Tea from a hangover: TOP best drinks

Tea drink, with a rich history. Today there are a great number of types, each has its own features and advantages. Many people know, what tea helps with the hangover. Because he manages to normalize the body and recover. Known, what tea from a hangover began to be used in 17 century. In those days, the drink had a high cost, afford it could only be a noble personality.

In modern society, sweet tea hangover is available to everyone, we only need to find, how effective is it and is it true because he manages to achieve the desired result.

Tea after hangover

Tea after hangover

The news chudodejstvennymi the effect of the brine after a fun-filled feast known to all, but tea from a hangover take one. But in vain, because it contains tea leaves, enriched with thiamin, vitamin b, alkaloid tannin. Thanks to them manage to get rid of headaches, to normalize the function of the cardiovascular system, to improve blood circulation.

Tea hangover nourishes the body with potassium and thirst quenching. After eating, the patient feels much better.

Way of making tea

To answer the question, does tea hangover first we need to know the secret of its correct preparation. First and foremost, it is important to use a quality product, consisting of true leaves, and not dust. Additionally, you cannot brew a strong decoction, chifir is not the best solution. Re-welding will improve health.

The cooking process is quite simple. To do this, take one teaspoon of dry tea and pour it with boiled water. After that, drain the leaves and repeat the procedure. Tea needs to steep for about 7 minutes.

For improvement of flavouring qualities it is recommended to add in the liquid honey or lemon. However, despite the large number of useful properties, not to abuse tea. To achieve a positive effect is enough 3 cups of drink a day.

tea helps the hangover

Types of tea for a hangover

What kind of tea hangover to better answer difficult. Today there are more than 10 varieties of the drink. However, it is important to know not all of them allows you to deal with a hangover. It is therefore important to find out what kind of tea hangover best.


This tea after hangover allows excellent to deal with alcoholic intoxication. Because he manages to normalize the functioning of internal organs, seriously affected after alcohol. Get rid of the headache.

The best means is a decoction of lime, mint, chamomile and lemon balm. In liquid is to add a bit of honey, then let cool and drink.


Green tea with a hangover is very popular. The reason is the high content of potassium, contributing to the strengthening of the body. Useful antioxidants can normalize digestion.

However, green tea with a hangover can also hurt. Especially when drinking large quantities of drink. It's all in the caffeine content, tannin, which causes negative consequences.

green tea with a hangover


Contributes to the normalization of the bowel. Especially useful to drink the black broth after intoxication. However, it is necessary to add a little sugar and cinnamon.


It is usually attributed to fruit, indeed, in the composition of the drink includes mint leaves, fruit, berries. It is recommended to drink one glass of drink before the Banquet, and the second the next morning after it. The broth will get rid of unpleasant symptoms and to normalize overall health. The desired improvement is achieved already after half an hour after eating.

With lemon

Wondering, what kind of tea to drink with a hangover to forget about the drinks with lemon juice not. Indeed, thanks to it is possible to normalize the acid-alkaline balance. Citrus always safely affect the body, and for cooking it enough 1 debts lemonhead.


Unique red hue, sour taste makes you forget about the headache, thirst, and most importantly, the withdrawal of dangerous toxins from the affected body. Hibiscus tones up perfectly, provokes quick elimination of toxins.

does tea hangover


Drink allows you to quickly cleanse toxins from the body, eliminates the pain syndrome and normalizes the nervous system. The main advantage of Ivan tea becomes gradually reduced craving for alcohol. Because he manages to get rid of alcohol in a short period of time.

The harm of alcohol

Regardless of the fortress of alcohol, damage always remains high. The effects usually appear the next day after the party. They are accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • thirst;
  • weakness in the body;
  • violation of the cardiovascular system;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Usually can deal with them with the help of various drugs. However, it is understood, ethanol was not removed from the body and use of medications can exacerbate the situation. The only true solution would be taking a contrast shower and a Cup of tea. Because it contains over 100 nutrients.

Find out, can tea hangover, you should take the information on the note. Although to drink it better only good, friendly company for creating special atmosphere in the evening, and not as a means for getting rid of the effects of alcohol.

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