Fungus beetle — recovery from alcoholism

Every day, people are looking for proven, and most importantly effective tools for combating alcoholism. Different pills, hypnosis, meditation. However, the most common are still considered different traditional recipes. One of these is the fungus beetle from alcoholism. So, it's time to read about them more.

Mushrooms are a unique creation, they cannot be attributed to animals or plants. This is of particular organisms are able to carry as a favor, and harm. Some of them relate to healing, but there are those, which are deadly. However, in nature there is an interesting view, able to overcome the addiction. It is a beetle or koprinus.

Fungus beetle

Mushroom beetle from alcoholism: General description

This species belongs to the cosmopolitan, able to exist only in a dry and pleasant conditions. It can be found in any part of huge of the globe. Forming a large group, he is widely known and is even used for cooking. But only the young of his species, exactly to the moment until his hat is not revealed. The most popular is white and gray. As for dealing with addiction, then rushes to the aid of grey representative.

If you compare them with each other, that significant difference does not exist. They have a similar shape, size, only the color is slightly different. In form, the fruiting body resembles an elongated egg. Soon there is a leg with forming scales. Gradually they slightly bristle, from which the fungus takes sloppy shape.

Mushroom beetle from alcoholism

The same thing happens with a hat, becoming colombianas, it gives a signal to the mushroom, that collection has got to stop. Otherwise it is likely, using this product, to harm yourself, the reason is the toxins, accumulated during this time. It is therefore dangerous to apply the dung from alcoholism, if you do not understand all the intricacies of this therapy.

Having the resemblance, white and grey are designed for different purposes. If the first is considered a great delicacy, widely used for making delicious dishes, the latter is considered an excellent remedy. Although cooking it is also possible, but only the young mushrooms.

The characteristics of

Many people are asking an interesting question, why the individual received such an unusual name, because the body is definitely not the smell. It is worth noting, beetle from alcoholism has a pleasant aroma. And such a strange nickname they gave him for the love of nutritious, loose soil.

We all know, such soil is often found on farms, where a large stockpile of manure. So the French can be considered the real aesthetes. After all, not paying attention to the name, they actively use the fungus beetle in the food. Moreover, the product has a high palatability.

The desire to grow on manure, can be considered a high advantage. Due to this species has high environmental performance. Being far away from factories, they absorb a small amount of toxins. To meet along the roads of the mushroom dung is impossible. Therefore, the search for that cure of alcoholism take a lot of time.

The characteristics of

Many years ago, the mushrooms used to create special tincture, which had been added in ink. It helped make them more reliable, save written for years to come, and all thanks to the mushroom disputes, to fake that it was impossible.

Today such experiments are considered to be meaningless. Therefore, the fungus beetle from alcoholism is the property, zainteresovalsya millions of people. The reason for this unusual action becomes a special incompatibility.

If the product is consumed simultaneously with alcohol, happen poisoning. Originally this property was considered magic. Fungus the beetle used only witches, offering a wonderful means to women, wishing to relieve spouses from drinking. A positive result, delighted, allowing you to verify the veracity of magic.

To achieve healing, wife had secretly add the product to food addicted husbands, was poisoning. After which many drinkers blame the booze. Gradually developed a strong aversion. Subconscious was forbidden again to take a glass. However, it is understood, beetle gray from alcoholism requires a special approach and compliance with accurate dosage. Otherwise you can cause harm to health.

mushroom beetle from alcoholism to buy

Method of application of dung to get rid of alcoholism

Non-drinking people, this product will surely taste. The main thing is to collect and cook and of course, do not combine with alcohol. If a mushroom eats boozer, the effect will be counterproductive – will be poisoning. It usually develops in a few hours. Thus, you can spend quality therapy.

However, it is necessary to use high-quality, natural product. It is best to collect it yourself or to rely on experienced pickers. Here only in the winter time to get fresh koprinus impossible. Do you have mushroom season? Of course, no. Mushroom beetle from alcoholism to buy in the nearest pharmacy.

Fungus beetle against alcoholism is a biological additive. It is actively used for the treatment:

  • constipation;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • breast cancer;
  • diabetes;
  • as an anti-inflammatory.

Mushroom beetle from alcoholism, purchased in pharmacies are usually released as BAD, in the form:

  • powder;
  • capsules;
  • suppositories.

The first two forms are ideal for discreet use. It is only necessary to add drugs in food, preferably soup or borscht. Weak mushroom flavor easy to hide spices, greens. So the patient will never even know about therapy.

To achieve the desired effect 2 grams of powder or 0,5 gram of a normal mushroom. You can slightly increase the dosage if no result. To combat harmful addiction, you need to add mushrooms once a day. The course of treatment is long-term of 10 days, to several months. It all depends on the individual characteristics and efficiency.

beetle gray from alcoholism

Danger when taking mushroom dung

Any therapy can bring the opposite effect, so, self-medicating is always dangerous. It is recommended to consult a specialist. Doctor consult, perhaps such treatment can not be carried out because of contraindications. Beetle gray from alcoholism are prohibited to use:

  • girls in position;
  • nursing mothers;
  • children up to age 18 years;
  • if you are allergic;
  • sensitivity to the product;
  • in disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • while disorders of the kidneys;
  • in cases of stomach ulcers;
  • diarrhea.

If there are any contraindications, should choose another method of treatment. Sometimes therapy takes an undesirable turn, appear inadequate response. In such situations you should stop treatment.

Fungus beetle against alcoholism – mechanism of action

fungus beetle against alcoholismThe mechanism of action is quite simple. Once in the body drinker, fungus beetle begins to digest. In the process of creating a unique substance – koprin. Acting in conjunction with alcohol, it oxidizes. As a consequence, a acetaldehyde – a toxic substance.

Soon it turns into acetic acid, accumulate, provokes poisoning. Ignorant people do not understand, why is this happening. Begins to occur the relationship of poisoning after drinking. Depression makes you think, and problems with health are a great incentive to quit.

The main symptoms of joint assimilation become:

  • temperature rise;
  • strengthening cardiac rhythm;
  • dizziness;
  • faint;
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • nausea;
  • heartburn;
  • disjointed speech;
  • short-term loss of vision.

All the unpleasant symptoms will appear after drinking alcoholic beverages. Soon will arise the first positive dynamics, characterized:

  • reducing alcohol dependence;
  • reducing binges;
  • aversion to drinks.

Fungus beetle against alcoholism help get rid of years of addiction. The most important thing for a successful therapy, to keep the treatment secret. The patient should not know, why has been experiencing attacks of poisoning.


Today to get high quality mushroom dung is quite difficult. The reason for their high popularity. Many avid mushroom hunters embark on their quest, possible to cook delicious meals.

Mushroom beetle from alcoholism reviews was able to get a positive. However, it is understood to use them without consulting medical personnel may be life threatening. Therefore it is better to use a really proven tools or to address to the psychiatrist, who will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

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