of drinking wine. That is the only problem in that, to get the same desired effect it is necessary to moderate the use. That's just what means a little? Everyone here understands in his own way.

Drinking wine every day not useful!

Drinking wine every day not useful!

It is therefore necessary to think seriously over the correct answer. Hurt yourself very easily. It is only necessary to exceed the maximum rate. And the result will not keep itself waiting long, and the result can be very tragic. How to stop drinking wine every day reflect those, who says for a such alcohol addiction.

Hostages of wine: what is the daily rate?

A great many people every day are hostage to the fatal alcohol addiction. Because of the innocent use of alcohol before bedtime, guarantees to end very tragically. And self-hypnosis, that is not a disease to justify their own weakness to give up this harmful habit.

So if you still wonder the number of valid, you should pay attention to the below listed numbers. This is the amount of alcohol consumption, which is the norm:

  • 150 ml of any wine;
  • 360 ml beer drink;
  • 45 ml of strong alcohol.

And it's worth noting, for women is considered acceptable, only one dose of any of these drinks, the man should be limited to a maximum of two.

Girls think, the glass of wine in hand is expressive. But excessive absorption of alcohol will affect a couple of months on the skin condition of hands and face.

Girls think, the glass of wine in hand is expressive. But excessive absorption of alcohol will affect a couple of months on the skin condition of hands and face.

What is the danger of excessive consumption of wine?

Reasons to abandon the use of wine, there are many, but the main of them are:

  1. Deprivation of normal sleep. Very often people resort to alcohol that is to get rid of insomnia. But without realizing it, gain even more problems.
  2. The deterioration of the skin, because it runs early the aging process.
  3. Acquiring extra pounds, maybe even obesity, which will lead to many diseases.
  4. Purchase problems in sexual sphere of impotence.
  5. Infertility is a sad fact.
  6. Getting liver disease.

If at least one of these items make you wonder, maybe, worth a stay? And instead of the usual glass of wine pour in a glass of mineral water. This will be the beginning of your new healthy life, in which a good start will be a few simple tips. They will help anyone who wishes to attain goals and to abandon the use of wine.

A noble man - this is not the, which wine bottles drinks.

A noble man – this is not the, which wine bottles drinks.

How to stop drinking wine every day: tips

Wine every day bad, therefore, you should heed the following advice:

  1. Do not indulge yourself on the weekends. Do not think, if you are in the course of a week, denied themselves the use of wine. It deserved weekend to catch up. After all, the decision to abandon this pernicious habit should always be maintained, and not only on certain days of the week.
  2. Enjoy the wine, gradually. Or when it is not necessary to drink the wine in one gulp. If you use, you should drink very small SIPS. No need to pour it in one gulp, this is the first step to alcoholism. Proudly enjoy the wine, and then one glass will be enough for the whole evening.
    The wine has a nice aromatic drink, but it's a trick!

    The wine has a nice aromatic drink, but it's a trick!

  3. Do not keep alcohol at home. Limit the storage of alcohol at home. Buy it only in anticipation of the holidays, and only in the right quantity. Not worth buying it as a reserve, after all, it will be a slight chance to break. And this is clearly not the same, what you need.
  4. Follow the amount of alcohol consumed. If you'll write the weekly amount of alcohol consumed, you will be able to calculate the exact amount, spent on this habit. And the sum clearly is not happy.
  5. Do not look at fault a true friend. It is not necessary to fill in his own grief, alcohol. Even if you are sure, so it becomes easier, it's only an illusion. Because the next day the problems will remain, bringing with it a range of new. Learn to solve their own problems, conducting a thorough introspection.
  6. Learn to relax without the help of wine. For many, Friday is a big holiday, and they are sure, something to start the weekend can only use alcohol. To switch from the operating mode, on vacation for them, nothing else. If it's about you, find a healthier way to relax.
  7. Create your own output..

Give your body a break from alcohol. Start small – one day a week a complete failure from drinking. And try each month to add these days. Soon you will be able to completely abandon the wine.

Myths about the benefits of wine


How to avoid drinking alcohol daily? This question should concern a normal person. Stop sitting at home, drinking alcohol. Any city willing to offer any interesting acquaintances. Find a hobby for yourself and your friends. Maybe it's fitness room or pool. Maybe you will entice quests, a very intriguing occupation for a bold, modern people.


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