Pills hangover: what to take

No need to be an avid alcoholic, to experience the hangover. After all, if you believe the statistics, everyone at least once in your life, but to have experienced it. Usually it occurs the day after a fun filled holiday. Its main symptoms becomes a headache, nausea, dry mouth, irritability, fatigue, vomiting. Thankfully, today, tormented with the disease do not need, in medicine there are various pills hangover. Each of these systems has its own characteristics, help to eliminate unpleasant consequences.

Pills hangover

Efficient tablets for a hangover, also have some useful properties:

  • help to cleanse the body of harmful elements, obtained after the dissolution of the alcohol;
  • eliminate the feeling of thirst;
  • normalize the water-salt balance;
  • save the headache, dizziness;
  • relieve nausea.

What pill to drink with a hangover is a personal decision. Some of them need to drink before the celebration, other after. So you need to take into account the peculiarities of the organism.

Activated carbon

Usually this tool is present in the kit of every person. But to apply it better in combination with aspirin, with no-Spa. Then the effect will be more noticeable. Coal will provide absorbent action – remove toxins, Pepto – numb and cleanse the liver, and aspirin will reduce the pressure. Calculation of dosages of activated charcoal must be made with calculation 1 tablet 10 kilograms of weight.

There are other pills for the hangover the most famous are: "Codicil-plus", "Askofen". Use them in the evening, before going to sleep, but if the morning to drink a Cup of hot coffee, sweet tea and pill baralgin – hangover just will not bother.

For those, who prefer effervescent medication, should look at "zoreks", "Aspirin UPSA". They have a beneficial effect on the mucous, well soluble in water, providing a comfortable ingestion.

To take the pills after a hangover is not enough. For the comfort of the drink "Linex", "Hilak Forte" – this will help restore intestinal function. A "Regidron" – prevent dehydration.

What pills hangover exist

What pills hangover exist

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is an unpleasant phenomenon. So to avoid its occurrence, it is recommended to take care of the acquisition of subsidiary drugs, able to eliminate the discomfort after the celebration. It is best to buy the pills from a hangover, that included vegetable components. This will help prevent a hangover, no harm to the body.

Tablets after hangover can be real saviors. It is therefore necessary to consider the most famous of them:

  1. "Korda" — capable to remove toxins, to restore the liver. Such effect is achieved due to the incoming of the grapes.
  2. "Stand up" – combines several herbal ingredients – St. John's wort, thyme, ginseng. All plants contribute to the improvement of the digestive tract. Have extreme using.
  3. "Alka-Buffer" — extract of milk Thistle helps restore the liver function, well removes toxins.
  4. "ДринкOFF" — an effective drug is able to eliminate the adverse consequences of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. High efficiency due to the unique composition – ginger, licorice, citric acid, guaran. Available in gel form or capsules, should be used after eating.Activated carbon
  5. "Antipohmelin" — has received wide popularity thanks to the swiftness of her actions. The composition includes ascorbic acid, glucose, monosodium glutamate. Is Bud. Able in a short period of time to recover your drunk. You can apply it as after a feast, and during it. There are side effects. The appearance of vomit, nausea, stomach upset you want to stop using drugs.
  6. "Piel-Alko" to achieve the desired effect it is necessary to drink two pills. One used to feast, after another. Well eliminates discomfort, helps eliminate toxins.
  7. "Alkaseltzer" — effervescent tablets, to help you easily get rid of the disease. Has received wide popularity thanks to the ability to readily dissolve in water. It is recommended to drink half an hour before meals, or an hour after. Daily dose should not exceed 9 things. In order to avoid side effects, before use, you must read the instructions.
  8. "Zoreks" — osnovatelei is unital. It, once in the liver, promotes the rapid elimination of toxic elements. Can cause allergies.
  9. "Stalk" — has antioxidant properties, helps to cleanse the liver, the brain from harmful decay products of alcohol. Thanks to the natural ingredients safe to use. For best results it is recommended to use before the wedding and after.
  10. "Bizon" — help to efficiently eliminate hangover syndrome. Cleanse the body, restores redox processes. This effect is achieved thanks to a member of the soda. It is recommended to use in the morning, before the holiday.

What tablets from a hangover to drink is an individual matter. The most important thing, before applying read instructions.

How to avoid a hangover

How to avoid a hangover?

Of course, today there are sufficient funds, help relieve the unpleasant symptoms. However, much better to prevent it. It is recommended to pay special attention to a particular group of drugs:

  1. "Enterosgel" — helps to eliminate hangovers. You need to drink 3 spoon the funds before the holiday, 3 after him. Then in the morning everything will be just fine.
  2. Activated carbon – affordable way, enough to drink 2 tablets 15 minutes to glasses. Then repeat the procedure every hour.
  3. "Almagel" — drink a couple of tablespoons for a few minutes before drinking.

There are traditional methods, the most well known are: a glass of milk, semolina or buckwheat.

Today pharmaceutical companies offer a huge range of products. Choosing them you need to listen to their own body. The most important thing, to improve your condition is to drink more liquids, sleep, and out into the fresh air.

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