Poisoning champagne

Among alcoholic beverages champagne is considered the most harmless. It's hard to imagine, that they may be poisonous. Scientists were able to prove it. Was, dangerous are Sizzling bubbles of the drink. In the stomach is their interaction with the remnants of food. Starts rotting content, and as a result, the toxic substances.

Champagne I like to drink mostly women. For the beautiful half of mankind it poses a great threat, than men. The reason for this is, printed pop out of the body of women much longer. Toxins linger for a long time, which leads to the deterioration of the General condition.

Poisoning champagne

The signs of poisoning

Intoxication and intoxication are very similar. To distinguish them it is almost impossible. Feeling unwell after drinking alcohol, including champagne, no surprise. Considered, what is the usual hangover. Well, if so. But if it's severe intoxication, the patient needs urgent treatment. There are a number of signs, which can determine, what people were poisoned:

  • the appearance of vomiting;
  • intolerable headache;
  • loose stools, cramps in the stomach;
  • shortness of breath, a violation pulse;
  • pale skin (sometimes bruising);
  • excessive sweating;
  • General weakness.

If a strong poisoning, there may be additional symptoms. In humans is increasing (lowering) temperature. He could have seizures, convulsions, speech becomes slurred. The patient ceases to perceive itself, not responding to others, loses consciousness. Failure to provide timely care can lead to a sad outcome.

The signs of poisoning

The causes of intoxication

In the manufacture of alcoholic beverages in accordance with sanitary norms used purified alcohol. Manufacturers often violate this requirement, adding in the production of meth. This substance is a poison. Entering the blood, it has a toxic effect on the brain. It threatens by swelling and in most cases death.

You should know the following facts about the bubbly beverage, who decided to drink on new year's night:

  1. Champagne and ultraviolet rays are incompatible. Under their light, it turns into poison. Their interaction causes a reaction, in the result, which produces butane, and ethane. They cause decomposition of the liver.
  2. You can not drink fizzy alcoholic drink, stood 12 hours and more open. In this case, no matter the temperature of its storage. As a result of fermentation in an open container produces toxic microorganisms.
  3. The greatest danger is alcoholic fizzy drink for children. Dose 50 ml can be fatal for a child.

To avoid problems will help correct selection of products, its quality and shelf life.

The causes of intoxication

How to prevent poisoning

There are a number of measures, helps to prevent the intoxication of champagne:

  • it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. Be sure to eat high-calorie food. It will slow down the ingress of toxic substances in the body;
  • should strictly control the amount of alcohol consumed. Women can not more 3 units, men more 4 units of this drink;
  • products must be certified;
  • to avoid narrowing of the blood vessels after drinking alcohol will help a Cup of coffee.

If a person has a lack of glucose, that poisoning occurs more often and faster. Helps drunk before bedtime glass of milk.

How to prevent poisoning

First aid

Severe poisoning is a real danger to the life. Correct and timely first aid is very important. Calling the doctor, before his arrival to do the following:

  1. If the person is unconscious, it is laid on its side, crossing my legs at the knees (so as not choked on his own vomit). You must unfasten clothes. Open access to fresh air.
  2. To avoid suffocation helps fixing the language.
  3. With no pulse or breathing is required to perform cardiac massage.
  4. Be sure to wait for the arrival of the doctor, to explain the situation.

If a person became ill, but he is in a conscious state, it is recommended to take the following measures:

  • the patient is placed on its side, bending your knees. This will help the patient does not choke on vomit;
  • record the position of the tongue, that helps to avoid choking;
  • it is not necessary to deal with vomiting, it helps to cleanse the body of toxins;
  • to ease the helps applied to the back of the head cold (ice);
  • should wash out the stomach, using a solution of 3 g of sodium and 4 drops of potassium permanganate. This procedure is recommended when weak vomiting. You can put the enema;
  • the high content of ethanol leads to freezing, therefore, it is necessary to cover a person warm blanket.

The patient loses a lot of fluid, so after cleansing the body to normalize water-salt balance. If champagne has an unpleasant odor and sediment, you should not risk the health.

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