Drotaverine and alcohol — a dangerous combination

The question of the combination of alcohol with drugs is constantly left open. Many people believe, what pain pill is able to remove hangover, that's only if it's all secure?

Is it possible drotaverine with alcohol is a fairly common question. Nowadays, the use of shpy is especially important in various fields of medicine. That is why many use Drotaverine and alcohol, but if it's the right decision, we need to find out.

The description of the drug

The description of the drug

No-Spa is considered one of the most famous antispasmodics. Usually it is used for pain management, associated with the contraction of the muscles of the internal organs or to cure a headache. Tablets belong to the group of painkillers, that is why they are able to relieve the discomfort arising after drinking.

The main active substance is the drotaverine hydrochloride. Usually a drug prescribed for the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • gastritis;
  • enteritis;
  • diseases of the biliary tract;
  • severe pain during menstruation;
  • headaches.

In hospitals, medication is often used to prevent miscarriage in the tone of the uterus. No-Spa is available in tablet form or in ampoules for injection injection. For a long time it was considered completely safe, but it is necessary to understand, any medicine has its limitations of use.

Contraindications of drotaverine

Contraindications of drotaverine

Is it possible drotaverine with alcohol – a separate issue. First we need to understand, in some cases the drug can not be consumed:

  • lactose intolerance;
  • Allergy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • liver disease;
  • heart defects;
  • lactation;
  • heart disease.

Of special note are the occurrences of heart failure, pregnancy and children, under 6 years.

The drug is able to eliminate the pain symptoms, but not to provide treatment. Therefore, in cases of suspected pancreatitis or appendicitis should immediately seek medical help. The same applies to prolonged pain, if it doesn't pass within a few days, drinking painkillers is pointless, you need to look for the cause of discomfort.

Side effects

Even following the recommended dose, to ensure the absence of negative consequences is not. They may appear:

  • dizziness;
  • palpitations;
  • the emergence of allergies;
  • hypotension.

In the event of such phenomena, you must stop using pills.

Drotaverine and alcohol

Drotaverine and alcohol: compatibility

Any medication in combination with ethyl alcohol begins to lose its effectiveness. Drotaverine and alcohol when used together, manifested by the following symptoms for the body:

  • is vasodilation;
  • muscle spasm becomes less noticeable;
  • the body relaxes.

That's just not always the effects are so harmless. Drotaverine after alcohol can provoke:

  • shortness of breath;
  • decompression;
  • weakness;
  • frequent urination;
  • bloating;
  • frequent palpitations;
  • headache.

Similarity shpy with vodka or brandy possible asthma. Especially at risk are people, prone to allergies. Consequently they have severe swelling, rash and urticaria. Consume starts to feel especially bad.

Answering the question, is it possible drotaverine with alcohol must be seriously considered. In fact, many experts give the nod to this combination. The reason for this slowing of absorption of ethanol in the blood due but-shpe. No wonder method used in drug treatment clinics for addiction.

No-Spa during a hangover

Drotaverine and alcohol frequent combination especially for the treatment of hangover. The reason a minimum of contraindications. The drug is well relieves the unpleasant symptoms, quickly normalizes the human condition. But in order to achieve a similar result, you should drink drotaverine after alcohol and before meal. But to wash down pills with vodka not, otherwise the consequences could be dire, no need causing your body a lot of stress, better to wait 2 hours.

Many experts recommends the use of a cocktail, made from three medical drugs: drotaverine, activated charcoal, and aspirin. Each of the component causes its impact, helping to get rid of the hangover. Usually positive dynamics comes half an hour later after eating.

Rules of combination

There are some simple rules to help get rid of unforeseen unpleasant consequences:

  1. Do not drink pills alcohol.
  2. Before complete removal of the medication needed 72 hours at this time, it is recommended to avoid the feast.
  3. Before use, should carefully study the user manual.

Any drug has its contraindications, therefore it is better to avoid their simultaneous use with alcoholic beverages.

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