Alcoholic anosognosia: what is

Alcoholic anosognosia – a serious illness, manifesting as physical, and mental disorders. The great difficulty of treatment lies in the fact, what the patient considers himself a normal person, able to do without assistance. Conducted by statistics unpleasantly disappointing, about 70% all alcoholics are sure, which can throw the slightest desire easily.

Alcoholic anosognosia

Alcoholic anosognosia is considered the absence of consent from the patient that, he needs treatment. Alcoholic constantly denies his addiction, convinced, what surrounding act against its interests. And the constant use of alcohol is just an innocent hobby to relieve stress, voltage. The accident convinced, everything is fine, no change, and the "green snakes" are a stupid invention. Today held data even given a scientific name such as – alcoholic anosognosia. Usually it affects all people abusing alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic anosognosia: causes

Considered to be, the disease can occur simultaneously on the physical, a physiological level.

Alcohol adversely affects all the vital processes of human life, including mental. Long-term consumption of alcohol provokes irreversible destruction of neural connections. People cease to understand their problem, the ability to analyze disappears, the main goal becomes just another desire to overturn a glass of vodka.

Often the disease comes from childhood. In the family of a child who drank, and people tried to argue, to help return to a normal life. After growing up, teen sees alcohol as a natural phenomenon, which without medical treatment.

Alcoholic anosognosia causes

The manifestation of the disease

The first manifestation is the indifference of the patient to his condition. Each new dose seems harmless. And affiliates justifies alcoholism ridiculous excuses, suddenly descended life's difficulties, or trying to name positive features of drink.

If close I will try to send him to the psychiatrist, this act will be regarded as a betrayal. Appears depression, irritation sometimes the patient will make a real tantrum.

The manifestation of the disease

This nervous condition is not leaking without soil. Usually it is accompanied by a number of serious pathologies:

  • the neuroses;
  • paranoia;
  • schizophrenia;
  • strong breakdown;
  • memory impairment;
  • the appearance of hallucinations.

If time does not help the consequences can be terrible. In fact, after anosognosia comes the last stage of alcoholism, to cure that was almost impossible.

How to help

Before, how to start the conversation, we need to wait for the complete withdrawal of alcohol from the body. It is impossible to carry on a conversation with a drunk, otherwise, increases the likelihood of aggression.

To enter the conversation calmly, to avoid cries, accusations, threats. The patient should understand, what loved ones are experiencing and really want to help. Good effect brings a good example. For this you need to lead, who was able to overcome the addiction. He will be able to share all my impressions, to help you start the treatment.

Typically, to achieve a positive effect requires multiple therapies. If you hold them wrong, you can always ask for help from professionals.

Noticed the problem in a timely manner can help you quickly return a loved one to a normal life. Therefore, never remain indifferent. Become the last rescue chance.

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