Alcohol syndrome in the fetus

Often in society there is a terrible diagnosis – fetal alcohol syndrome. This term refers to the deviation in fetal development. They can wear a different character, as a physical, and mental. Fetal alcohol syndrome got the owl name, because of the main causes of the addictions of the mother to strong drinks.

And as before conception, and in the process of carrying a baby. Female drinkers sometimes experience a sense of relief, when the light appears the baby without deviation. But happiness is not here, violations can easily occur later. And to blame the strong toxicity fruit, received from the negligence of the mother.

Alcohol syndrome in the fetus

The reasons for the development

Fetal alcohol syndrome cannot be called a newly emerging disease. If you carefully read the historical data, you can learn, that the disease was first diagnosed in 19 century. A French scientist thoroughly studied the effects of alcoholism women on fetal development.

However, even today,, many women are convinced, a small amount of alcohol is helpful. Especially from the second trimester. Everything is wrong misconceptions. Really can not drink not only to pregnant women, but young women planning to proceed to conception. Fetal alcohol syndrome dangerous diagnosis, which seriously affects the future has not begot of man. The main cause of becoming toxic effects of alcohol, its decomposition products. Alcohol easily crosses the placenta, causing the baby fatal harm.

fetal alcohol syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome occurs when alcohol of any strength. Even a weak beer, in small doses, will not pass without consequences. A particular danger is the use of intoxicating drinks in the early stages of pregnancy. It was at this time undergoing the formation of the internal organs of the baby. Fetal alcohol syndrome pictures which can be easily found on the Internet, it may be a heart defect, anomalies of the internal organs and brain damage.

However, we should not forget about the brain and nervous system, its development occurs throughout pregnancy. Therefore it is necessary to consider and the most vulnerable. Even a glass of beer in the second trimester of pregnancy can cause malformations.

If the mother actively spends time with the bottle 3-6 month your situation, can occur miscarriage. With regard to the last months of development, here are the baby faces development delay. Also harmful substances can be transmitted through breast milk, so, a nursing woman should not drink alcohol.

The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome

The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndromeHot drinks harm human body. But under the special risk are pregnant, responsible not only for their lives. The first signs of fetal alcohol syndrome usually appear after birth crumbs. They can be expressed in the psychological or physical deviation. Often pathology accept irreversible consequences. And born the baby will have to suffer his whole life.

Most often the signs of fetal alcohol syndrome are manifested in mental deviations. This is usually a nervous breakdown, intellectual deviations. Their active expression occurs in the process of growing. Although there are cases, when the kids at birth premature, slowly gaining weight, fully develop. Such children are distinctly different from their peers. This may manifest in the following pathologies:

  • narrow-minded;
  • eye problems;
  • "cleft palate";
  • microcephaly.

To get rid of them is impossible. In addition to external violations, can occur internal:

  • violation of the structure of the heart valves;
  • the fusion of the anus;
  • abnormal development of the genital organs;
  • violation of the structure of the kidneys;
  • bone deformation;
  • problems with vision.

The symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome seriously destroy the life of the little man. Because of the existing deviations, he is forced to be alone, visit special education institutions. Find friends, to create a family will be incredibly difficult. Symptoms can be many, experts usually divide them into four groups:

  1. Prenatal and postnatal.
  2. Craniofacial.
  3. Physical, anomalies of organs.
  4. Damage to the Central nervous system.

All malformations may occur at any period of development. Some kids are born with disorders, others buy them gradually. And to get rid of them is almost impossible. The baby's life is the fault of their own of the mother is threatened.

signs of fetal alcohol syndrome

Consequences and treatment

Fetal fetal alcohol syndrome provides your child with a number of serious pathologies. Physical, mental abnormalities, does not allow to make friends, to get a decent education. The worst, what to diagnose the disease is almost impossible. Therefore, it is important to give up alcohol for the girls awaiting replenishment.

Bookmark organs of the fetus, an important and crucial moment. It depends on the kid's life. So if, something feels a violation, change process not. In the greater part cases, even surgical intervention is useless.


No safe alcoholic beverage for baby. Therefore, the mother should understand, all set upon her shoulders the responsibility. The desire to enjoy a hot drink, maybe it's worth the life of a child. So you should stop all bad habits, at least during pregnancy.

Thus, the only prevention is complete failure from alcohol. Only a healthy lifestyle can ensure the full-fledged offspring, no abnormalities. Life of the little man is in the hands of parents.

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