Booze: treatment of alcoholic

Man cannot cope with the desire to get a portion of intoxicating drink is a clear signal to start to heal from binge. There is good reason to equate the bout with a painful condition. Some symptoms are a signal, the situation requires very serious, the person should be saved immediately. Sounds very scary diagnosis of "binge". Treatment can last several weeks or months.

Based on the specific case, the patient is prescribed therapy in the hospital or at home. In any of these options, the person must be determined – in the near future it will cease to be dependent.

Booze - this degradation of the individual.

Booze – this degradation of the individual.

How to recognize binge, which is the inevitable consequence of alcohol abuse? Intake of alcohol does not stop for days, which inevitably appear spiritual and physical suffering, the person becomes nervous.

It should be borne in mind, that is also true of the binge there is another form called about booze. In the latter case, man is not among alcohol-dependent, and most likely, has a habit of occasionally indulge in alcohol at home. Treatment of binge possible, but you must be aware of the dangers of alcohol.

What are the consequences of alcohol abuse?

Infusion into the body of ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic seems to be the only way to maintain the normal. Constantly forcing the body excessive doses, people may face a range of problems:

Alcoholic - this man, which looks unpleasant and repulsive even native people.

Alcoholic – this man, which looks unpleasant and repulsive even native people.

  1. Carelessness, forgetfulness, the deterioration of thinking. Very often are under the influence of a hot drink person committing an irreparable act, later not remember, he previously did.
  2. Changes in consciousness. Plagued by different kinds of disorders of the perception of reality – hallucinations.
  3. A natural consequence of high blood pressure are strokes or heart attacks. Bonding with each other of erythrocytes leads to the clogging of blood vessels.
  4. Not easy to have and liver. Large concentrations of alcohol in the body provoke cirrhosis – death of intelligent cells accumulate glycogen (hepatorenal) and their replacement by fatty tissue.
  5. Alcohol, entering the gastrointestinal tract, is irritant. In such a favorable environment, the mucous membrane covered with ulcers, wakes up gastritis.
  6. Affects the Central and peripheral nervous system, resulting in trembling of the hands and feet (and sometimes the whole body).
  7. At night, the body doesn't rest – sleep does not come. Again, a saving dose of alcohol here a disservice, acting as a sleep aid.

Where to get treatment for binge?

When the lungs are not advanced forms alcoholism you can do the treatment at home under the supervision of a doctor-psychiatrist, who will tell you, what medications will have to buy in the pharmacy. All this time, until the period of convalescence, an ill person should be close friends and to fulfill the requirements of a specialist.

However, we must realize, that binge often takes place without serious consequences, the results of which are even lethal. Because long-term use of alcohol creates toxins, there are serious disorders of vital activity of organism. It is a mistake to count on, that will be able to recover methods, offered by traditional medicine.

Booze is treatable through a dropper, but the effect will not be permanent.

Booze is treatable through a dropper, but the effect will not be permanent.

For the patient, entrust your health certified doctor, compiled scheme. It certainly takes into account many important factors: age, health, the period of stay in the binge. Also taken into account the existing pathology of the body, other diseases. The severity of binge determines, how much time will take treatment of binge, but the average is ten days.

Help with withdrawal syndrome

People, staying drunk, suddenly decided to abandon the drinking of beverages containing alcohol, exposed to interesting effect. He is known popularly under the name "delirium tremens", a scientifically- withdrawal syndrome (or abstinence) and it may take a period of 24 hours to several days.

With daily injections of alcohol, the organs of the patient to adapt to the imposed loads them. No wonder, that one day a feast is canceled, the body will experience stress. Don't underestimate delirium tremens. Because the body is forced to work under huge loads, using all your resources. Such a regime ultimately does not lead to anything good, sometimes the outcome is tragic.

However, known numerous instances, when syndrome mentioned somewhere by itself has disappeared – how come, and left. However, you should not play roulette with delirium tremens, to rely on chance. Reasonably received by those patients, which measures can be taken, asking for help.

As soon began to prove himself withdrawal symptoms, take drugs with the aim to quickly excrete the ethanol and substances, formed by its disintegration. In medical terms – is detoksicazionnaya therapy. Each of the following drugs does the job:

Booze will not solve the problems at work or in your personal life

Booze will not solve the problems at work or in your personal life

  1. Two drugs, containing sodium: solution for injection sodium dithiophosphonate (or unithiol) and the salt solution sodium thiosulfate. Thanks to their use of toxic substances like contact, are neutralized and leave the body.
  2. Five- and coronarienne glucose fuels the body with energy, providing the ability to better cope with the disease.
  3. Intravenous administration of 30% urea solution in case, if the brain fluid accumulates (swelling of the brain), promotes fluid balance in the body (mean absorption, distribution, excretion).
  4. A solution of magnesium sulfate, which is also injected into the vein, will help to normalize the emotions, oxygen saturation of all cells tissues and organs. Thanks to this medication accelerates the disposal of toxins, and to curb the increased blood pressure. The drug is effective in the case of seizures. Similar to urea, it can be applied upon the occurrence of cerebral edema.
  5. When the body loses too much fluid or destabilized the water balance, use a weak aqueous solution (0,9 percent) sodium chloride, which is better known as saline.
  6. The drug Gemodez usual in Vienna (sometimes under the skin) with this unwanted phenomenon, as too rapid blood clotting, and then, when the body senses the need for fluids.

Interesting video: how to lead the country out of the binge

Vitamins – nicotinic acid, thiamine, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine enhance the therapeutic effects of these agents. They facilitated the work of all vital systems, neutralize toxins, arrangement of vessels.


Dramatically throwing drink, people must be prepared for changes in the psyche for the worse. He becomes aggressive, excited, sometimes raves. It all and all Madden, a distortion of the perceived world, irritated by little things. To rectify the situation is capable of the following psychotropic drugs: haloperidol, phenazepam, diazepam, grandaxinum.

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