Memory loss after alcohol: causes and treatment

Sometimes, what people may not recall events, took place on the day of revelry. Blame the alcohol, which grossly interferes with the activity of the nervous centres in the cerebral cortex. Being in a drunken state, the person loses the ability to perform such complex actions, as, for example, driving.

Raskreposchenie, he finds a beautiful vocal and choreographic data, usually dormant in a sober state. Surprisingly, guided, most likely, instinct unmistakably drunk gets home. In the morning, rubbing his eyes, well walked man, tries in vain to resume the chronology of everything, what happened the day before. Memory loss after alcohol problem, so exciting to many. The rest half of the guests are sure, what drunk person just pretending.

Memory loss after alcohol

What is the memory?

There are grounds to speak about the existence of a close connection between poor memory and alcohol. Everything seen and heard by the person is recorded in special areas of the cortex of the brain through neurons, that contact with the relevant stimuli outside. The echoes of such actions is inherent not to be forgotten for a very long time, and in some cases still living people.

Because of the receptors there is a flow of information in the area of the brain, which controls the memorization. If the neurons for the second time will be subjected to irritation, earlier events should theoretically again to remind myself.

Over the years, the person's memory deteriorates. Experts recommend to take action, in order not to aggravate the situation:

  1. A hobby or be creative. Such actions are forced to become more active right hemisphere.
  2. Need to sleep at least eight hours complete rest restores brain cells.
  3. To include in the diet foods, improve memory – nuts, seafood, berries and dark chocolate.
  4. Develop the brain through play and learning poems.

Alcohol is a true enemy of human memory. From alcoholic drinks will have to give, if you don't want to look stupid after the holiday. Another memory is improving, if you do sports. Of course, it is important to consume plenty of carbohydrates and proteins.

The effect of alcohol on a person's memory

The effect of alcohol on a person's memory

The appearance in the body of ethyl alcohol makes possible the production of active substances, having a high physiological activity, which are known under the name of steroids. Now the information can not be transmitted to the said centers of the brain. Receptors after a meeting with the ethyl alcohol, lose the ability to perform the tasks assigned to them. The neurons become invisible for each other, which explains the memory loss.

Then it is appropriate to ask about, what volumes of alcohol provoked blackouts. It would be wrong to recommend people drinking all the same norm, not taking into account the age, weight, the state of health of particular individual, as well as way of life and natural desire for alcohol.

From, how long has it been days or months since, when the man tasted the first glass of alcohol, depends on how confident he would resist the "green dragon".

It should be noted, that still certain groups of people not affected by amnesia, caused by intoxication. Primarily these include the owners of a strong character. If need be, each of them almost to the smallest detail restores the chronology of yesterday's festivities. In contrast, people with weak will, which, as a rule, are at the mercy of life circumstances, easily losing ground under the onslaught of alcohol, and, of course, "bright" episodes are not remembered.

Memory loss alcoholism

At the same time, there are cases, when the alcohol is almost "kicks" the memory of party fun parties are with someone close to him. Awareness of responsibility as a kind of immunity. The tumultuous events of the last night sober person will be easily retold.

Sometimes, being in a stressful situation, in order to avoid its negative effects, the brain deliberately decides not to capture memories. As well as alcohol to provoke memory loss peculiar and drugs. If the addict took a dose, and then he wanted to drink her liquor, he will inevitably have to deal with the strengthening of the terrible symptoms peculiar potion and amnesia.

The probability of memory loss increases with the combination of alcohol and drugs. Serious passion drinks, contains ethyl alcohol, sooner or later backfire deterioration of intellectual indicators, the loss of professional skills.

Memory loss alcoholism

At first glance, the memory lapses cause trouble exclusively alcoholic. However, amnesia is often accompanied by delirium tremens, bouts of aggression and terrible visions. One can only sympathize with close relatives, who are not lucky enough to be in one of those moments near the alcoholic. The mind refuses to recognize those, whom he used to see every day, they have now become unrecognizable.

When an alcoholic attends a "squirrel" (the state of withdrawal syndrome) all his misdirected anger is spilling over to relatives, there is a desire to kill them or commit suicide. Because of a sick imagination of these people appear in a most peculiar appearance, what triggers hooligan, and even criminal actions. When the attack will take place, an alcoholic only with bewilderment listening to stories about their, to put it mildly, adventures.

memory loss after alcohol causes

Is it any wonder, because of the blackouts supporter of the "green dragon" is in interesting situations. It's not just about the scandals, desire “pobuzit”, but returning home without a penny in his pockets and wrinkled face. The consequences can be even worse, if you are very drunk man wakes up and finds a number of unfamiliar female with a questionable past.

Alcohol is the cause of many crimes on home soil. Memory loss will serve as a bad witness against you. Thoughtless not to drink alcohol, if it is felt, that the body is not able to fight back lethal dosage. The brain is the first to suffer, and this can lead to such disease, as constant migraines and tumors in the head box. Amazing, women rarely suffer from a lapse of memory on the background of alcohol, if you compare them with the representatives of the stronger sex.

Can I restore the memory

Treatment, aimed at restoring memory, begin with the complete rejection of alcohol consumption and awareness of their harm:

  1. The resulting lack of oxygen in the brain eliminated the two-month course of injections or taking tablets, where a lot of b vitamins. They, contributing to the synthesis of amino acids, stimulate the activity of the Central nervous system.
  2. Reception of neurotopia intended, to force the brain to work harder, to saturate its tissues with oxygen, start mechanism proper blood circulation.
  3. Finally, the use of neuroprotective agents intended to restore nerve cells. Under the action of these drugs are more energetic biochemical reactions, providing the support cells of the brain.

Alcohol – problem modern society. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages – beer, vodka, cognac, and much more. Use in unlimited quantities leads to problems with the brain and other organs.

If people notice, after alcohol, it is difficult to establish the chronology of events, that should cut down the dose of alcohol in the future. Of course, neurologists and other health professionals suggest that you can give up the habit. Degradation after alcohol happens in 50% cases, especially this condition is likely, abusing strong drinks from his youth.

Memory loss after alcohol – this is not an invention of man, who does not want to answer for their action on the eve of. Alcohol poisoning of the brain can not be avoided. Sooner or later people will notice, after excessive alcohol consumption memory partially lost.

The problem should be cause for concern, otherwise it will be difficult to help the patient, who complains of memory loss. Amazing, many citizens do not want to give up alcohol, even if this drink is the main catalyst for the destruction of brain cells.

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