Bad habits not a trend

Statistics confirm, the use of alcohol by Russians in the past 5 years has declined significantly. The rate for the adult population was 39 %. Clients health care institutions have reduced the dose consumed alcohol on 24 %.

Bad habits

Such record must be maintained for the last few years. The situation, it would seem, awesome for Russia. But according to Dmitry Ioannina, who is the Chairman of the International society of consumers, the situation is quite natural.

Causes of avoiding harmful habits

To achieve positive results helped the following activities:

  • a ban on trade in alcohol and tobacco products through the network of kiosks;
  • the prohibition of night sale of alcohol;
  • a significant increase in the price of alcohol and cigarettes;
  • prohibition of Smoking in public places and spaces;
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The event initially seemed frivolous. The government proved its seriousness the, the violators were issued imposing penalties. Example of the struggle with alcohol dependency were taken from Europe. There is a high prices of all kinds of alcohol and tobacco significantly reduced the number of drinkers and smoke.

Causes of avoiding harmful habits

In the opinion of the psychiatrist In. Ancha reduction of alcohol consumption has occurred against decrease in solvency of the population. People have learned to manage their income. Instead of alcohol and cigarettes, people began to shop Essentials. Understand, that decline in revenue to blame for the crisis. But the credit crisis has been more significant. Choosing, what to buy, vodka, cigarette or food for the family, people will prefer products.

Health problems

The Minister of health of Russia has noted a positive tendency for reduction of the drinking population:

  1. Statistics estimate the number of alcoholic beverages per person per year. Currently it's equal 10 liters. In 2015 year was the question of the prohibition of the production of beer, the bottling which is done in plastic bottles. But the proposal was not supported by. Otherwise, the figures would have been lower by about two times.
  2. The CPS in its report noted the important facts, concerning the duration of life of Russians. The level of mortality from alcohol poisoning fell by almost 5 times. If 2005 year died 41 000 people throughout the year, now this figure is already 8300 people.

Health problems

The situation with Smoking is tracked worse. Not to say, what lung cancer is caused only because of Smoking. Its causes as well, as tuberculosis, not always are the result of the action of nicotine. Installed, what tobacco can complicate the course of the disease, and reduces the human immune system. The culprit substances are the, added to Smoking blends. Cigarettes contain pure tobacco, and many supplements. So they harm the health of smokers.

Side effect

No matter how pleasing positive changes with alcohol consumption, but there is a relapse. The Russian Center of researches of the market of alcohol, conducting information gathering, came to a disappointing conclusion. Along with good performance on reducing the number of alcoholics, there are new challenges:

  1. It is the emergence of surrogate and low-quality alcohol products. The population began to produce alcohol. Its quality is often low and can cause poisoning. It was also noted numerous cases of poisoning liquids, intended for technical purposes. As a result of such reckless behavior, the results were tragic. People could not be saved even in medical institutions.
  2. Trade in counterfeit products. Product attracts buyers low prices, although the quality is not always good. Goods alcoholic and tobacco products often deliver illegally from CIS countries. To identify all the cases of smuggling it is impossible. Therefore, the CPS conducts discussions among the population about the dangers of not certified products. Possible serious illness and severe poisoning. Many channels of prohibited products eliminated.
  3. The problem with the younger generation. In many regions of Russia still live the old fashioned way. Young people smoke and drink alcohol than cigarettes, but questionable weed, the so-called spice.

To solve the problem and to say goodbye to bad habits will help maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true of young people. The ban on selling alcohol and cigarettes to minors contributes to the improvement of the nation. Of course, holidays in Russia can not do without alcohol. Yes, and Smoking is impossible to completely eradicate. It is important, to this product was high quality, and the event was held within the framework of decency.

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