10 reasons to give up alcohol forever

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Alcohol – bad habit, to abandon the dream of many, but in the absence of appropriate motivation continue to give in to it. Of course, there are useful properties of alcoholic beverages, for example, is the prevention of vascular diseases. However, to achieve this item may be allowed a moderate quantity of drink, what is often not respected. Why is it so difficult to give up alcohol?


People have a lot of problems brings health, layoffs happen at work, betrayal of friends and failures in your personal life. They are often the person decides with the help of drink. Constant endless cycle, exit is very difficult. But there are still the lucky ones, managed to find the strength forever, put taboo alcohol. Motivation is different for each, but the reasons to say "no" to alcohol the same. The effect of alcohol on the body to a greater extent pernicious, we need to remember this!

10 reasons not to drink alcohol

Happy life is impossible in children, whose parents abuse alcohol. The liquid in the glass willfully poisons the mind, body. Children are the main motivators to higher actions. In the pursuit of easy relaxation, people forget about the main thing.

10 reasons not to drink alcohol

For a more successful start to a better life, were collected 10 reasons not to drink alcohol. They always destroy all stereotypes with regards to this issue.

  1. Alcohol is bad for health. For this reason you should think about drinking it. But if it doesn't stop, it is understood, that regular use of alcohol already in 30 you will be guaranteed of kidney disease, stomach, heart and reproductive system. And this is only the beginning of the list.
  2. The correct way of life, the first step to a healthy offspring. And if you think about the children, it is worth remembering, how important it is to approach this issue soberly.
  3. Ingestion of even small quantities of alcohol ensures immediate destruction of a huge number of brain cells.
  4. Skin is the mirror of the body. Pale complexion, swelling, bags under the eyes is a sure sign that, it's time to quit this bad habit.
    alcohol greatly affects a person's appearance, in the eyes of fatigue and dullness

    alcohol greatly affects a person's appearance, in the eyes of fatigue and dullness

  5. Very often people are looking to the glass of the way to escape from current problems. Indeed, under the influence of it will come in a good mood. However, it is worth remembering, this status is deceptive – the euphoria will pass after a couple of hours.
  6. The alcohol really dulls the sense of attention, so, in emergency situations the person becomes vulnerable. In this case, the tragedy can not be avoided.
  7. The financial aspect plays a role – alcohol costs money, permanent purchase warrants to affect your budget. And if you count the amount, spent on alcohol per year, out a lot.
  8. Alcoholic drinks are bad for physical activity. That leads to stagnation of the whole body.
  9. Under the influence of alcoholic beverages, there comes a kind of blurring of the mind. And this is the first step to rash action – crime.
  10. Alcohol becomes your only friend. After all, less people is next. All gradually leave not acceptable to their society. So, it threatens a terrible loneliness.

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Such compelling reasons for avoiding alcohol, if people aspire to a better life.


The dire consequences a real reason to abandon this addiction. But if you know, not being able to cope on their own, don't be afraid to ask for help from professionals. Alcohol – the abyss, which absorbs the norms, beauty, health, happiness, offspring of the bright and positive future. Maybe it's time to stop, after all, these 10 reasons not to drink alcohol really significant and important!

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