How many lives is an alcoholic — a sad fact

How I live alcoholics – this question worries many. Any bad habit has a negative impact on health. So, even a perfectly healthy man, after some time dangerous friendship will feel the first alarm bells. The danger to health is alcohol.

how I live alcoholics

Actual question – how old are alcoholics

The question is how much, on average, live alcoholics, recently become especially popular. The reason for this fame served as a special common bad habits. More and more people fall into a dangerous addiction. Here only the negative sides of this becomes a lot more, than imagine yourself drinking. How many alcoholics live men, if you drink theme, so exciting to many women. They are seriously concerned about, that their spouses are playing with fire. It's time to reveal the dark sides, a seemingly innocent Hobbies, and then, how I live alcoholics, is all known fact.

The people there is the concept of death by old age. But in fact,, a similar term, from a medical point of view, does not exist. Death always comes for certain reasons. However, if a healthy person this process occurs after many years – in old age, people with addictions, can die much earlier. The reasons for this sad fact be different diseases, progressing against dangerous addictions, adversely affect overall health.

how many alcoholics live men

To answer, what is the average live alcoholics difficult. The reasons for this are many: health, the amount of alcohol consumed, the frequency of parties with alcohol use, age. One thing is for sure – drinkers die faster, than people, do not abuse bad habits.

Why do alcoholics die early?

Usually death occurs in alcoholics because of heart failure, stroke, cancer. So, instead, to find out, how many living binge alcoholics better understand – it's time to stop drinking and embark on a healthy lifestyle. Make the right choice, it's never too late. The main thing is to have the desire and patience.

Effect on the body, how many years of living the alcoholic needs to consider the process the effect of ethanol on human. The only way, you can understand the seriousness of the situation, time to do the right thing. There is a special mechanism of action:

  1. Immediately after its contact with the oral cavity, it starts its destructive effect. Initially suffering tooth enamel, the acid-alkaline balance begins to break down;
  2. Irritated mucous membranes;
  3. Alcohol is gradually absorbed in the blood, dilates blood vessels, what causes decompression;
  4. The destruction of neurons in the brain;
  5. Slow destruction of kidney cells and liver.

Thus, it becomes very clear – alcohol is absolutely ruthless.

Diseases associated with alcoholism

how many alcoholics live men if you drinkHow many years of living an alcoholic – a question exciting many. But to call specific numbers is difficult. The fact, that drinkers die faster, officially confirmed by the statistics. The most common cause of death is development of cirrhosis. Due to a constant supply of destructive component, the body slowly begins to die.

The answer to the question – how many live with cirrhosis of the liver alcoholics, ask a. Sometimes the disease can disappear the years. Often patients do not even imply about the deadly diagnosis, continue to succumb to bad habits, what further exacerbates the already precarious situation. How many alcoholics live with this diagnosis – 7-10 years, but only under condition of full refusal of alcohol.

Poor nutrition, lifestyle is able to trigger the development of many serious diseases. But with the right approach, they can only temporarily provide discomfort without an obvious impact on the health. However, if you disregard medical advice, addiction to bad habits, the disease can take a serious turn and the question – how I live alcoholics, upset with his answer – 2-5 years.

Often excessive consumption contributes to the development of intoxication. Then how many alcoholics live men, it will depend entirely on them. The main problem here is people are not able to control the amount of drink. The outcome may be intoxication from internal bleeding.

How many alcoholics live with TB often raise the theme. The reason for such popularity is the high mortality due to this disease. It is important to realize, thanks to modern methods of therapy, tuberculosis is treated, but the most important time spotted disease, to proceed to its treatment.

how many live with cirrhosis of the liver alcoholics

Mental disorder with alcohol dependence

The company usually sure – only to die from physical illness. However, a strong psychological complication could provoke a lethal outcome. According to statistics, victims of death because of mental disorder becomes every year more and more people. On the background of complications formed the psychosis, destroying brain cells. The disease is manifested emotional instability, the sudden change in mood, the appearance of hallucinations.

Often a psychological disorder provokes people to commit rash acts. Alcoholics can easily commit suicide. If the time to be vigilant, you can stop the disease at an early stage.

Why do alcoholics die: another reason

Of course, the development of diseases is the most popular cause of death-drinking citizens. In addition, however, it is worth noting no less important reasons, resulting in death accidents:

  • car accident. Every year in the country there is a huge number of accidents caused by drunk drivers. Most of them are fatal, not only guilty, but also other traffic participants;
  • domestic quarrels often end in death. Drinking spouse can harm, like yourself, and others. Often at risk are defenseless children.

To the conclusion is very simple – the rejection of the use of intoxicating beverages is a healthy existence. So it's important to spotted the danger and make the right choice.

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