Drunk driving: statistics and intoxication

Drinking alcohol people, deliberately causing your body serious harm. However, even being aware of it, he is not tying his destructive habit. People not only drink, and gets behind the wheel while intoxicated. The news constantly reported about the new accident, caused by drunk driver. The outcome of such accidents are terrible injury, and sometimes life, and completely innocent people.

Drunk driving

Statistics drinking and driving

The number of accidents committed through the fault of alcohol is growing every year. Drinking drivers do not stop the penalties, punishment. About 7,5% from all accidents happened because of alcohol. About a thousand people lost their lives, got a terrible injury, which made them permanently disabled.

Usually a major accident happen in big cities 36%, although small, the village does not avoid this problem – 14%. A large part of the tragedies happening in the weekend, especially Sunday. But Saturday, Monday also not inferior. Red day on the calendar allows the community to relax, drink strong, but suddenly appeared the case lead them to the car.

Statistics drinking and driving

Driving in a drunken state in a matter of seconds, which can, worth the lives of several people. Even the realization of criminal liability – a meaningless fact, not frightening negligent motorists. They believe – all cost, that's just the alcohol in the blood says otherwise.

Stage of intoxication

Many believe, a glass of beer – a childish prank. That's just the alcohol insidious, it reduces attention, dulls reaction. Therefore, even a small dose can cause a terrible tragedy. There are three stages of intoxication:

  1. Easy – 0,5-1.5 ppm. Occurs immediately after drinking alcoholic beverage. Improves mood, it becomes easy, fun, the drinker feels a sense of lightness, getting cocky.
  2. Average – 1.5-2.5. the euphoric feeling begins to leave. Replaced by irritability, aggression. Movement becomes slow, the reaction is inhibited, and the aggressiveness and temper start going wild. Often these emotions cause the occurrences of conflict situations on the road.
  3. Heavy 2.3-3 ppm. Full intoxication, which is accompanied by loss of coordination, uneven speech. In this state is driving a critical. Full carelessness, loss of consciousness is a good step, go to the light, taking with him innocent.

Stage of intoxication

A person can sit behind the wheel or not, depends on the content of alcohol in the blood. If the intake rises to the level 0.5 to risk it, even if they feel perfect. Already at over 0,5 – drunk people are not able to comply with the required distance. If it exceeds dulled attention, the driver sharply reacts to the changes of light from the headlights, unable to assess the situation on the entire responsibility.

When the amount of alcohol reaches 2,4 ppm – behind the wheel becomes unable to respond adequately to what is happening. Motorist becomes dangerous to others. A drunk might confuse the pedal, sleep, to go to red, to make overtaking in the opposite direction. And harm not only to other car owners, but to pedestrians.

It is understood, even a small quantity of alcohol is a serious reason to say “no” Catania by car. You need to sober up, only after that to make the movement. With a strong need you can always turn to sober friends, relatives, taxi, public transport. Spare a lot of variants, therefore it is impossible to risk your life and others, a second chance to think can no longer be.

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