Alcoholic polyneuropathy

Excessive alcohol consumption is always evident violation of the physical or psychological state of the person. Polyneuropathy disease, accompanied by the simultaneous defeat of a large number of peripheral nerves. If you rely on statistics, it is possible to draw a conclusion, what polyneuropathy is a common disease among alcoholics. Today it is diagnosed 30% drinking citizens. And it is worth noting, the disease is particularly common among representatives of a strong half of mankind. Women often become victims of the disease.

Alcoholic polyneuropathy

The chronic form of the disease

Alcoholic polyneuropathy can easily develop into a chronic form. Regarding the duration of the disease, there are certain limits. Disease of the lower extremities may take a couple of months, and can torment the unfortunate few years. Most often dependent on assistance. It is important, in time spotted the first symptoms of the disease. If you ignore a disease, the consequences can be tragic, until the disability.

Alcoholic polyneuropathy is treatable, carried out in the Department of neurology, together with specialists from the narcological region.

polyneuropathy of the extremities

The reasons for the development

Most often, the polyneuropathy of the limbs occurs due to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. We all know, that alcohol has a toxic effect, provoking the development of a number of diseases, the disruption of the internal organs. This is particularly evident in the use of low-quality alcoholic drink.

Regular consumption provokes the accumulation of toxins, or rather, the breakdown product of alcohol – acetaldehyde. He instantly has a devastating effect on the body. Provokes the destruction of the bodies, fabrics, nerve cells. Therefore, the more uses people, the more likely to get a disappointing diagnosis.

polyneuropathy of the lower extremities

The disease develops gradually. So, to carry out early diagnosis is simply impossible. Experts identify 4 the main stages of the disease:

  1. 0 alcoholic polyneuropathy is completely absent.
  2. 1 – asymptomatic. Clearly identify the disease impossible, help make this special, a thorough study of the.
  3. 2 – clinically significant. Be the first complaint, based on which you can draw the appropriate conclusions.
  4. 3 – expressed violations. Slowly erodes the ability to work.

Some people don't think about that, that were victims of this disease. Therefore, at the first symptoms, no one pays attention, thinking, it is due to a sedentary lifestyle or fatigue.

Polyneuropathy of the upper and lower extremities: symptoms

The first warning symptoms is usually a violation of the sensitivity, mild numbness and tingling of extremities. It's easy to sit through leg, similar phenomena occur more often. If a healthy person, this happens rarely when in an uncomfortable position, that alcoholics have an alarming signal starts to increase. Numbness becomes a natural state, lost sensitivity.

The progression of symptoms, different scheme. Some feel that deterioration after a couple of weeks, while others require years. Timely diagnosis helps to build an accurate picture of the disease.

polyneuropathy of the upper and lower extremities

Therapy disease

Polyneuropathy of the lower extremities is a serious diagnosis, requiring medical treatment. The first component becomes a complete rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages. The patient should go to a healthy lifestyle, change your diet. It is also important to drink a course of vitamin b, antioxidants. If the situation is serious, prescribe analgesics, antidepressants. It is important to strengthen the affected muscle, with this purpose, appointed massage.

Treatment involves psychotherapeutic consultation. Person is important to convey alcohol, worst enemy, which must forever abandon. If conversations are meaningless, specialist convinces the customer to ask for help to the psychiatrist, who will hold the encoding process. The most important thing to stock up on own desire, otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

Amazing, that the disease becomes "young". People 40-45 years often complain of numbness of the limbs, however, they do not associate their condition with regular consumption of alcoholic beverages. Don't have to be an alcoholic, enough to drink every weekend, to provoke disease.

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