Americna water from alcoholism

Wanting to get rid of alcohol addiction people are willing to go to different methods. And folk medicine takes here a special place. Not trusting the doctors, clinics and hospitals, friends try to help the victim, using ancient methods. One of these is americna water from alcoholism.

Americna water from alcoholism

The problem of alcoholism

Before you find out what is americna water. It is understood, alcoholism is a serious disease. It slowly kills the person, to ruin his health, becomes a cause destruction of the personality. To overcome the problem yourself is difficult, the necessary professional assistance. Need serious rehabilitation, includes several auxiliary stages. The main problem lies in the fact, what the alcoholic is usually not aware of the problem. He is sure all is well, disease no. Therefore, the first step to achieve the desired result is a desire to recover.

They find themselves in similar situations, close people are willing to commit terrible actions, going to a secret treatment. To do this, they spiked different plant substances in the food, water. Of course, there are positive results. Dependent completely abandons habits, one smell of alcohol causes severe disgust. One such tool is americna water.

The problem of alcoholism

Conventional medicine allows you to use this tool for getting rid of external problems, in small doses. As for the reception inside, against alcoholism, here a complete ban. Therefore by agreeing to such action, it is understood about the possible consequences of therapy.

Americna water: what is

Before you can understand, how to use americow water should learn more about the plant. It refers to a family of Melentyevich, considered a perennial. It has a large root system and sessile leaves, able is high stems. It can reach heights of 150 cm.

The plant blooms periodically – small, green or red flowers. The flowering period falls on the last month of summer. Has natural hybrids, actively used for medical purposes in folk medicine.

From a scientific point of view due to high content of alkaloids of the plant is made to be poisonous. Any use may be hazardous to health. Seen cases of poisoning, when animals accidentally eat the plant. They felt great excitement, what was the cause of death.

Americna water

Thus, the use of herbs can cause death. Poisoning americnas water failure to follow the dosage also dangerous.

The use of plants

Traditional medicine is actively practicing the use of drugs, the basis for the creation of which used the rhizome of hellebore.

They are used for:

  • the treatment of wounds in animals;
  • getting rid of bowel problems in large animals;
  • the treatment of old wounds;
  • getting rid of bees as a natural insecticide.

As for people, americna water against alcoholism is of special demand. That's just this plant is considered deadly. Even a small dose can trigger death. Therefore, it is important when you use vigilance, to comply with the required dosage.

Americna water in pharmacies

Americna water from alcoholism

To use the plant in its pure form is extremely dangerous, so traditional medicine acknowledges the use of the decoction of the rhizome. Americna water from alcohol can provoke severe vomiting with simultaneous use with alcohol. Therefore, it is usually a small amount added quietly, am an alcoholic. It is important that he did not understand about it, otherwise, therapy will be meaningless.

Americna water from alcohol is highly toxic to increase the allowable dose, not otherwise, increases the risk of severe intoxication.

Cooking, application

Americna water in pharmacies is found, but not suitable, better to make the broth. To do it, you need to take 1 a spoon of dry raw materials, pour ¼ of the boiling water. Let stand for an hour. After that, strain the broth, water. The total number of infusion should be 50 milligrams.

The prepared broth pour into a glass container, close the lid and put away. You need to understand is poison, thus it should be limited.

How to use americnas water

How to use americnas water

It is important americna water in pharmacies or made their own, therapy is different. If we are talking about the broth it includes the following recommendations:

  1. The broth should be added to all food, consumed alcoholic.
  2. Use only for emergency, when the patient against the treatment.
  3. Americna water from alcoholism, the dosage is strictly calculated should be given only in the days of alcohol drinking. People need to understand, that poor health is associated with vodka.
  4. Take the decoction on an empty stomach. It is important that the patient ate before the shot.
  5. With the worsening of the situation, you need to call the doctor, to inform them about the use of herbs.
  6. Americna water for alcoholism dosage needs, initially to be 2 drops.
  7. Closely monitor the patient's state of health.

Gradually the bouts of poor health will force the addict to give up the addiction.

Ready tincture

Many people wonder – where to buy americow water. There are situations, when to extract the plant itself is impossible, then you have to look for the finished product. It can be bought in a pharmacy. Here it is sold as a remedy against scabies. Therefore, the package has an inscription – for external use.

Use it as a remedy against disease, dangerous. The reason for that is included with alcohol. Therefore it is impossible to ask, where to buy americow water as a remedy against alcohol. You can create, a pharmaceutical preparation suitable for external use only. Even a small dose can lead to death.

how to use americow water


As mentioned above, this tool is dangerous, but especially it can not be applied to persons suffering from:

  • allergies to components;
  • chronic diseases;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Also banned pregnant, nursing, teenagers. Even perfectly healthy people may get a serious blow to the health.

Side effects

The drug can have unexpected effect, it is therefore important to consider all the possible side effects. When their appearance should be especially vigilant:

  • severe vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness;
  • thirst;
  • the decrease in pressure;
  • trimmer limb;
  • pale skin;
  • cold extremities.

It is therefore important to follow the dosage, it should be only 2 drops. Daily not more 10 drops per day. Overdose can develop instantly, which will lead to death. To avoid this at the first suspicious symptoms should call an ambulance.

Thus, treatment with the use of chemerical water can be life-threatening. This at first glance, it seems, the miracle plant will help. You should trust more secure, proven methods. Still life close more, than deliverance from addictions.

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