What to drink in India

Tourists call India country, where the timeless tale. However, to verify this, you must see with your own eyes. Unique flavor, wonderful sightseeing, and what are the local drinks and cuisine. To remain indifferent is not just. Alcohol in India has a special place, time to get to know him better.

Alcohol in India

Alcohol in India

Many people mistakenly believe, that there is no alcohol. Although in practice it, the area also actively produce.

Therefore, the need to bring it with you for sure, no. With regard to diversity, even the most fastidious will be able to find suitable drinks. The price of alcohol in India is quite affordable. So, for a bottle of rum tourists have to pay 5-7 $ .

Local heritage

Understanding, what to drink in India of alcohol cannot be left the attention of the national drinks. Most Indians take a dim view of alcohol. So it is usually their guests they offer a special masala tea. It is easy to make yourself or buy.

The use of cooking tea, milk, spices. Typically, the amount of additives is determined independently, one of the main ingredients is ginger. This drink gives energy, improves memory, gives energy. Every Indian has its own unique recipe, allows you to create a magic potion.

any alcohol in India

What to drink in India of alcohol

With respect to alcohol is complete diversity. Any store, the restaurant and café will offer its guests a wide range of. Usually a single of the recommendations does not exist. Some prefer strong, other light cocktails.

It is necessary to consider the most relevant alcohol in India. It suggest to try during the holidays.

alcohol prices in India

Old Monk

Local rum, created from sugar cane. Many famous people had a crush on him, among them Che Guevara, Fidel Castro. The roots of the Old Monk go pretty far. According to reliable sources, known, as the date of its creation is 1855 year. Just share a few of the varieties of the Roma. Some of them have a soft texture with a smell of caramel, others are notes of vanilla.

The rum has a dark color, while its strength reaches 42,8 % alcohol. To achieve the desired result, you need to keep the shutter speed. It is usually 7 years, but sometimes reaches 12 years. Sell bottles of any size, starting from 90 ml. It is often added to smoothies.

Today to enjoy the special taste, do not have to make long journey. Since 2013 year, it put in Russia, Japan, The UK, Germany and other countries.


The unique taste leaves no one indifferent. Big plus is the fact, what is the price of alcohol in India slightly exceeds 10 dollars for one bottle. It is produced by the known technology. With herbal!, the drink has a special taste, aroma.

what to drink in India of alcohol


Another popular drink, the basis for the creation of which is used fermented wheat. Is soft just 6-8 degrees. It is usually consumed during lunch. The manufacturing process takes several years, based on the fermentation process. When the millet reaches the desired condition, its carefully milled. Then the mixture is dried from a couple of months to several years.


Special distribution received in the territory of the Eastern part of the country. Made from rice, herbs, hay. Of these components kneaded the dough, make cookies, which is sent for drying. After a few days the pellet is mixed with rice and water. The resulting mess is brought to fermentation. Final fortress does not exceed 8-10 degrees. However, tourists with a similar elixir isn't worth the risk. Recorded frequent cases of poisoning.

What to drink in India


Popular beer, widely demand. Actively sell in many places. And even those, who doesn't have a license. Therefore, even inexperienced tourists can without problems find ways to get intoxicating.


Wine, made of grapes, grown in the South of the country. Has a dark purple hue and an incredibly delicate flavor. Usually served at special occasions.

Alcohol in India will have everyone's taste, you only need to find a drink, suitable. The main thing to remember, excessive consumption can have negative impact on health.

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