Grass the puppeteer from alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious problem not only for the addict, but for his relatives. After all, what could be a wonderful, than to return his beloved to a normal existence. That's just making it very hard, and the reason is not the desire of the patient to understand their problem, and even more to try to get rid of it. Grass the puppeteer from alcoholism helps 45% cases.

Rare cases, when avid drinkers asking loved ones to help them get rid of the addiction, and independently turn to specialised companies. In most cases it is quite the opposite – the family will come up with various clever ways homemade fighting with this disease. Which only means they don't seek help, the Dollmaker is one of the leading places.

Grass the puppeteer from alcoholism

Puppeteer: brief description

The people the puppeteer has a number of other famous names, such as: of chemer, Chemeris, cichocka, chemeritsy root. Does grass the puppeteer from alcoholism? Advantages of the plants cause people to resort to traditional medicine. But it is not always correct"

A puppeteer is considered a poisonous plant, belonging to the family Melentieva. It is often used in hospitals, as well known for its use in veterinary medicine, and as a folk remedy to treat various ailments.

In appearance the plant reaches 20-160 cm in height, he has a fleshy root system, reaching a length of up to 10 cm. In medicine it is known the creation of tinctures on the basis of the root of the puppeteer. It is used to treat rheumatism, neurology. But it's worth noting, this substance is not included in the official Pharmacopoeia as a raw material for the production of medicines.


With regard to traditional medicine, here, just apply it to the roots and rhizomes. As a means of pneumonia, rheumatism, and as a febrifuge. Recently the plant has gained popularity as a remedy for alcoholism. Concludes that, what, you can add it to the patient, without his knowledge.

Here are just a few who are aware of, what to cure the acute form of alcoholism using only the puppeteer impossible. The patient needs inpatient treatment, under the supervision of experienced professionals.

The principle of operation of a puppeteer

Therapy alcohol dependence, based on the paging puke-gag reflex, appeared in 1929 year. Professor Kontorovich was sure, what to get rid of this bad habit is possible by this method. He was, the patient was administered emetine, nicotinic acid, tincture of mint, the broth Baranets, these substances in the interaction with alcohol caused vomiting, engendering an aversion to alcohol.

The principle of operation of infusion is described herb based on the same. Combining these two substances, the alcoholic is seen pale skin, sweating, weakness, the pressure reduction and the emergence of puke-gag reaction. Many people know, the puppeteer grass alcoholism. How to make a decoction do not know everything!

After several courses of therapy, that the patient develops aversion to any drinks. Especially successful treatment, when he deviates from his dependent. Due to the lack of smell, taste, color, from countless you can easily hide this therapy.

The principle of operation of a puppeteer

Puppeteer: danger

Puppeteer refers to poisonous plants, especially high their concentrate in the roots. Therefore, even a slight overdose can lead to serious consequences – poisoning and even death.

This happens due to toxic alkaloid protoveratrine, which has a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract. The dust of this plant can cause a bout of sneezing, and the juice, contacting with skin, promotes the appearance of irritation. When a person uses a large dose of the inside, occur following violations:

  • burning sensation in the throat;
  • watery eyes;
  • headache;
  • appear cramps;
  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • reduced pressure;
  • shock.

Death occurs later 3 hours, to stop the process, you make the antidotes, dopamine and atropine. However, even their timely use may not help and lead to death.

Methods of preparation and treatment

To use puppet master in the home is a dangerous decision. Not worth it to risk the health of your loved one, with a goal to cure it. Because the effect may not be quite so, as expected. It is worth noting, even in medical institutions it is used quite rarely.

Methods of preparation and treatment

For those, anyone not scared of the side effects of the puppeteer, it is time to consider the recipe of it.

For the broth you need 10 grams of the root of a plant, best, if it gets crushed. Then you need to pour the powder the floor with a glass of water, and put it on the fire. Boil the decoction for 5 minutes, then push the 2 hours and carefully filtered and pour a little boiling water. The prepared solution must be kept in the fridge.

As a cure for alcoholism infusion is necessary to add in food of the patient in the amount of 2-3 drops. It is important, to the prepared broth was used simultaneously with alcohol. Only then can you expect positive reactions. People will drink alcohol, and the resulting negative deviation of health attributed it to the alcohol. Soon he will develop an aversion to any strong.

If after the use of the puppeteer, the patient is not experiencing any side effects, you should increase the dose. But it is necessary to be very careful, it is impossible to prevent overdose, this is the amount of broth should not exceed 15 drops per day.

Therapy depends on the individual case. The stronger the relationship, the longer it is to treat. The end result should be an aversion to alcohol, not only the taste, but the smell. As soon as the long-awaited effect, you should reduce the dosage, and therapy to continue for another week. This will ensure a guaranteed result, and will allow you to avoid relapse.

Contraindications herbs puppeteer

The main thing to remember about a possible overdose. Therefore at the slightest suspicion of poisoning should immediately call an ambulance, and not to self-medicate, it may only aggravate the situation.

It is best before beginning self-treatment to consult a doctor. It will help to identify possible contraindications, these include:

  • kidney disease, liver;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • acute gastritis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hypertension.

If the patient has something similar, he in any case can not give puppeteer, otherwise, increases the risk of causing serious harm to the body, and even to bring the patient to death. It is understood, cooked broth – serious drugs, can lead to a terrible consequence. Therefore, it is important to keep it hidden from prying eyes place, so that no one accidentally drank it.

After the onset of the long-awaited effect – refusal from alcohol, relatives are not worth much to enjoy. Time to relax has not yet come, it is important for the period of aversion to alcohol to try to return to the patient the meaning to life. People need to understand, what can, and most importantly wants to be without harmful habits. For this you need a dependent to surround with attention, care, love, try to come up with his interesting hobby, lesson. It is only after a few years of giving up alcohol, you can draw conclusions, that man overcame a terrible disease.

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