Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver

Have a reliable man addicted to alcohol with high probability, sooner or later, found this pathology, as alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, lose the major part of the vital organ. Simply put, the cells of this largest gland die. There, where previously there were natural fabric, now located fibrous fiber, among them you'll notice a small scar nodules. Benefit now from such a liver almost no.

Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver

It should be recognized, described trouble is noted in the range of 10 to 30 percent of alcohol-dependent. Chronic poisoning alcohol provokes only half of the cases of liver cirrhosis. The time of occurrence of the disease is determined by the decade (or more) since, when a person has found a stable habit to look in a bottle.

How many are living with alcoholic liver cirrhosis?

It is difficult to predict a lot or a little will be able to stretch, as patients with cirrhosis. Here as someone lucky. Because the impact of many factors. First of all, it is necessary to watch the condition of the body, are there additionally other diseases, how well the protective function, etc. Any pathology can be eliminated better, the sooner you get her to identify.

The forecast is encouraging, if the course of treatment will be matched successfully and the patient adheres to lifestyle are not harmful to health. 60 such patients from 100 will be able to overcome the five-year mark. In relation to those remaining 40 percent, that did not want to change their way of life, forecast less comforting.

Those cells parenchyma (hepatocytes) liver, who managed to avoid such a sad fate, start working, to take on the responsibilities of the failed cells. A range of activities, as a healthy lifestyle, diet, medication, facilitate the state still functioning cells and maintain the health of the liver.

Symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis

Symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis

Signs of problems in the body from time to time make itself felt. While the troubled liver will begin to clearly send a signal "SOS" will be held at least five years. During the period from day to day, previously viable tissue is gradually transformed into connective tissue.

So, on what grounds one can judge the presence of cirrhosis? Here they are:

  1. Man walks sleepy, hard to make myself eat, the body feels weakness, the soul is sad, when you try to do something everything goes wrong. This state coined the term – asthenic syndrome.
  2. The body of the patient considerably facilitates.
  3. Limit value upper pressure of blood on the walls of blood vessels unable to overcome the mark 100.
  4. The skin on the palms of hands and soles of the feet become reddish.
  5. Among men there are such external signs, which is unique to the fairer sex. On the thighs and stomach appear fat. At the same time the muscles of the arms and legs are reduced. On the contrary, increase in volume of the breast, in the area of pubic hair noticeably thinning, under the arms the same picture. Less thoughts to make love to a woman; it is not excluded, that case could result in impotence. The testicles are depleted, losing its viability.
  6. The salivary glands become noticeably larger in volume.
  7. The capillaries in the face dilate and visible under the skin, that gives it a reddish hue.
  8. Due to the puny small blood vessels on the body of a wanton bruise – not even as a consequence of blows or injuries.
  9. Due to the shortening of the tendons are bent palms – Dupuytren's contracture. The implementation of this part of the hands any manipulation, involving flexion, require enormous effort.
  10. The yellow color is dyed not only the skin, the same color acquire the sclera of the eyes, the oral cavity.
  11. Occur tiny white stripes on nails called lakaniemi.Symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis
  12. The tips of the fingers are drawn, and the shape of the nail plates on them is more like a circle – a symptom of drum sticks.
  13. To disturb the digestive organs, resulting nausea, vomiting, painful intestinal gas, coming from the belly archenemy. Poor appetite leads to skipping meals, that is not uncommon.
  14. Increased pressure in the large Vienna, which collects blood from organs of the abdomen and is sent to the liver to clean. As a result, in the abdominal cavity accumulates fluid, increased spleen. Apparent varicose veins first legs, and then the same processes are transferred to the navel, the esophagus, the rectum.
  15. Depletion and reduced masses undergo almost the muscles throughout the body.
  16. Do not remain indifferent and respiratory system: man breathes heavily and frequently, coughs.
  17. Violated heart rhythms, more frequent and painful heartbeat. Decline of the cardiovascular system.
  18. The trend of long-term preservation of values of body temperature from 37,1 to 38 degrees

Categorically refusing a drink, the patient can expect a significant improvement of the clinical picture.

Treatment of alcoholic cirrhosis

Nothing to dream about healing, if the person continues to indulge himself in alcoholic drinks. You should begin with changing the approach to nutrition, with very little adjustment range of used products. To forget about the existence and fried foods, in which a lot of cholesterol and fats. Give preference to vegetables and fruit. One word, to stick with the diet at number 5.

Treatment of alcoholic cirrhosis

Conservative treatment consists in reception of the whole complex of different drugs:

  1. Group of drugs hepatoprotectors, that encourage liver cells failed to die, stimulate their work. Many of their names catch the eye: Essentiale, Allohol, Karsil, Phosphogliv, etc.;
  2. Drugs, containing metabolically active substances, the effect of which is aimed at ensuring reliable protection of parenchyma cells, contribute to the restoration. In addition, they are necessary for better outflow of bile, help relieve depression;
  3. With cirrhosis associated difficulties of the following kind: poorly absorbed nutrients from food, which was in the gastrointestinal tract. The situation should correct vitamins And, With, D, E;
  4. Medication, containing bile (ursodeoxycholic) acid, do not allow to die gepatitom. In their name there is the prefix Urso- (hole, DEZ, San);
  5. To calm inflammation, to prevent rebirth in the scar tissue, the immune system to fight off the desire to produce protein compounds, complicating the life of the liver – tasks, assigned to glucocorticoids (Metipred, Prednisone, Urbason);
  6. Drugs with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibit the processes of replacement of normal coarse of scar tissue and change the structure of the largest gland in the body.

When the disease has entered its thermal stage the only chance to save the patient is still hope for the magic hands of a surgeon. Usually in such cases the practice of liver transplantation. In view of the fact, she seems to be the most complicated jewelry operation, the patient to prepare it the least 6 months.

The patient, who has not learned the lessons of the past, and again addicted to alcohol, draw a very bright prospect. Unfortunately, dry statistics give rather pessimistic data the number of people, succumbed to the temptation to "green snake" – as long as 80 percent.

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