Alcohol cystitis

Many people wonder why sore bladder after alcohol? The answer is simple, the reason for all the cystitis after alcohol. Known, what alcohol can irritate the lining of the urinary tract. Such actions lead to the formation of inflammatory processes, unpleasant sensations when urinating, damage on. It's time to find out more, how does alcohol cystitis, and most importantly, to consider ways to alleviate the situation.

Alcohol cystitis

The effect of alcohol on the bladder

Sad statistics give frightening numbers. A huge number of people suffering from this disease. That's just before, how to understand the methods of treatment, you need to thoroughly examine the problem.

Drinking alcohol, they instantly fall into the stomach. Then there is their processing by the kidneys, soon the alcohol is excreted in the urine. Frequent abuse of the right step to injury of the bladder wall. Body becomes weak, vulnerable to various bacteria, viruses. So people, often preferring strong drinks, easy to deal with the disease. If you do not provide timely treatment, to continue to drink, increases the risk of kidney damage.

It's hard not to notice cystitis after alcohol, he manifests a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • frequent desire to go to the toilet;
  • cutting pain when urinating;
  • purulent discharge;
  • severe itching in the vagina;
  • the labia become swollen;
  • sex bring pain;
  • discharge has an unpleasant smell.

Noticing all these signs, it is urgently necessary to go on reception to the expert.

The effect of alcohol on the bladder

Alcohol cystitis: diagnosis

Usually diagnosis is carried out using a urine sample. It is best to use the morning biomaterial. If cystitis after alcohol detected, this is manifested by the following indicators:

  • a large number of white blood cells;
  • excess red blood cells;
  • a lot of bacteria;
  • begin to develop inflammation.

When difficult diagnosis is required to collect urine according to the method Nechiporenko. For this the patient must meet not morning urine, and the average. Women can also be appointed special smear, allows you to draw accurate conclusions with regards to the presence of the disease and various inflammatory processes.

Treatment of cystitis

Treatment of cystitis

Realizing, what harm does alcohol cystitis, it remains to understand the complex of measures on elimination of the disease. Treatment usually includes:

  • to the bladder to begin its restoration, you need to stop the infection. It is necessary to drink a course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • it is understood, what disease provoked the alcohol, so can alcohol, cystitis, is a simple answer, no;
  • for quick recovery of renal function is recommended to drink about three liters of water daily;
  • to prefer the cranberry Morse. Berry has a bactericidal action, helps the walls of the bladder to reject harmful microorganisms;
  • alkaline mineral water without gas also has a positive effect;
  • visit the toilet, avoiding stagnation of urine;
  • often wash;
  • stick to the food diet. To refuse heavy food in the afternoon;
  • to keep the organs warm, avoiding hypothermia;
  • to eat healthy food. Boiled, steamed, to exclude acute, fatty and fried;
  • the fair sex is often prescribed special candles. Such actions reduce the risk of recurrence.

Avoiding alcohol is a good way to get rid of the exacerbations of the disease.

Beer and cystitis

The answer can alcohol cystitis intuitive to many, but whether it's beer? Because we all know about its features, enough to drink a small amount, as the amount of urination will increase several times. And as mentioned above, such manipulations contribute to a speedy recovery.

However, beer brings only harm, it can not be used during treatment. Indeed, any therapy involves the use of drugs, as with alcohol, this can not be done. The same intoxicating swill, has a strong effect on the pituitary gland, which in turn is responsible for production of the hormone antidiuretic. Any change will lead to increased concentration of urine, but it will reduce the amount.

Any alcohol causes the body serious harm, and during illness may trigger the development of other complications. In order to avoid accidents it is recommended to give up all bad habits.

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