How to wean drinking beer?

Beer is considered the most dangerous form of alcohol – in fact in using it, the person is not aware that, drink alcohol dangerous. That's why so many “evagelical”, people with big bellies, red faces and regular beer withdrawal syndrome. If you have a question: "How to wean drinking beer close person?", this post is for you.

Who is to blame: reasons “evagelism”

Any relationship (narcotic, alcoholic, nicotine) has its reasons. Passion for beer a person is born for the following reasons:

  1. He's bored. Life is like a vicious circle. The most common and sad version is a "home-work-home". In order to entertain himself, one begins to think of something, without leaving this circle. For example, to drink beer in the evenings at home after work.
    Boring uninteresting life often becomes the cause of alcoholism

    Boring uninteresting life often becomes the cause of alcoholism

  2. He has a problem. Things are not going well at work or in your personal life, not enough of something or someone close. Instead, to solve the problems, they can drown in alcohol.
  3. It's become a habit. For many people, drinking beer is not the body's need, and stereotyped habit. For example, for many, "meeting with friends" means to miss 2-3 beer. Or, for example, should fall in the deep "native" chair, and so would like cool beer.
  4. All drink, and what have I done? This reason is typical for adolescents, slave and a leader of the company. So, if the leader starts to eat something from the forbidden drugs, it, in order not to look weak, other children will start to imitate him.

This is the main reason beer alcoholism, but as far as every person is unique, so a kind of could be the reason. If you're tired of drinking beer, it is time to take your health!

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What to do?

Unlearning beer is impossible, if there is no desire! It is even more difficult to influence the harmful habits of another person.

Here are the possible options, how to influence the dependent beer people:

  1. Start to exercise and invite your friend (son, brother, wife) “evagelia” the same thing, better yet, buy a gym membership. It's weird, but the fact is, a gym can become a new addiction, completely knocking out all human addictions.
    Show pelagoniso the possibility of a new life

    Show pelagoniso the possibility of a new life

    Simulators, beautiful sports wear, slim people around are forced to look at life from a different angle, will allow you to exit your old life and start a new. Sport – great motivation, to opt out of beer.

  2. Prompt evagelia something, what could he do. If you care about this person, it should be, know him well, his Hobbies and addictions. Point it to the "path", tell him, what he can do. This can be a picture, cinema, language learning, sports or dancing. A new hobby to save people from boredom, especially if you tell the purpose, to which you can come (for example, "Learn French, and we'll fly to Paris in two months").
  3. Spend lik-no. Sometimes people don't know basic things, and then you can make a huge deal, educate them. If your friend is drinking huge amounts of beer, tell him, how it would end. Let your speech will be supported by video footage and photos “evagelical” – this may force-quit drinking beer is your friend. Don't be afraid to overdo it, in this case the worse, the better.
  4. The device personal life. “Jogalite”, as a rule, people are lonely. It's not enough, because people, dependent on the beer, have the unassuming appearance – overweight, odor, wrinkled face and day, and night. If it is your friend, try to help him make his personal life a man fall in love, and the world appears in a different light. Take it with you on a double date, get a social network page, visit crowded places.
  5. Treatment. This method is extreme, that is, when it does not help any other methods. There are many institutions, specializing in the treatment of alcoholism . Not everyone will go for such a measure, but if it does not help anything, you can try.

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Man can not be forced to stop drinking beer, but you can send in the right direction. Be a good friend, start together to play sports, help to remember “evagelia” about, what he likes. Such actions will help your loved ones gain the desired freedom.

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