Alcohol dependence: how to refuse the vodka?

Alcohol dependence – the trouble with modern society. Vodka has become the main “PM” any meal. Not surprising, that according to statistics of the Ministry of health every third inhabitant of Russia suffers from alcohol dependence. In the year of the splits 500 families due to this addiction. And 80% all crimes committed in alcoholic intoxication!

The consumption of alcohol in Russia. Statistics 2016 year

Options to get rid of alcoholism

If you decide to become free from the chains of alcoholism, you have to choose from. First of all, you can try to heal yourself.


Further, there are a great many private clinics and medical organizations, helping alcoholics – not free, of course. And finally, addiction treatment can be carried out at the state level, free clinics. Each recovery has its advantages, and disadvantages. But before you choose one of them, you should one hundred percent to take the decision, what do you want to be free. No single method will be effective, until you make this decision. Only in this case the treatment will be effective.

  1. Coding. This is one of the most common ways of recovery from alcoholism. Man, which suddenly stopped eating, you always want to say ironic: "Are you, coded?"In fact, the encoding will be effective only if, if you believe in this method. You should not also be coded under the pressure of relatives – this method will be useless. The main drawback of the encoding is as follows – as soon as the coding period ends, many alcoholics start drinking with a vengeance.
  2. Treatment at the hospital. This treatment is the most effective. It is under the care of a doctor it will be easier just not to touch alcohol, and experienced psychologists will be able to reach out to you and explain, why you shouldn't touch to continue. After trying life without vodka "taste" in a few weeks, you will not want to return to this ungrateful occupation again.

Are there downsides to inpatient treatment? Yes, there. First of all, it's conditions dependent. Only in very expensive clinics patients in private rooms, in a typical cost for an average person is placed in a chamber with several people. Among them may be the so-called "negative leaders", which have already been treated, but frustrated, and once again ended up in the hospital.

These people have a tremendous gift of persuasion and will prove, that treatment is pointless and inefficient. However, remember, that's true only half. That is, while you wish to become a free man, nobody will force you to make even a SIP of vodka. But should you falter in your faith in yourself, and you will not help even the best specialists.

Watch the video "how dangerous the abuse of beer

Outpatient treatment of alcohol dependence

If you don't have money for a private clinic, and to stop drinking can not afford, you can go to the public hospital for psychiatrist. Very often the district narcologists are very sensible experts, who can speak "heart to heart" and very effective to convince patients that, which lead a wrong way of life.

If to address to the psychiatrist, he will conduct the survey on a voluntary basis with the aim of clarifying the characteristics of your body, the stage of the disease, existing diseases. Given the disease, the General condition and age you can prescribe medicinal drugs to facilitate the treatment.

However, there is also a disadvantage of this treatment – you will automatically be taken into account, to leave which then will not be easy. Not try do to heal yourself?

Treatment at home

Treated at home especially convenient, if you are helping relatives

Treated at home especially convenient, if you are helping relatives

You know, what you are sick with alcoholism and are just addicted to vodka? Consider, this is a half success because the majority of alcoholics refuse to admit, sick.

Actually, no matter what hospital or which specialist you would not have asked, he will not be able to do that, that you can – just decide to quit drinking. It seems complicated, and at the same time so easy to solve and throw. As told by Allen Carr, in life there are a few important pleasures – love, money, time, energy. While you drink, you lose it all, drinking your life. All you need, to be free is to want to do that, and it's the work of seconds.

To make it easier to follow to its target, find a strong enough motivating factors. It may purchase, you collect the money, usually go for a drink. You can aim for a beautiful athletic body and good health, undermined by the regular use of "white".

Or you have a child, who is looking at you, already tasting beer and "slaboalkogol" the guys in the yard. The reason, in order to quit alcoholism can be only one, but it must be compelling and meaningful to you. If you do find her, you don't have to answer the question "where to get rid of dependence on vodka?".

View this video about our children, who indulge in alcohol, and you will understand, what are the example for the younger generation.

Video "Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been?" (experiment)


Where you can get rid of alcohol dependence? There are several options – self, private clinic or in a free state. You can also zakodirovatsia from alcoholism specialist. However, remember, that the basis of treatment anywhere else, solely desire. Until you decide to stop drinking vodka, no one will be able to help you, and because your freedom is in your hands.

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