How to get out of the binge alone?

If drinking seems to, what's life without intoxicating drink loses its meaning, long do not leave the desire to take alcohol, it is such a dangerous period is called alcoholic binge.

There is reason to believe, is that a hangover tends to go in the bout. Now after the adoption of the next portion of alcohol in the mood rises. But the patient sees no other way, which would have provided him with a "normal" feeling. Sometimes the binge lasts for two-three days, and sometimes – a few months. That is why many urgent question – how to get out of the binge alone.


Booze - this degradation of the individual, which destroys the brain and internal organs.

Booze – this degradation of the individual, which destroys the brain and internal organs.


How to cope with lingering hangover?

Under normal load conditions, the liver eliminates toxins and acetaldehyde – a substance derived alcohol. The liver becomes powerless, when confronted with large volumes, then inevitably the body is exposed to General intoxication.

A number of the following products can be considered as an effective means. They passed the test of time, significantly reduce the discomfort.

  • mineral water, does not contain in its composition carbon dioxide;
  • fresh brine from pickled cucumbers or cabbage;
  • drink based on the juice of fruits or berries, known as Morse;
  • broth, prepared with beef or chicken;
  • plain water is suitable for drinking;
  • herbal preparations motherwort or Valerian in the form of tablets or tinctures, or a decoction of these plants;
    If it is difficult to deal with heavily myself, forgive for help from friends or professionals.

    If it is difficult to deal with heavily myself, forgive for help from friends or professionals.

  • honey;
  • alcohol tincture of peppermint.

The house should have a first aid kit, stocked drugs in accordance with this list:

  1. At least two packs of plain black or white activated charcoal, Pancreatin and other drugs, reception which leads to normal organ system, food processing.
  2. Protect the liver advertised products (gepabene, Essentiale Forte, etc.) under the title – hepaprotective.
  3. Heart medication, submitted by valokardin, validol.
  4. Medication, guarantee a healthy sleep. Some require careful application (for example, diphenhydramine, donormyl).
  5. A number of fortified drugs, thanks to which restores the body's defense mechanisms, normalizes the nervous system and metabolism.

Exit from hard drinking independently at home really, if not to poison the body the next portion of alcohol.

General rules and guidelines

Alcohol binge does not have to go to the hospital to hospital. To successfully get out of this state is possible and at home, if you consistently carry out simple instructions.

Probably, there is no such body, which would have been weakened by prolonged alcohol abuse. Suffer virtually all body systems. So no need to get out of the binge sharply. The bedtime needs ahead of from binge to move to an earlier time. Going to bed, it is useful to drink a glass of water with mint drops (20-30 drops).

How to take binge? If you think about it, not all is lost!

How to take binge? If you think about it, not all is lost!

It is a mistake to start the day with a sober. Instead, make a habit to enjoy the juice, low-fat fermented milk drink with, Morse, brine or just non-carbonated mineral water. The use of liquid in large quantity will help the body to get rid poisonous substances, make the blood less viscous.

During the first 24 hours of taking any sorbent preparation (10 table.), and in addition to him also geoprotecta. To calm the heart, which started to knock more often, can glycine or atenolol. To obtain the desired effect of the tablets (to 10 PCs) resolves under the tongue.

And the use of sedatives is not limited to palpitations. It, like mints, effectively treats nausea. "Push" pills better than water, made with green tea drink, to which is added a little honey and a slice of lemon.

Often during the first day of the binge treatment the patient observed retching. This phenomenon should be treated calmly, and don't rush to get rid of the vomit radical measures. It is appropriate to have the resolve: taking your meds again and then, when vomiting occurred not later than 60 minutes after his previous reception. Because of the inevitable vomiting dehydrates the body, therefore, the fluid loss should be compensated by drinking.

Also during the first day is a moderate consumption of food. And from foods containing fat and refuse. The ideal option menu – croutons of bread with the crusts cut off and the broth. Sated, the patient should help the pancreas with the adoption of Pancreatin (2 pills). The output of the binge is often accompanied by a condition of weakness, because the body tremendously exhausted.


Quick recovery to avoid a binge

From the first hours of the body is severely depleted as a result of the described manipulation and breaking the normal mode. Therefore, until the end of the day the patient better lie down in a quiet place. The next day was allowed to take a little walk on the street or in the yard, to engage in some sort of simple fact.

In most cases, when the sudden indisposition to improve their health will be able phenibut. If it becomes inevitable bad, then we have to flee valokardin (15-20 drops). Some patients, in such a situation, claim, if they get better after, how to drink diluted 50 grams of vodka in 200 ml of water.

Often in the evening people celebrated with friends an event, and the next morning to go to work. To normalize the body by using ammonia (8 drops) in 100 ml of water. Say, those, who have used this recipe, instantly sober.

Easier to get out of the binge at home yourself?

The output of the binge is often accompanied by depression, visit questionable ideas. To escape from such troubles will help fun movies, funny cartoons – sources of good mood. With the same purpose, it is recommended to listen audio book with a fascinating story.


How to get out of the binge I know a few. Some do not even understand, how they managed to hold the bottle for 3-5 days. Booze is fraught with serious complications in the functioning of the body. If, however, after the party people started drinking, you should use the above methods.

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