Alcohol insomnia and its consequences

After the binge, when the alcoholic fog cleared, the body requires a pretty serious vacation. It would seem, need to lie down and sleep, but when a person tries to do it, then it does not work anything. If he even manages to fall into a sleepy oblivion, he very soon comes out of it, as a person has many nightmares.

Sometimes the nightmares are so real, it's hard for human to understand, where sleep, where's the reality. This condition is called insomnia or insomnia after binge. How to normalize their status after a binge?

Alcohol insomnia

Causes of insomnia alcohol

Why, after a large number of drinking alcohol can cause insomnia? In a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication in humans, Horny all the nervous system, including those areas, responsible for good and restful sleep. Experienced doctors notice, that binge drinkers are almost always in a state of nervous excitement.

From the hangover and drunkenness in General in drunken alcoholics marked pain in the liver, arrhythmia, burning in the area of the esophagus and stomach, pain and heaviness in the side. All this does not aid in falling asleep.
Some alcoholics suffer and tobacco, that also does not allow a person to sleep normally.

There's no concrete answer to the question, how long insomnia after excessively drinking alcohol, in this case everything will depend on the person, from the amount of consumed alcohol and the strength of his body.
What are the different types of insomnia after binge?

Causes of insomnia alcohol

Types of alcoholic insomnia

Insomnia, which occurs through the fault of alcohol dependence, may be different. There are the following types:

  1. Difficulty falling asleep. At this time, the person may experience headaches, joint pain, in my head there are extra thoughts, can begin fears and worries.
  2. Restless sleep. A person is able to sleep, but he often wakes up. To Wake him up the slightest rustle or wind noise outside the window. He often wakes up because of thirst or in order, to go to celebrate the physiological need.
  3. Full insomnia. With this lack of sleep can experience hallucinations, sleep itself is shallow, very disturbing. Hallucinations can be both visual, and sound, emotional. Visions can be more real, what do post-binge is observed fear and excitement. The risk of insomnia is, she may go into delirium tremens.

It is easy to guess, that alcoholic insomnia can seriously negatively affect human health, therefore, there is urgent need to take action.

How to improve sleep with the help of medications?

If, after the binge is in a state of nervous overexcitement, in medical practice for these patients using sedatives, cardiovascular and psychotropic.

Attention! These drugs do not assign yourself by yourself, this should be restricted to the doctor-psychiatrist. When frequent and intense binges the patient is prescribed the dropper in order, to remove from the body all harmful substances, for this you need to go to the doctor. They not only prevent insomnia, but often can save lives.

How to improve sleep

Why during alcoholic insomnia shouldn't take sleeping pills? In this period of sleeping-should be abandoned, and it must be done for the following reasons:

  1. Alcohol combined with sleeping pills can give either a very strong effect, or the opposite, in any case, the man will only get worse.
  2. The patient may for a long time to lose consciousness.
  3. After alcohol from such experiments in large amounts kill neurons in the brain.
  4. Have drunk a sleeping pill after a binge you may experience problems with the heart until it stops, failures begin in the breath, can happen internal bleeding.
  5. The liver may stop working, and then insomnia from alcohol a person can go to death.

If a man can't sleep after heavy alcoholic intoxication, it is best to take any herbal drug with sedative actions, type of tincture of motherwort or Valerian.

A popular way of getting rid of alcohol insomnia

A popular way of getting rid of alcohol insomnia

If Your loved one had insomnia hangover, you should take the following measures:

  1. What to do in the first place, so it is to take care of, to the patient were only the calm. Scold him and confronting him during insomnia after binge does not make sense. To make his bed with fresh linen, ventilate the room, tightly shuttered Windows, to light did not prevent him to relax.
  2. You can prepare for the patient a bath with relaxing herbs. Good for this approach thyme, mint. To do this, simply brew the herb, dial bath water, making it warm and pour it into the broth.
  3. Alcoholism decoctions of herbs can be taken internally. If the taste is unpleasant to the patient, you can add to the drink a spoonful of natural honey. Get rid of insomnia by using this method will not work quickly, grass will need to eat at least for a couple of weeks.
  4. With a strong passion for alcohol refers to the excretion of very large amounts of fluid, therefore, the patient should always be something to drink, to compensate for these stocks.
  5. Moderate exercise can help the patient to lead his own state in order after the rejection of alcohol. Guests can jog or just exercise.

The best way to get rid of alcoholic insomnia is to try to drink alcohol only in moderation, and better not eat quite.

Thus, insomnia after alcohol intoxication is the most common thing. To get rid of this condition can, but the process is quite lengthy and time consuming, so the booze is better not to enter and to know when to stop the intake of alcoholic beverages.

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