Alcohol in the cold: the medicine or poison

There are many opinions with regards to alcohol in the period of the disease. Some are convinced alcohol is the common cold effective remedy, kills all bacteria. They actively make tinctures on the basis of this product and use as much as prevention.

But others believe drinking alcohol with a cold is contraindicated. Because we all know about its consequences, even small doses cause a violation of the internal organs, provoke disease. It's time to sort out the details with the exciting question.

Alcohol in the cold

Drinking alcohol with a cold: harm or benefit

Getting into the human body, alcohol is posted instantly, imposing their own rules. The bodies react instantly, it is a violation of their work. No intoxicating beverages, benefiting, especially when consumed in large doses.

Even expensive, high-quality cognac, drink only on holidays, becomes a cause destruction of the brain, the production of less insulin, and disruption of the natural process of new cell formation. One glass can, worth the few days of life, and sometimes even months.

drinking alcohol with a cold

His excessive use of threatening education serious health problems, mental disorders, the development of deadly diseases.

But do not forget about its benefits, consisting in small doses. But whether it can be the flu, it tried to find out, scientists in 1993. For this, experiments were conducted, it was attended by about 400 volunteers. The result of the experiment seriously surprised. One whiskey, helped people, infected with a virus, but healthy drinking this amount, escaped infection.

Alcohol in the cold – all the secrets of treatment

We all know, that alcohol has a disinfectant effect. A small amount contributes to disinfection. Dangerous flu viruses are, destroyed, throat safe. It's just not does not mean, that ill need to take a bottle.

Disease, this effect has the opposite effect. Alcohol in the cold is exacerbating the situation. Mucosa is irritated, which leads to more inflammation. Weakened body receives a severe blow. Many drinks have a diuretic effect. The patient often goes to the toilet, that leads to dehydration, and to prevent when the temperature is not.

is it possible the alcohol in the cold

The glass allows the alcohol to protect themselves from the disease, but don't stop it. So feeling unwell, you need to go to the pharmacy, not at the liquor store.

Vodka changes the acid-alkaline balance of the blood, increasing it. Level of acidity a sober person varies 7, 37- 7, 43 pH. But when the disease runs an active process of oxidation. Thus, the body begins to give signals, contributing to the fight against infection. Alcohol helps to increase it until the inflammation. Gradually metabolic processes are accelerated, gets more oxygen infection is suppressed, all is gradually normalized.

Alcohol prevention

Is it possible the alcohol in the cold – Yes, but only a small portion. To encourage the glass can cases freezing, wet feet. Usually determine the initial stage of the disease helps the first symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • drowsiness;
  • easy breaking bones;
  • chills;
  • sore throat;
  • nasal congestion.

To determine the dose, should know, what you can drink. They usually prefer red wine, allowed his glass with tea and honey. A good alternative would serve the vermouth with the addition of natural herbs or pepper vodka.

Does the alcohol in the cold, of course, Yes, that's just impossible to forget about its dosage, as. Feeling the first alarm bells need not gulp drink a bottle of vodka. It is best to choose one of the proven remedies:

  1. A glass of vodka (100 ml) + red pepper, it is necessary to heat the mixture, drink, to lie under warm blanket.
  2. Cognac (50 ml) + a spoon of honey and lemon, all of it added to hot tea. A great warming drink.
  3. The most favorable means is mulled wine. To prepare it you need, to acquire desired products: bottle of red wine, a glass of water, honey (2 spoon), cinnamon, carnation, nutmeg, ginger and lemon peel. All the products are thoroughly mixed in a saucepan, after preheating.

Any therapist will be against these people's ways of therapy. If the recipe you need to take antibiotics, from alcoholic drinks cannot be used. The combination of alcoholic beverages with pharmaceutical drugs can have negative effects and even poisoning.

The flu is a nasty disease, makes me want to find a quick treatment. In pharmacies you can purchase many different preparations, which for 3-7 days put on your feet. But take them after communication with the doctor.

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