Alcoholic neuropathy: what is?

The question, what is "alcoholic polyneuropathy" simple man, not related to medicine, unlikely to respond. But every, who has seen an alcoholic, beheld and polyneuropathy. Bony skinny legs with swollen limbs. Specific puffy face, unnatural gait, which is noticeable to others. It is the visible signs, which define a person, dependent on alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic neuropathy

Alcohol and neuroscience

Alcoholic polyneuropathy is a neurological disease accompanied by multiple complications of chronic alcohol poisoning. In this case, marvel at the fragments of the nervous system, which links the activity of all organs.

Neurological disease most often seen in people, constantly drinking alcoholic drinks. About 30 % people suffer from this disease, but do not suspect, sick. More susceptible to disease men, than women.

Alcohol and neuroscience

Alcoholic neuropathy: symptoms

Medical statistics show, that this disease in various forms languishing 875 to 99% drunks. First, complain of unpleasant sensations in hand or feet. Describe the unpleasant feeling of tingling or a sort of "pins and needles" in the extremities, citing supposedly "slept on it wrong".

However, this begins to develop paresthesia – t. e is the disorder of skin sensitivity due to irritation of nerve fibers. There is atrophy of the thigh muscles, the Shin bone, the bones of the foot, which is accompanied by pain in the muscles of the calf, cramp fingers. Next comes paralysis of the lower limbs.

Treatment and subsequent recovery results depend directly on the willingness of the patient to quit this addiction and return to a normal life. Every second person suffering from addiction to alcohol has symptoms of polyneuropathy. The disease begins to progress dramatically, if the patient takes more 100 grams of pure alcohol daily.

Alcoholic neuropathy: symptoms

Five signals for alcoholic polyneuropathy:

  • the negative influence of ethanol on peripheral nerves, which leads to the destruction of nerve impulses and metabolic disorders;
  • negative impact of organic compounds acetaldehyde in the peripheral and Central nervous system;
  • the lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine) in the blood of patients leads to a rapid fatigue, irritability, forgetfulness, sometimes complete disorientation in time;
  • violation of the liver, common disease in humans, host alcoholic beverages in high doses;
  • disorder of the immune system leads to production of antibodies, which destroy nervous tissue. Taking into account the above-mentioned signs, there is an opportunity to speak about positive results of treatment of alcoholic polyneuropathy.

Alcoholics with 10 years of experience of the disease rarely survive.

Alcoholic neuropathy: treatment

Electroneuromyography is to diagnose the condition of muscles, and nerve endings, located in the nearest location from each other. This method allows to determine the degree of atrofirovany muscle at the time of examination of the patient. The procedure is to stimulate muscles by means of electrical impulse in peripheral nerve.

The result is the response of the muscle recorded by the camera and allows:

  • to assess the ability of the muscles to contract under the action of the irritant factor;
  • record the number and speed of passing of impulses along nerves;
  • determine the area of damage of neural tissue.

Alcoholic neuropathy: treatment

The treatment of the disease is as follows:

  1. Perfect rejection of various alcoholic drinks.
  2. Full consistent power.
  3. Intravenous, contains useful vitamins. Particularly effective is a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1.
  4. Restoring the deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium deficiency leads to disruption of the functioning of the adrenal glands, develop a disease of the cardiovascular system. The potential risk of a number of endocrine diseases. Lack of magnesium can cause cancer.
  5. The use of physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities.
  6. Useful contrast hand treatments – pouring hot and cold water. These activities help to improve blood circulation.
  7. If there is pain, the doctor will prescribe antidepressants.

We can not reject traditional medicine, drugs are made from plants:

  • you can brew the herb yarrow, St. John's wort, and wormwood;
  • it is recommended to use creeping thyme with juniper berries;
  • to reduce the pain, well help water baths with infusion of sage and motherwort;
  • to massage hands, using fir oil.

If people found the strength to refuse alcohol dependence, in the process of treatment the symptoms reduced. But if you then go back to alcohol, the symptoms of the disease to return and become more pronounced. Therefore, patients, treated polyneuropathy, recommend further treatment at the psychiatrist, to reduce alcohol dependence.

It is very important in getting rid of alcoholism is to have the desire. If the time has come, and you have no idea, how to spend a weekend without vodka or beer, and the morning starts with nightmares, probably, there is reason to think about alcohol addiction and stay.

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