Moonshine on the table: how dangerous drink

To draw accurate conclusions confirming the dangers of moonshine pretty hard. The reason for this diverse insights. Some consider it useful, thanks to the natural composition, while others prefer vodka, afraid to feel the full force of the "miracle elixir". Should we be afraid, or better go to a proven popular product? It is time to figure it out, and a lecture about the dangers of moonshine, will help you find answers. After it everyone will be able to draw the right conclusions.

Moonshine on the table

To start is to understand, brew – alcoholic product, not bearing any good. It is understood, all alcohol is bad. To see this let scary statistics, confirming that, that one-third of the total number of deaths are alcoholics, and it is abuse strong drink. For example, people drink whiskey, Martini, rum, brandy, to get the pleasure, meet. They can be poured into a glass and enjoy a friendly chat. But with brew, everything is clear, they don't enjoy, and get drunk.

Moonshine: the benefits and harms

Should consider the dangers of moonshine in relation to other alcohol-containing products: vodka, of cognac or rum. Its main disadvantage is the following characteristics.

Fusel oil and aldehydes

The main dangers of moonshine is toxic substances. Without them will not work, they are formed during fermentation. That's just the main problem is, what to calculate their exact number can not be. The concentration can always be different. Harmful the oil produced and factory production, only here they are removed. However, whatever careful cleaning, a small percentage still.

In appearance they are liquid oily composition, having yellow or red color and an unpleasant acrid smell. Substance is the real poison to humans. Immediately after getting into the body, it starts its action. The person feels dizziness, nausea, begins to get lost in space. Reported cases even fatal. Usual dose drink contains a reasonable number of harmful substances, but if you drink a lot, unpleasant consequences can not be avoided.

The origin of moonshine

Some people are convinced, moonshine is better, than vodka, due to the lowest content of toxins. However, in practice it is not so. Homemade alcohol intoxicates faster, but to predict its further reaction difficult.

The origin of moonshine

Of course, in some generation family driven "elixir", observing all recommendations and standards. But we must not forget about other conditions of manufacture. Usually they want the best. Ethanol is bad cleanse, which adds to the drink toxicity. If you break the process of distillation, it is possible to achieve a negative effect of education the negative chemical reactions. Important raw materials, which turns out to be substandard. At the end in the bottle is the real poison, able to disturb the health or even kill.

Heavy hangover after vodka

Use homemade broth can lead to negative consequences. Often after drinking noticed deterioration – the victim becomes irritable, aggressive. He had a headache, nausea.

Hangovers are also not happy. If you compare it with the after effects of vodka, here are all neglected. In the accident quickens the heartbeat, appear cramps. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms will have to suffer, the usual folk remedies can not do here.

The systematic consumption of home-produced products is fraught with dire consequences. Special impact get kidney, liver, nervous system and heart.

Heavy hangover after vodka

The pros are also available, but they are few

Studies have shown, a small dose of alcohol has a beneficial effect on the body. However, the main rule – number. Can't drink every day, in order to protect themselves from the cold or to get rid of stress.

Making the house non-alcoholic drink, can be based on personal preference. The choice of raw materials can be quite varied:

  • berries;
  • fruit;
  • cane;
  • potatoes;
  • grain;
  • corn;
  • beets.

Each of them gives the product a special taste, fills it, adds a unique flavor. Sometimes there are arguments allowing to choose the brew, not the shop items. Chief among them are:

  1. A chance to buy low-quality alcohol.
  2. More pure product.
  3. The man himself is responsible for the quality, carefully watching the process.
  4. You can get a quality product at a low price.

Brew suggests, markets and unauthorized retail markets. Home-alcohol is considered something exotic and useful. Don't be fooled, as for profit people don't brew according to old recipes.

Thus, brew the benefits and harms closely overlap. It is impossible to say, what it can not drink. Indeed, sometimes under the guise of expensive, refined product in store could be a cheap fake. Therefore, the best solution is to choose a healthy lifestyle, to abandon bad habits. In the world there is a lot of useful, harmless way to have fun, it is better to use them.

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