Alcohol and the vessels need to know about it

Cardiovascular disease is a serious problem in modern society, facing a huge number of people. The reasons for developing complications of the organs a lot, but the leading place goes to alcohol. People are not thinking about the consequences, misuse of alcohol. That's just the consequences of such a Union can be a serious problem with their health.

Alcohol and the vessels

Union, leading to health problems

Do not have to be an avid alcoholic, to get health problems. Systematic enough drinking 2-3 times a week. That would be enough for the development of trouble. Alcohol and the vessels of the two interrelated concepts. You must say "no" to alcohol and heart be sure to thank your excellent work.

Many are often concerned about the issue – alcohol dilates or constricts blood vessels. Here only it is necessary to understand in any case, it abuse.. Alcohol is a real poison, gradually destroys the whole body. Here are just vessels take the brunt. The incoming ethanol dilates blood vessels – it boosts blood flow to. That's just this condition lasts long, soon there is a narrowing, along with the poor circulation. What is happening is not a natural process – negatively affects the person.

The effect of alcohol on blood vessels is manifested almost immediately, especially when drinking it regularly. Ethanol is quickly disrupting the natural functioning of the organs. They are under stress, hence a serious malfunction. Soon the violation will be visible, an alcoholic will experience a serious deterioration in his condition.

alcohol dilates or constricts blood vessels

Alcohol and the vessels: how is the destruction

After a couple of minutes after use, alcohol enters the bloodstream. Through her, he quietly moved throughout the body, that instantly leads to negative consequences. The pulse becomes rapid, blood circulation is disturbed, bodies get enough vitamins.

It is worth noting the alcohol and the blood vessels lead to the accumulation of fat. A similar accumulation is poorly reflected in the work of all organs. Therefore it is better to abandon it forever. A healthy existence is worth more than any momentary buzz. Picking up a glass, you should seriously be aware of the possible consequences. In the world there are many ways to have fun, to relax without harming their own lives.

Drinking a glass, a person can feel mild relief, he will be much better, here only the happiness last long. Indeed, thanks to the circulatory system, functioning in the entire body. And if it malfunctions, it will not go unnoticed – there is a deficiency of vitamins and mineral nutrients, which are vital.

how alcohol affects blood vessels

Many doctors consider acceptable glass of wine or cognac. Here only it is necessary to understand, unnatural expansion of blood vessels leads to the contraction of the heart muscle. Located in the heart ventricles at an accelerated pace throw blood, that leads to a decrease in pressure and an insufficient flow of blood to some organs.

How alcohol affects blood vessels: the main factors

Experts identify specific criteria, depends on, what kind of effect alcohol will have on a person:

  1. The amount of alcohol consumed. The more dosage, the worse it will feel unhappy.
  2. Age. It is understood, with the return of the body is not getting younger, therefore, to absorb the alcohol becomes much more difficult. The older generation should seriously consider whether it is worth risking health, or even life.
  3. Time, which took place after previous misuse.

A special prohibition of alcohol with dystonia. Even a small dose can lead to problems with the nerves, endocrine system.

The consequences of alcohol abuse.

The consequences of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol is a formidable enemy. It seriously, and sometimes even irreversible consequences on the human body. With regard to vessels, the consequence may be the next disease:

  • atherosclerosis. Triggered by unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits;
  • hypertension. Shows sharp jumps pressure and heart palpitations. Usually develops due to other bad habits or improper food;
  • coronary heart disease. Dangerous disease, leading to disruption of the blood supply to the myocardium;
  • mini-strokes. Capillaries, located in the brain, not able to withstand the load. Resulting in burst – happen mini-strokes. Failure to provide assistance may result in death;
  • the death of brain cells, which, unfortunately, you cannot recover.

There are other dangerous diseases: anemia, pathology of the myocardium, coronary insufficiency, hypertension. Each of them leads to serious disturbances, and sometimes cause disability or even death.

Life without the terrible consequences!

The best solution for any person should be avoiding alcohol. But if you do like that does not work, the desire to drink sometimes makes itself felt. Do not despair. Most importantly know when to stop, it is impossible to abuse any alcoholic beverages. Always monitor the amount of alcohol consumed and frequent binge drinking. You can afford 30 ml of ethanol to the man and 20 – the woman, but not more often two times a month.

It should also take care of the vessels, and for this to take measures for their strengthening:

  1. Proper nutrition. Make it a rule to eat healthy food, no semis, smoked, energy, fat and is better to refuse coffee. Is to eat more vegetables, various fruits and whole grains.
  2. Add physical activity. Find a useful hobby: walking, dancing, bike. Try to walk more.
  3. Massage, well coached vessels, and most importantly healthy.

Any alcohol-containing beverage has a negative impact on health, so it's best to say goodbye to him forever.

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