There is a runny nose after drinking alcohol: what to do

The appearance of headache or nausea, after a fun spending time with alcohol is a natural thing. Often the appearance of these symptoms, many do not even pay attention. But what to do, if you start to see other symptoms, for example a runny nose, after alcohol. Whether to sound the alarm, and most importantly, look for ways to get rid of it, or one only has to wait a certain time. It's the perfect time to understand the exciting question and understand whether the risk – rhinitis after alcohol?

runny nose after drinking alcohol

Causes of rhinitis after alcohol

The appearance of the cold dramatically, becoming a serious cause for concern. Usually its occurrence is deducted on basic cold. Although many people could notice, after drinking alcohol runny nose suddenly makes itself known. And the culprit is absolutely not the usual SARS.

Alcohol has negative effects on the human body. And if you abuse it systematically, the situation is more worsen. All the internal organs begin to experience a lot of stress. Heart, kidney and digestive tract damage the first. However, this adverse impact does not end.

Rhinitis after alcohol usually diagnosed only long-term drinking. Systematic use of intoxicating drinks in large doses, facing unpleasant symptoms. To get rid of them, forever is to give up bad habits or, at least to reduce their use.

why, after alcohol runny nose

After drinking alcohol runny nose often occurs because of allergies. This reaction can happen after drinking bad quality. Usually the victim knows of the existence of such peculiarities of the organism and in its first manifestations will attempt to get rid of it, ceasing to drink.

Maybe it's an Allergy?

For allergic reactions and other characteristic symptoms:

  • redness of the skin;
  • nausea;
  • palpitations;
  • headache;
  • temperature rise.

Therefore, diagnosing an Allergy is reasonable only when it detects multiple symptoms at the same time. If signs of suffocation, you need to call an ambulance. Sometimes the drinker may feel the swelling of the sky. In a healthy person it does not feel. But with the emergence of the slightest swelling, unpleasant sensations have a strong, what complicates the process of swallowing, the pronunciation of the words.

Usually the cause is chemical burn, caused by alcohol. To get rid of it, it is recommended to rinse in salted water. If this phenomenon is accompanied by the emergence of the flow from the nose, blame may be alcohol Allergy.

What to do?

after drinking alcohol runny nose

Rhinitis after alcohol is most likely to occur due to the presence of allergies. It can be acquired or congenital. Many people do not even suspect, this illness can appear in them. To get rid of her, it is necessary to eliminate the allergen. If after cessation of alcohol use, the situation does not change, the culprit may be certain foods. If you still blame alcohol, recommended to withdraw it from the body. Usually do gastric lavage.

Rhinitis after alcohol caused by allergies require compulsory medical inspection. Especially if the victim has faced this for the first time. After a series of studies, the doctor will be able to identify the exact cause, causing allergic reaction. Maybe the culprit was the dye or some additive, included in the drink.

Therefore, it is important to turn attention to consumed a drink. Special attention should be given high-quality, checked alcohol. To economize on your own health too unreasonably. However, buying luxury, expensive drinks, abuse them and not worth it. Should always be the measure, otherwise, tragic consequences not long to wait.

Some people, wanting to get an incredible emotion, make a serious mistake – to mix a few drinks. To do such is impossible, otherwise the effect can be quite unpredictable.

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