Beer at the time of conception

Many people think that beer is a harmless drink, with a glass which is so nice to spend a hot day. That's just, it is not so good as it might seem, because it causes the body serious blow. This is worth remembering, especially, who plans the replenishment of the family. Beer at the time of conception of the child to set aside.

Beer at the time of conception

Dangers of drinking beer in the conception of a baby

A big nuisance in the consumption of beer is that, to find a natural product almost impossible. People buy the first, got their hands on, without going into the drink. This is a huge mistake – the constant use of synthetic substances has a major impact on sexual function of guys.

Consuming large amounts of beer has a detrimental effect on parents and their child. Baby, not yet born, receives a serious blow to the health.

We all know, male potency is associated with the production of testosterone. However, beer contains a large number of phytoestrogens, which has a negative impact on their production. So, the man abusing the drink, reduced chance to conceive a child. The negative influence alcohol, part of the beer. It makes the sperm less active.

Dangers of drinking beer in the conception of a baby

Half of the women believe – to drink some beer during pregnancy is completely harmless. Therefore, without fear of spoiling ourselves with intoxicating drink. That's just in fact, even a small amount can have a serious impact on the development of a fetus. Couples, dreaming of completion, it is worth remembering that.

Effects of beer on germ cells of men

Even a weak beer contains a certain amount of alcohol. And it is bad for human organs, including on sexual function the stronger side of mankind. Alcohol can gradually reduce the number of germ cells, and influence their activity. Spermatozoa become so slow, the process of conceiving a child is seriously complicated. In the opposite situation, if conception has occurred, chance, the baby will not be congenital abnormalities is very small.

Therefore, you should thoroughly realize the seriousness of the consequences. Momentary pleasure from intoxicating product can cause serious harm to the little man. The acquired disorders can have a serious impact on his future full-fledged or become life-threatening.

Held, the statistics prove the fact, what of parents who drink increases the chance of having a baby with physical or mental disabilities. Without realizing it adults break the life of the unborn crumbs.

The conception in a state of alcoholic intoxication

The conception in a state of alcoholic intoxication

It would not sound sad, but often the process of conception occurs, when a couple is under the influence of alcohol. It is understood, consumption of beer reduces the activity of the germ cells. However, does not stop their activities completely, and the chance of getting pregnant remains. Only in this responsible process acts 25% abnormal sperms, the probability, what one of them will fuse with the ovum, great. The man knowingly risks to future offspring.

Of course, there is a possibility, that everything will be fine, the fetus will show no abnormalities, but whether or not to go on about minute desires, mutilating someone's life? After all, scientists were able to prove, that alcohol, once in male cells, it affects the sperm, their genetics causing irreversible damage. The fruit, the basis of which was taken by these cells, guaranteed to receive the violation in the formation of, the development and growth.

A huge possibility, such embryos will not even survive, that will lead to unauthorized miscarriage. But if the pregnancy goes well, and the baby will be born, the chances of his existence are small. It will manifest physical or mental defects.

Effects of beer on women

Harm, provide the male body with regards to its ability to conceive great, but women drinking beer, risk as well. Alcohol has a serious impact on the reproductive system. Intoxicating drink is able to strike a hormonal background, and this is the first step to the inability to get pregnant.

But if the use of alcohol was conducted for a long time, this has seriously worn out all the organs. Thus, they become unable to work at full power. And at this time, if fertilization occurs, pregnancy can not go in normal mode. The likelihood of miscarriage due to the weakening of the body is very large.

The woman in the situation will feel tense. And complicated and the process of childbirth, they can come with serious violations – the death of the child and mother. But if the girl drank during the entire pregnancy, we can expect that having a child with abnormalities of mental or physical.

Effects of beer on women

Pregnancy, the birth of a child is really a joyful, the long-awaited event. Many people dream about it all my life, but for some reason can't do it. So do not take everything for granted and ignore the basic advice is not to abuse alcohol when planning a baby.

Parents need to understand, responsibility for child health lies solely with them. Of course, you can drink, without thinking about the possible violations, but what, when instead of a healthy baby will be a child with visible disabilities. To raise such a child will have to put a lot of effort, patience, funds, therefore it is better to say "no" to alcohol, than to try to explain to the younger toddler, why can't he be like all.

Beer at the time of conception of the child is better to avoid. This drink is not harmless, especially if people are interested in healthy offspring.

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