Prison term for the drunk driver's license

Many people ignore the laws without fear and have attempted to drive while intoxicated. To meet the drunk driver the actual problem in modern society. Unfortunately, often the result of such exploits be a terrible tragedy, entailing human sacrifices.

If you believe the statistics, it can be concluded, that most driver's licenses were seized because, the drivers operated the vehicle in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. Many of them have been able to realize his fault, then in good faith agreed to wait till the sentence of imprisonment for drunkenness. However, in practice, there are those, who could go against the law and returned their rights ahead of time. Due to the popularity of the issue, you should try to find out, as to the rights after deprivation for drunkenness, so it's official and legally.

Prison term for the drunk driver's license

Some people believe, that they were deprived of rights without reason. Therefore, to put up with what is happening not going. For this they are willing to go to a long trial. The more, red tape will be a good lesson for the future. Often it all ends in failure, and all the financial and time costs are unjustified.

A sentence of imprisonment for drunkenness begins its countdown after the judgement. Usually the victim give 10 days to appeal, but if he pleads guilty initially, he can only wait for the punishment. Return of documents after the deprivation of rights for drunkenness is strictly controlled by law.

Of return rights

A big disappointment for many motorists will be, even after the expiration of the appointed time, driving will be difficult. After all, before the, how to pick up your documents, will have to run a little bit.

Getting the rights after deprivation for drunkenness implies compliance with certain conditions. To ignore them will not work, otherwise getting the rights after deprivation for drunkenness, it would be impossible.

As to the rights after deprivation for drunkenness: detailed description

The first, what needs to be done the car owner is to write an application, it includes the following information:

  • the exact address of the traffic police unit, which is the identity;
  • personal statement for refund, it should take over 30 days prior to completion of punishment;
  • address traffic police, in which he wishes to obtain the certificate back.

Deprivation of rights for drunkenness was seriously complicated by the fact, starting now to return he needs to re-take rules of the road. For testing no need to wait for the end of the term, this procedure can take place after half of the specified period. Therefore, it is better to use the change, without prolonging testing. Because otherwise you can get on the waiting list, which seriously extend the return.

As to the rights after deprivation for drunkenness

The test procedure is not different from the usual. You need to answer 20 questions related to theoretical part of traffic regulations. It is worth noting immediately, the issues of first aid and psychology for driving revoked. Allowed 2 error, for all task given 20 minutes. If the exam was failed, people can pass it in a week, pre-well prepared. It is worth noting the fact, the exam is given absolutely free.

In addition to the written application and passing the test, from the driver requires more medical help. For receiving you will need to pass a medical examination from the experts. In the issued papers should have a conclusion that, that person is allowed to drive the car. If doctors are unable to confirm this fact, forget about driving. It is impossible to hide the presence of serious diseases, interfering with the driving of the vehicle. After all the nasty cases, it can lead to tragic consequences for the hiding, and other road users.

After these procedures you need to go to the Bank, where it is necessary to pay all fines and debts. The corresponding receipt will be the confirmation of data validity. It along with other documents, you will need to provide the item of traffic police, in which the employee will designate the exact date of issuance.

Post-installation steps for the return of rights

Post-installation steps for the return of rights

Thus, after the deprivation of rights for drunkenness must provide the following paper:

  • passport or military ID;
  • a copy of the judgement, which shows the accurate time and cause of deprivation;
  • medical certificate;
  • help on the exam;
  • receipt of payment of fines.

If everything is formatted according to the rules, already a day later, the ID must be returned to the owner. If the person is unable for some reason to appear at the appointed time, documents can be stored in the Department 3 year. After the expiration of this period they are destroyed. Therefore, to delay the procedure is not recommended.

Now everyone knows how to get the rights after deprivation for drunkenness. Of course, the process is quite troublesome, takes a lot of time. However, if to approach to business responsibly, all can speed up. The more, all paperwork will be a good lesson for the future. Because to operate a vehicle can be dangerous to life.

As ahead of schedule to get the rights after deprivation for drunkenness

Some drivers believe, that the inspector of traffic police, wrong. Therefore, to admit his guilt in this situation they are not going. In such situation it is necessary to undergo a medical examination, then to submit his conclusion to the garden. Your right it's easy to defend, but just being sure 100% righteousness. Upon successful completion of the procedure, the certificate will be returned after the trial.

As ahead of schedule to get the rights after deprivation for drunkenness

However, deprivation for drunkenness – a serious accusation, therefore, his appeal must provide:

  • certificate of medical examination or witnesses, nearby at the moment of deprivation;
  • document, in which will be recorded errors traffic police.

All evidence must be well-reasoned. A judge does not have to doubt. Only in this situation we can hope for success. Taking the decision to go to courtroom to appeal against sentence, you need to carefully approach the choice of a lawyer. It should be an experienced lawyer, knows a lot about their business. It is important to remember during the process not to be rude, to be rude and shout. The victim should be as adequate, calm and restrained.

However, even knowing, as to the rights after deprivation for drunkenness to get them back can be difficult. Although you should always remember that, that the victim has a chance to appeal. Most importantly, you need to make it as competently. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. Guarantees, after it all goes well, no. So, even if you have failed don't despair. Although the re-appeal is not necessary. Better to save time, nerves and money. Because the punishment must end, just need to wait a specified time.


Deprivation for drunkenness is not a sentence. Of course, the situation is quite unpleasant, especially for those, who makes with wheels. However, it is understood, the blame for the situation lies squarely on the shoulders of the driver. In the future he will remember this lesson.

It is also worth noting, today there are certain organizations, promising to return the ID without any fuss. You only need to pay a certain amount, in fact, all this divorce. The crooks want to get rich, so do not succumb to such ventures.

In order to avoid all unpleasant consequences, you should be careful. Going to the event, should apply for the service to taxi. They are easily delivered to the right place, without further problems and issues.

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