Alcoholic hallucinosis

Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the human condition, constantly provokes the formation of dangerous diseases. Most of them. Can lead to death. One of these complications is alcoholic hallucinosis. Harmless at first glance, the disease can seriously affect the brain. Typically at risk are individuals, systematically consume alcohol during 15 years.

Alcoholic hallucinosis is a dangerous disease, entailing the formation of a series of other complications. It often occurs simultaneously with other diseases of various vital organs: liver, heart, kidney, bowel. The reason for this is the negative effects of ethanol, gradually poison the whole body.

Alcoholic hallucinosis

Often, the concept of alcoholic hallucinosis confused with psychosis. However, this is justified. He really is one of its subspecies. Alcoholic hallucinosis typically occurs on the background of chronic alcoholism. In summary there are several forms of the disease acute and chronic alcoholic hallucinosis they differ in symptoms, duration.

The symptoms of the disease

Acute alcoholic hallucinosis is able to force the alcoholic to commit rash acts. The thing is, that usually the disease is triggered immediately after the release of the binge. She is accompanied by the emergence of auditory hallucinations, manifested by two votes, condemning and leading a conversation with drinking.

alcoholic hallucinosis treatment

Gradually, the patient begins to experience delusions of persecution. It seems, that he was constantly watching, he starts to wander. Symptoms of anxiety manifests in the morning or evening. Acute alcoholic hallucinosis may last for three days. Although there have been cases, when the disease proceeded in a severe and lasted a month.

Often the disease is accompanied by depression. The patient noticed mood swings, reverie, delayed reaction. Hard to say for sure, how to Express themselves chronic alcohol hallucinosis all depends on the individual person. In some the emphasis is on the emergence of hallucinations, others happen sudden bouts of depression. So diagnosing the disease can be particularly hard. Often, chronic form persists for several years. When complications can occur delirium, which seriously prevent a person to exist fully. The patient must constantly hear strange voices, is on the verge.

acute alcoholic hallucinosis

Alcoholic hallucinosis symptoms, which can be widely varied, requires mandatory treatment. Otherwise, complications can occur.

Diagnosis of the disease

As mentioned above, to delay treatment is not recommended. Therefore, it is crucial to identify first the symptoms of. It is understood, the disease is quite secretive. To diagnose it can only be experienced specialist, after thorough research. The main feature of the disease is, his symptoms seriously similar to a number of other dangerous psychological disorders.

Usually the patient carefully tell your doctor and your health, recounts hallucinations. Sometimes there may be false memories, the patient talks about, what really was not.

chronic alcoholic hallucinosis

Alcoholic hallucinosis: treatment

The disease is more severe, so to heal yourself is impossible. To return to a normal existence, the patient was put in the hospital. The treatment is comprehensive. Be sure to use vitamins, drugs. To eliminate the hallucinations, the patient is prescribed a course of neuroleptics. Cancel the first positive speakers.

Prescribe treatment can only be knowledgeable after reviewing the particular case. Each therapy is individually. The rehabilitation course is a mandatory step to successful treatment. The most important thing, the patient should be aware of, that the alcohol – harm. Otherwise all the treatment will be in vain.

Ethanol has a detrimental effect on the whole body. Brain cells are gradually destroyed. The consequences can be irreversible. It is important to realize the danger caused by strong drinks.

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