How much wine is useful to drink a day?

The French, there is a tradition, drink a glass of wine before dinner. This nation upholds its opinion before medicine about the correctness and usefulness of the daily consumption of this drink. How much wine good to drink actually? It is time to figure it out!

Wine can be useful, but in the dose - no more 50 grams per day!

Wine can be useful, but in the dose – no more 50 grams per day!

Judgment about the properties of wine

A well-known fact about, that wine has a beneficial effect on the organs of the cardiovascular system. Statistics confirm this, in France the death rate from heart disease is very low in comparison with other States despite the fact, traditional cuisine of the French abundant in fats and cholesterol. This is to draw a conclusion, daily consumption of wine is good for health.

The positive properties of wine:

  • prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
  • improves metabolism;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • increases appetite;
  • has a sedative effect.

To date, scientists have not found the answer to the question, what component of the drink makes it useful.

How wine affects the body?

How much can you drink wine every day? This question worries many. But before, as the rush to consume this drink, should know about, how it affects the body:

The truth is in wine???

The truth is in wine???

  1. Circulatory system. Red wine has a positive effect on the blood vessels, prevents the formation of blood clots. Under the influence of wine vessels dilate, due to what blood pressure is lowered, and dissolve plaques, which close the lumen of the vessel. But the dose of the drink should not exceed 30-50 grams per day.
  2. Oncology. Should know, when the cancer of prostate the use of wine is contraindicated.
  3. Viral diseases. For drinks, that contain grape juice, inherent antiviral and antiparasitic action – this has been proven by experiments and clinical studies. Based on these data, people moderately consume wine, much less susceptible to viral diseases.
  4. Life expectancy. Scientists from Denmark have conducted a number of tests, to highlight component longevity. Resveratrol – a substance, derived from wine, during the experiments increased the duration of the life of yeast cells on 80%. Animal studies have not been conducted, this is not known whether the wine has the same effect on the human body. The highest content of resveratrol is in grapes, which grew in harsh climatic conditions, this substance also prevents the aging of cells.
  5. Figure. You should pay attention to the composition of the diet, used ballerina. It certainly includes wine, cheese, fruit. Scientists have determined, what choleretic action, which renders the wine, helps to maintain shape in the form of. Consuming one glass (30-50 gr.), there is a preparation and improvement of the stomach and intestines.
  6. Reproductive system. The fair sex, very useful wine consumption, except during pregnancy and lactation. During its regular use within acceptable measures (no more glasses per day), improves the movement of blood through the vessels, the skin becomes smooth and velvety.
Only high-quality wine from grapes may be useful.

Only high-quality wine from grapes may be useful.

What's the proper wine to daily use?

Of course, one of the important qualities of the wine must be natural and high quality production. Medicine is inclined to the immense usefulness of that is red wine, in line with this advises it.

However, it is necessary to highlight, what, in certain moments white wine can be more useful. For example, red contains large amounts of amino acids, than white, but in white they are in a smaller form, which increases the accessibility to the penetration into the body.

Kind of wine:

  • Red wine contains resveratrol, what keeps young cells to move to cancer. Doctors suggest morning use of wine in the amount of 15-30 ml for the prevention;
  • biological wine, made from biovigora, strengthens the immune system. This kind of drink is not filtered and contains no chemical preservatives. Based on this, it remains alive and has the most positive components.
  • signature wine, is the sale of special shops, it is tested and proved quality. You should be careful of cheap imitations, since they bring your body.
More than three glasses of wine a day - alcoholism

More than three glasses of wine a day – alcoholism

Following from the above information about the positive properties of wine, it heals and is adopted for the prevention of certain diseases. So, no need to ban myself in daily use 1-3 cups per week of quality wines to strengthen the health of the body.

It is important to remember, that wine does not cure such a disease as alcoholism. It is necessary to observe norms of acceptance of quantity and not exceed them. Because it can give, as a positive influence, and negative.


How much to drink wine, not to become an alcoholic? A day can be used to 50 grams drink, but if there are chronic diseases of the stomach and the person is not suffering from disorder of the nervous system or Oncology. But 2-3 glasses a day is alarming, pointing to wine alcohol.

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