Tea intoxication — myth or reality

Tea is famous drink, who daily consume literally every person on the planet. Today there are a huge number of varieties of varieties, among which every person can easily choose the most suitable. It may invigorating, tonic, soothing. However, few people know the concept of the tea intoxication.

Tea intoxication

Time to find out, what it is, how long is a tea intoxication, and most importantly, how does it differ from alcohol or drug.

Tea drunk – what is it?

Most people are convinced, tea intoxication a stupid invention. Usually under this term, people are accustomed to attribute the excessive consumption of alcohol or the intake of drugs. Tea intoxication myth or reality, do seemingly innocuous drink can cause such changes of consciousness.

In practice there is indeed such a phenomenon. And a lot of rumors and contradictions, usually caused by the following reasons:

  • unjustified expectations. Many are convinced, that tea intoxication contributes to the emergence of serious consequences, but it is very different from all other types;
  • a large number of fakes. Today, despite the wide range of products, it is easy to run into a fake. So the chance to have unexpected effect is too low. To do this, you should purchase only verified products;
  • incorrect brewing. To each class has its own characteristics. Moreover, the method of preparation plays a particularly important. Breaking them, you can spoil the properties leaves. Therefore, it is important to first study the basics;
  • the wrong attitude. The tea ceremony requires much soul, morale. For example, to get to her., irritation, not.

Thus, tea intoxication requires compliance with existing rules. Only by understanding all the subtleties, it is hoped to get desired result.

how long is a tea intoxication

Symptoms tea intoxication

Any intoxication provokes certain changes. This, is no exception. Therefore, a characteristic symptoms becomes:

  • the saturation of light surrounding objects;
  • a sense of calm;
  • clarity of thought;
  • the mood elevation;
  • feeling comfort.

Thus, the person begins to feel happy, nothing clouds his thoughts, plans. Feel the harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.


Tea from Puer intoxication or other elite varieties of the drink, has its own quirks. However, with the use of chifir, everything is much easier. There are no, special secrets, tricks. It is enough to prepare a strong brew. Sometimes, want to intensify the effect, people consume several glasses of similar composition.

That's just the booze and the tea drunk is two completely different concepts. Because of the second characteristic obtaining harmony, fun, nice emotional lift, what can be said about the first. Additionally, the chifir has a negative impact on health, in very advanced cases, there may be problems with the heart.

The causes of intoxication

If alcoholic beverages are all clear, there arises a lot of questions. However, the answer is quite simple. Unusual condition is achieved by the availability of thiamine, guanine, herbal stimulants. Immediately after eating, the vessels of the brain begin to expand, to fill with oxygen. Due to this produce serotonin, promotes mood elevation, the tidal forces.

To get it you should stick to the simple tips:

  1. To choose the most suitable place.
  2. Prepare the dishes for the tea ceremony, porcelain or clay will work best.
  3. Get your mind right, to ward off bad thoughts.
  4. To acquire the most pleasant tea. To focus on the price not worth it, even affordable the product may be of high quality. Learn the proper method of its preparation.

Today there are special institutions, practicing tea ceremony. Here all selected as correct. Therefore, when possible, be sure to visit these places. You can visit them alone, for a sense of inner harmony or with your loved ones.

Tea intoxication from Puer,

It is important to note, that normal, properly cooked, can bring only benefits. Why should he give special preference, abandoning addictions. Moreover, the tea has no side effects, and to use it together with nearest and dearest people, especially nice.

Many Tibetan monks during meditation use this drink. Describe in detail the feelings, difficult. To do this accurately, you should try to enjoy the ceremony. To answer the question, how long is a tea intoxication, impossible. Much depends on the specific varieties, own attitude. So everything here is purely personal.

Teas, which must not be abused

Each variety has its own characteristics. Some are able to act on the person much, other weaker. Much depends on the specific. The most popular among them are:

  • "Tieguanyin" is one of the most famous of Chinese varieties;
  • "Da Hong PAO" – mountain grade;
  • "Puer" – was able to get popularity. The reason for this intense aroma, taste;
  • "The Hair Dryer Juan Dan Cong" – despite the common name has many varieties, each of which has its own taste. It is achieved at the expense of the Orchid;
  • "Gogui" – one of the most ancient varieties. Allows to feel the harmony, and most importantly treats disease of the gastrointestinal tract. There is a special demand among the strengths of humanity;
  • "Chaozhou cha" – is composed of hallucinogens, but injury does not cause. Has only beneficial effects, promotes good health;
  • "Dong Ding" – positively affects the human nervous system. Also allows to strengthen the immune system, due to the high content of vitamins.

To choose the most suitable type for yourself, you should try a few. Then choose a favorite.

Tea intoxication from Puer

Today it is difficult to find a person, never heard of this brand of tea. The reason for that is the efforts of the singers, marketers and other famous personalities, requiring the PU-erh just a magical effect. But escape soon for purchase, definitely not the right decision. The most important thing to the inner spirit. Only true lovers are able to catch the scent, taste. People, far from it can only be disappointed.

tea intoxication

In addition it is important to note, special taste, reminiscent of the earth. Although if you are configured correctly, you can easily feel the aroma of fruit, nuts, and even prunes. Also important is the quality. A bad product can only ruin the acquaintance.

This is a variety that can provide the following effect:

  • toning;
  • allows you to emotionally tune;
  • relieves tension in muscles;
  • positive adjusts;
  • negative thoughts.

However, to achieve this, it is necessary to properly brew plant, stronger than he is, the stronger will be the effect.

To consume the drink you need from the special cups, slowly enjoying the procession. Rush not here, otherwise, harmony will be lost.

A tea ceremony can have a positive impact on health, to get rid of stress, to normalize mood. The most important thing to remember about the measure, don't drink too much.

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