Psychology alcoholic

Alcohol has a deadly effect on the internal organs, and mental state. It is therefore important in the treatment of alcoholism to counseling, it will help the patient to quit addiction.

Scientists have proven – regular consumption of alcohol develops psychological degradation. Alcohol slow destroys people's lives. The first to suffer bodies, vessels, cells, and soon disturbed mental status, mental. Gradually, what was meant, expensive is crashing. Dependent all well aware, but not trying to fight.

Psychology alcoholic Of course, there are periods of, the alcoholic seeks to quit addiction, but usually attempts end in relapse. Thus, the accident is in a desperate situation. He tries to run away from my problems with a bottle of booze, but difficulties remain, temporarily protoplast. Sober trouble, again make themselves felt, and like an avalanche cover.

To find a way out of an unpleasant situation alone is almost impossible, therefore, it is important to seek help from professionals, can help to fight the disease. The psychology of an alcoholic is a special thorny forest. That is why in all the rehabilitation centres such narrow doctors.

Psychological profile of an alcoholic

After a series of long research, psychologists have found, the drunkard has a psychological portrait. And gradually the psychological type of each of them is strikingly similar. And soon notice the person, which alcohol-dependent, it becomes easy. This is usually tense with trembling hands the poor man, typical unhealthy complexion. The changes look obvious physically, psychologically. Notice the features of you character, behavior.

The main features of an avid alcoholic are the following symptoms:Psychological profile of an alcoholic

  • mood swings;
  • poor concentration, impaired attention;
  • short memory;
  • the eternal desire to find the next dose of alcohol;
  • for the sake of achieving goals ready to go on a strange, immoral;
  • poor justify their actions, endlessly lying.

The more people dependent on alcoholic beverages, the more difficult the situation. Soon it all becomes numbing, an alcoholic dropping out of school, work, leaves home. Even the relatives of the patient seem to be enemies, who crave one thing – to deprive him of the only pleasure. He lives in the cycle, the goal is to find the money, to buy another bottle.

While in this state, poor able to commit thoughtless crimes. To prevent this close people have to ask for help to the appropriate agencies. Here the dependent person will help to return to a healthy existence, learn to see the world through sober eyes.

Interviews by a psychiatrist important stage of therapy, they help restore the meaning of existence. Very hard to accept , that favorite can be an alcoholic. At the same time suffering wife of an alcoholic. The psychology of two people is destroyed, constant companions be quarrels and fights.

Sometimes for a long period of alcoholism is not a sentence. In order to understand the issue of the onset of dependence, you need to study the concept of alcoholism, it is possible to stage. It is understood, that the examined person does not recognize the dependence of. The drunk convinces himself, others, what healthy, and not in need of medical care. Often such people try to justify the love of the bottle, this endlessly talking about her positive qualities.

To cure such customer is difficult, it is important for recovering from addiction – personal desire. The dependent must be willing to say " no " to alcohol. Otherwise, the rehabilitation can be considered a failure, after all, if possible, the alcoholic will try to relive old times.

the psychology of the alcoholic in the family

Psychological immaturity

The behavior of an alcoholic is comparable to a small child. The reason – unwillingness to listen to, to understand. The drunkard is convinced – he is healthy. Such a long resistance often leads to loss of connection, the patient's relatives turn away from him. Even in this situation, the boy/girl believe – blame others.

Miserable remains alone. Long periods of loneliness leads to terrible consequences – suicide attempts. While at this stage to achieve successful treatment almost impossible. The psychology of the alcoholic in this situation is incurable.

Therapy for alcoholism

Therapy for alcoholism

Individual approach determines the success of treatment. The subject should realize that the work is being done with it. So, being alone with the problem, you can try to find a way out. Working with avid fans bottle a responsible job – they are born manipulators.

Dependent people are able to trigger the compassion of others. Therefore, the psychologist is obliged to show himself a professional so he will be able to keep the situation under control. It is important to talk on sensitive issues, the unfortunate need to go in. To achieve this quite difficult, because the client is distracted, to translate the conversation. If all goes well, the patient will be able to openly look at the problem, to understand, that vein of destruction was alcohol.

After this we should start intensive therapy, by this time the patient will be ready. Competent doctor, must understand the responsibility of their actions. Therefore, the specialist must help the patient – to understand all.

Rules therapy

Any person accustomed to act according to their proven tactics, but we must not forget about the basic nuances when working with dependent people:

  1. Communication should take place after, as will appear all the alcohol. The patient needs to be sober, otherwise wait for success from conversations impossible.
  2. The alcoholic must realize – a psychologist friend of his.
  3. It is important not to force the human subject to stop drinking, and try to prove to him – the world can be beautiful without alcohol.
  4. The doctor should stay loyal, does not apply to patients with negative, disgust.

The psychology of the alcoholic in the family always causes a negative opinion. It should be understood, that dependence on alcohol, it is a disease, to be treated!

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