How to help a woman, drinking beer?

A woman is a delicate flower, the embodiment of beauty and tenderness, homemaker. This is the purpose, which is designed by nature and the Creator. But modern ladies are going against nature all as one make a career, staunch child-free, interested harmful diets, besides having one bad habit. Smoking, addiction, alcohol is a faithful girlfriend most of the fairer sex. In this article we will talk about, how to quit drinking beer woman.

Chicken is not a bird, beer – not vodka!

An attractive lady sitting in a cafe with a glass of beer, she's successful and independent, it is not excluded, what is an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle. The question, why she drinks this lady firmly answer, that beer is so, mischief. Therein lies the trap, lead to alcoholism. Actually, a pint of beer is the same 100 grams of vodka. Eating every day 100 grams of vodka, a normal person will develop the addiction to alcohol after a month or two.

Beer is the same alcohol, like any other, simply diluted with sparkling water and with a mixture of chemical components with the aroma of hops and malt. So when you indulge in the beer, you are not only good to your body, but teach him to continuing alcohol. You do it further or not – you decide.

Beer - this is a good way to relax for women

Beer – this is a good way to relax for women

Every woman wants to look attractive. This is not an empty fad, and the idea of nature – after all, the lady needs to attract worthy "male" for procreation. This is what makes women take care of themselves, use decorative cosmetics, to visit beauty salons and SPA. If you want to look good at any age, beer is contraindicated for you. This drink adds to the appearance age a few years, significantly ages the skin, deepening wrinkles. You will not help even the most expensive cream, if you do not give up the drink. That's not all the harmful effects of beer on an old lady's body.

Health and beer – incompatible concepts

Health can not buy, but it's easy to drink

Health can not buy, but it's easy to drink

Of course, that by consuming alcohol and cigarettes play, you don't become healthier. Think about, beer affect the heart – poor muscle is forced to work twice as hard pumping blood through the vessels, filled with carbon dioxide from the beer.

"Bull's heart" – it increased in size muscle, with thin weak walls. Such a heart can not withstand the load in any time and stay, bringing the owner to the brink of death.

In addition, suffering beer alcoholism also suffer from varicose veins. Thick blue veins disfigure the skin, and you can only hide under a long skirt or pants. People, suffering from such diseases inherited sincerely sorry, but those, who alone bring themselves to this state it is impossible to understand.

The stomach also suffers from, after all, it was created in order, to digest food, and not a chemical substitute. Beer can not be attributed to the drink a useful, or even harmless, because this is a real poison.

Stomach, regularly getting a dose of beer, ceases to operate normally and to produce gastric juice. Constant heartburn can be a sign of serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

The liver and kidneys. These bodies should help the body in the work, bringing accidentally caught in the human body poisons or toxins. But imagine, what will happen, if you load these bodies on the "do not want" work on the processing of beer? The liver and kidneys will work to wear, but sooner or later ceases to do the job, and fails. Therefore, cirrhosis and cancer of these organs are most often found in alcoholics. Beer may be included in the list of diseases, provoking such a terrible disease.

Where “goes” femininity?

Every woman wants to be feminine, attractive. Is there ladies, dreaming of thin antennae over a lip or rough voice? Perhaps, no. But drinking beer in large quantities and it is to this leads, because it contains a considerable dose of phytoestrogens. These substances similar to female hormones. We all have subtly established hormonal, and gross interference can lead to a serious disruption and disorder in the body.

For this reason, beer drinking in the truest sense of the word disfigures women, turning them into masculine full of unsavory characters. In addition to the tendrils of dark hair begins to grow all over the body, pimples and rashes on face and body, and the hair can start to fall out. If you see similar symptoms in themselves, you need to refer to an endocrinologist. And, of course, give up beer.

Figure like a thin birch

Girl, a woman should be fragile and easy, despite the age. This is not hard to do eat egg and cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, mineral clean water, exercise. But it's easier to say, what to do, isn't it? Therefore, the vast majority of girls, since 17-18 years become shapeless pears. Candy and chocolate tastier fruit, roast meat better than boiled chicken, and the beer is delicious, than water. In addition, hardly anyone drinks beer in its purest form, much more likely to go after high-calorie crackers and potato chips.

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Remember, if you want to look slim, beer is not the beverage, you should use. Phytoestrogens, what to include in beer, quickly disfigure even the most beautiful, chiseled figure, create the sides and an ugly stomach. Calories from fat crackers and salted nuts will finish the case, started by the beer.

The joy of motherhood

Every girl dreams about the baby. Of course, modern life makes you forget about the natural desires, and to give preference to career or other ephemeral nonsense, but this is extreme, we will not discuss.

In any case, all women, without exception, sooner or later, thinking about procreation, and understand, what I want to have a little pink helpless baby. That's just the alcohol in beer can become a serious obstacle to fertilization. If you drink beer regularly more 4-5 months, your ability to get pregnant alone is three times reduced!

If the egg and can fertilize the sperm, her "chances" to attach to the uterus about 5-10% from 100%. Yes, and bear children in women evagelia very little chance of, because the body is sick and infected with toxins. If you are already thinking about motherhood, then stop to drink a drink – preferably, to refuse to accept alcohol for six months prior to conception.

Drinking girl is actually doomed to infertility

Drinking girl is actually doomed to infertility

About the future

We don't know who you are and how you look. Possible, how long have you put on yourself the cross and believe, you don't need to be more beautiful and attractive, but because drinking beer is plenty, not "bothered" over its detrimental impact on the body. Or maybe you are trying to diet, and rather not have dinner, but I will not deny myself the pleasure of miss a glass of beer. In any case, we can describe your future, if you will not give up beer.

Your skin and face look worse, despite the best efforts of cosmetologists. You will feel all the worse – you will torment shortness of breath, heartburn, liver pain. You will have trouble sleeping and tire quickly. This is all the consequences of beer alcoholism.

If you need it? Just decide for yourself, what do you want to quit the habit and become free, beautiful and healthy. To do this is not difficult – just tell me “no” another bottle, which is so tempting on the store shelf!

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Women are particularly vulnerable to alcoholism. After all, the life of a modern lady is more like an endless war- with colleagues in career, with loved ones in the comfort of home, with nature for the preservation of youth and beauty. How can you not want to relax? Beer may be the best antidepressant. But only measure determines the usefulness of the, and the beer is not good, what can we say about the uncontrolled consumption? Very often girls begin with a bottle on the weekends and go to a stable half a liter a day. If this is happening to you, don't despair – you can get rid of dependence immediately, as soon as want it. It's never too late, regardless of, how old are you, how you feel and how you look.

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