How to give up alcohol for the holidays

As usual, every holiday is accompanied by intake of alcoholic beverages. Among the guests is always a friend, refusing to drink. This causes a violent reaction. Guess, that man is sick, he was in a cult or he wants to draw attention to the person.

How to give up alcohol

Alcohol ─ evil

If you go back in Soviet times, the passion for liquor was almost universal. The result was tragic. Killed millions of people. Many have lost their jobs. The number of divorces due to alcoholism Russia ranks first in the world. Statistics States the sad facts: 500 of thousands of deaths per year due to alcoholism.

To learn from the experience of wish unit, rest assured, what alcohol can be drunk in large quantities.

The advice of psychologists

The occasion rarely go without alcohol. How to stop? Friends, friends, relatives often persuade the man, who refuses to drink. Psychologists on this occasion give good advice. People, decided to give up alcohol, needs to know three things:

  • why he decided to give up alcohol;
  • what goals he wants to achieve in the end;
  • what motivates his decision.

Lucid arguments will help a person to motivate his rejection of alcohol. The condemnation of others will not be so painful for him and can't get him to change the decision.


Rules of conduct

Alcohol – a drink, allowing you to relax. You can have fun without alcohol. To the refusal of drinking was taken immediately, should behave correctly:

  • to advertize the healthy way of life is optional;
  • it is better to abandon the tedious conversations about addiction;
  • refrain from criticism of those, who decided to drink;
  • aversion to alcohol it is better to be reserved;
  • be friendly, will attutides from offering "one hundred grams", "you respect me?"

Should monitor their behavior. Slightly tipsy guests can afford the extra, speaking, and in the relationship. It is better to avoid conflict, than to prove his innocence tipsy friends.

how to give up alcohol

How to give up alcohol?

To refuse to accept alcoholic beverages at the festival difficult, especially, if that sounds "bitter!", "be healthy!"You can use some tricks, not to look "black sheep" drinking in the company of colleagues or friends. Among the most effective ways recommended the following options of abstinence from alcohol:

  1. Simulation sickness. Explain curious, I'm sick and taking medications, incompatible with alcohol.
  2. Convincingly say, that took a firm decision to give up alcohol. This is quite serious and all persuasion meaningless. Negative cheers should be ignoring, otherwise the evening will be spoiled.
  3. You should come up with some convincing excuse, type "today I bring guests", "we need family member tomorrow morning in the hospital, promised". This method is good for inviting to drink. But you have to be ready, that there is one friend, who does not believe.

Consistent position of denial of alcohol will soon give its results. All will get used to that, that you give up alcohol, and will respect your decision. It's possible, many will follow this good example. But if the thirst for booze conquers all your beliefs, then we can talk about the dependencies. Then it is better to seek help from a doctor.

The craving for alcohol beverage to overcome difficult, but really, if you put your mind to. Avoiding alcohol will give positive results – the head will stop hurting the next day, hangover not to bother, a sober mind forced to behave in a appropriate and worthy.

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